Business WordPress Theme with WCAG and ADA compliance Review

Whenever it comes to making a stunning business website,  it comes down to a perfect WordPress theme. So we can easily set up our website without spending thousands of dollars on custom designs. Instead, we can do the same job by spending a few bucks and a bit of time.

However, the thing about WordPress business themes is that there are way too many options are available. And choosing one of them is a pretty hard job. However, to make it easy for you, I am going to talk about the Business WordPress Theme with WCAG and ADA compliance review.

This one is one of the most popular themes available out there which offers you quite a lot of features. So let’s just go ahead and have a look at it:

Business WordPress Theme with WCAG and ADA compliance Review

Talking about the theme, well it is an excellent business theme that you can use for any business website out there. You can use it for offering services or make it a website for product presentations like on a landing page or sale website.

The theme is also super responsive and comes with attractive colors which will help you to get customers’ attention. Also, the theme will help you give your website a new look or simply refresh a website design and add WCAG and ADA compliance.

By using this theme, you will be able to make your website as easy as possible. As well as you will be able to build a successful business website without any hard work. Plus, your website will be meet the WCAG 2.1 standards as well.

The theme also comes with so many awesome ready-made widgets and shortcodes. As a result, you will be able to design your website with different content pretty easily and without any coding. For example, if you want to feature a presentation, then a carousel slider with linked images will do the job. And just like this, you can add pricing tables, contact form and so on.

Also, you will be able to decide where to place which widget by simply changing the layout position. Overall, getting started with the theme is pretty easy. And you don’t have to be a pretty good WordPress developer to understand everything.

Top Features:

Handy Tabs

The theme comes with lots of handy tabs which are one of the simplest ways to deliver a hell lot of info. You can simply use the PE panels plugin and display content from a specified source. The content can be any static text, or it can be a video. What’s more? You will also be able to take control of the tabs layout and choose between the standard or vertical orientation.

Make things as simple as possible

With this theme, you will be able to make things as simple as possible. There are quite a lot of ready-made widgets are exists which you can use to display some shortcodes with font awesome icon and other widgets.


Testimonials are one of the best ways to convey that your company or product is trusted. And there are customers who are already trusting your business. Hence the theme offers you a simple shortcode for the job. You can use the shortcode to show your visitors what your customers are thinking about you. As a result, you will be able to grab their attention.

Show the face of your team

If your customers get to know about the persons behind the business, they tend to support your company more. And you can simply do so with a simple widget. The theme allows you to add people connected with your business. It can be you, your co-founder or someone. This way, your customers will get to know who is running the business.

Pricing Table

The theme also lets you show the price of your service or product. Showing pricing of the product is pretty useful. This way, your customers will get to know how much you are charging for the product or service. As well as they will get to know what are some of the features, they will be getting. In addition to that, if you have different pricing for multiple services, then a pricing table is pretty useful.

Contact Form

What if your customers want to contact you? Well doing so with this theme is not a hard task. As you are getting a contact form widget. As a result, you will be able to embed the contact form on the homepage, and your customers will be able to contact you.

Final words:

Overall the Business WordPress Theme with WCAG and ADA compliance useful in many ways. It has all the widgets that you need for your business website. Plus, it looks amazing too. What’s more? The theme also has an affordable price tag.

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