10 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Bloggers In (2023)

Are you looking for the best free plagiarism checker tools? Here’s a list of the 10 best free plagiarism checkers for bloggers, content writers, and others who want to ensure that their produced article is original and free from plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism

In the world of blogging, Plagiarism is a common term. It refers to the act of taking someone’s work such as some writing, lyrics, music composition, even a conversation, or somebody’s idea, and then using it as the work of your blog.

Few situations when your creation can be considered plagiarized:

  • Stealing the duplicate content and don’t give them credits.
  • You are posting someone else photos on your account and website without backlinks.

So the basic need is to check for Plagiarism before you upload any content using a trustworthy plagiarism checker.

How Google takes action against Plagiarism

Google always hates Plagiarism. Similar content on different websites delivers an awful user experience and decreases earnings of Google.

If you are copying from other blogs, it will be harmful to your website as well, and you will never be a popular blogger. Here are some of the reasons why Google takes action against plagiarized content:

  • Once Google notices that your content has copied parts, your blog will be penalized, and your ranking will go down rapidly. You have to solve the problem, post again, and ask them to rank you back. It will take several months if they do get you back.
  • In severe cases, Google will penalize you for life, and you won’t recover anything. So you are required to do a quick check for Plagiarism using a plagiarism checker to increase your credibility.
  • Plagiarism will affect your search traffic as your SEO rank will be down. You can’t hide even a minimum amount of similarity from Google and other popular search engines.
  • Google always chooses one web page that is usually the earliest. To come first, the uniqueness of content matters most.
  • When you post copied content, the original content owner will be allowed to take legal action against you, your blog, and your website. Every blog owner has a copyright, so that copying content may take you to court.

Remember that blogging is a talent and it is impossible to get success by taking someone’s ideas.  Instead of copying, you can collect information from others and then create your piece.

Importance of unique content

In this era of competition, millions of websites are fighting to be on the first page of Google. However, Google and search engines give higher ranks to only those that post unique and new content. So to gain a prominent position, some criteria will help you write in a better way:

  • If your content is unique and relevant, it will give a great user experience. People will love to follow you and visit your site more often. In this way, your website will get noticed quickly.
  • Also, unique content can provide you the opportunity to have PR services.
  • You may get the job of writing for different and famous platforms, blogs and features, social media accounts of celebrities, magazines, and many more.
  • With unique content, you’ll find that a blog can revitalize your digital occurrence and bring an excellent return on your investment and hard work.

Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker tools for Students and bloggers

To enhance your blogging skill, you can take various Free plagiarism checker tools. Some of the tools to check plagiarism are:

1. Prepostseo


Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo offers some of the key features to attract users:

  • It allows you to upload files from local storage and supports file types such as doc, Docx, pdf, txt, etc.
  • It suggests a Google Chrome Extension finds identical content online.
  • The tool is 100% safe and secure and allows you to download plagiarism detailed reports in HTML and PDF. 
  • It underlines the copied text and provides you the exact source of stealing.
  • You can avail of its rewriting feature to eliminate Plagiarism.

The Prepostseo is an authentic plagiarism scanner tool that can find the actual source of the content in the form of a URL and this URL can be used to find the similarity.

Most academic paper writers, researchers, and content authors use this to cite the source to avoid any case of plagiarism. This authentic plagiarism checker is one of the most used and common for bloggers because of its free services.

Besides the online use of this plagiarism checking tool, you may go for using their plagiarism testing application available on Android and iOS.

2. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism checker provides a deep scan to detect Plagiarism, grammar check, and other writing issues in your content.

Just paste or upload your content, and it will start scanning without any commands.


Some of its amazing features are:

  • It can detect Plagiarism from ProQuest academic databases and over 16 billion web pages.
  • It highlights the points where you need to put citations.
  • It works as a free grammar Checker and spelling checking tool.
  • It gives you writing suggestions and improves sentence structure.

If you are a writer or webmaster, you might be familiar with Grammarly. This is a popular free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector tool for removing writing errors, and check grammatical errors and now, the plagiarism checker also works accurately just like its Grammar checker.

Grammarly doesn’t offer the plagiarism checking tool for free but if you own the premium subscription, it is automatically added to your account.

With the feature of finding the URL of the exact web page, you can opt to use it for adding the reference in your writing.

To Check Plagiarism, and potential grammatical errors, You just have to copy and paste your content into the online Grammarly dashboard, and this content writing tool does its work automatically. Well, Grammarly free Add-one is also available, for offline you can download Grammarly for Microsoft Word, and for online Grammarly for Chrome extension that’s also compatible with Google Docs.

3. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a premium website that offers an authentic plagiarism checker. Those who want to test this tool can opt for a free trial which allows.

This Grammarly alternative tool allows $1/check and this check doesn’t have any limitations to the word count. This means, if you have multiple articles, you can check them in a single go.

Pro Writing Aid

This plagiarism checker will automatically find the source via URL and this way, you can add references to avoid plagiarism.

4. Quetext

This is another accurate and efficient plagerism checker that is capable of detecting the exact as well as the spun/paraphrased content from multiple resources.

Whether you want to copy-paste or upload the document, this tool will use its deep search technology to check for plagiarism-free and find similar content.

Once it finds it, it will display the percentage of matched content for each of the websites. Upon clicking the website, it will open the content as well as highlight the matched content.


The advantage of using this plagiarism checker software also involves the citation option as it allows the option of “Add Citation”.

It will automatically generate most of the information for citation and the rest will be required from the user’s end.

5. Bibme.org

One of the best plagiarism checkers that helps you to create high-quality and error-free content is bibme.org. Just visit the website, open the tool, paste all the content and click the “Check my paper” button.


This tool offers you the following features:

  • It checks grammar, spelling, and Plagiarism.
  • It offers you 1500+ patterns to identify any possible errors in your content.
  • You will be able to do citations and rewrite your content in no time. 
  • Enhances the readability of your content.

Using this free online plagiarism checker for students and other academic writers because usually compares and finds the source from the Universities publications.

Not only this, most education institutes integrate this with their system to find the self-plagiarism in the writing of the student’s assignment.

For example, once it starts generating the database of the assignments and other projects, next time, it will automatically find plagiarism by comparing the student’s current assignment with the previous submissions.

This leads the institutes to measure if the student is writing unique text or adding sections from their previous assignments.

Students, who are looking for a tool that can make their content unique and error-free can use this tool because it provides multiple tools on the same platform.

6. Plagiarism Checker X

This plagiarism checker online tool gives you an overall similarity score out of 100. It indicates all the original resources so that you can give them credits and generate a backlink to avoid Plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker X

It offers you to check the Plagiarism of several documents at the same time. Furthermore, this Plagiarism detector offers a free basic plan to enter 30 pieces of writing.

This is a downloadable program that can’t be used offline. Once you download, you can easily paste your content to check for any similarities.

This is best for those who are looking to use the plagiarism testing feature on a downloaded version. 

7. Check-plagiarism

It offers you an extensive variety of free SEO tools, including a 5000 words plagiarism checker. You can paste and upload a document of a maximum of 5000 words to initiate the search process.

It allows you to enter the URL of the content as well. The tool is quick and famous for the most precise and accurate results. It displays plagiarized content along with the percentage. 

Upon clicking on the “Check Plagiarism” button, it will find the URLs of the web pages where the exact or similar data is published.


For example, if the content is spun or paraphrased, it will find the original source and show your along with the URL of the website.

The Check-plagiarism also features the premium plans to use it limitlessly. The prices of the subscriptions are affordable and start from just $10/month.

8. Editpad.org

This is another Free online Plagiarism checker that doesn’t demand any registration or subscription. Using this tool, many students, bloggers, and freelancers can avoid plagiarism in their writing.


For instance, you can opt to know the URLs of similar content and use them to add citations to your writing. This can help to remove the plagiarism in your context and avoid any penalty.

It can entertain up to 1000 words simultaneously. Editpad doesn’t require any registration or subscription rather it is completely free and instant to use.

9. Dustball

The best thing about this plagiarism checker free online is that it can scan the web and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find any similar content.


In this way, it helps you detect originality by highlighting the copied content from all possible resources.

Plagium features two variants in its plagiarism checker including:

  • Quick Search
  • Deep Search

Although the Deep Search is slow as compared to a Quick search it will scan your content to match all the resources it has.

For example, Deep Search will compare your content with all the published blog posts, social media posts, YouTube video Descriptions, and many more.

If you are a blogger, you might need to check a lot of blog posts and, in that case, a quick search will let you search quickly.

10. Plag tracker

This tool comes with a user-friendly and customizable interface. It can be integrated with your website or any other social media platform with an API key.

Just create an account and have 20 free scans every month but in case you want more queries, you can go for their premium subscriptions.

Plag tracker

Plag tracker is one of the most trusted plagiarism checkers as it is existing in the industry as one of the oldest plagiarism checkers.

Plag tracker is usually common amongst the schools that offer LMS to their students. This is because the plag tracker can automatically check the plagiarism in the submission of the students when the API is integrated with the LMS website.


It is highly recommended to use the best free Plagiarism Checker 2023 tools to detect any copied content. It helps to enhance the quality of work and supports maintaining a good reputation in the world of bloggers.

Plagiarism is not an issue, but it is taken as a serious offense in all fields. If you’re found stealing the content, it could finish your profession, so make sure to use a plagiarism checker before uploading anything to the public.

Remember, Plagiarism can make some serious penalties for bloggers usually like de-ranking a blog in the Search engine result pages.

How to Check Blog Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is checking the uniqueness of the blog post or any content. There are some Plagiarism tools out there by which you can easily find whether the content is copied or originally made. Get the tool installed on your browser as an extension, copy the content you want to check plagiarism to the tool, and the tool will probably do the rest.

What is the Best Free Plagiarism Checker?

I would recommend you to go with ‘Grammarly’ one of the popular yet finest free plagiarism checker tools for bloggers and content writers. Grammarly is available in browser extension form in both Free and Premium versions.

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