Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

Being in the online industry for a long time, I have to continuously create WordPress websites for my clients and I love the whole process of doing so.

But yeah one thing, we can’t just make our website live within few minutes, right? Why?

Hey, hey… I know we can create websites quickly getting a domain and hosting it on the same. But what about content? Does the blank website without enough content would look good?

What about the desired website looks, which you always wanted to give to your dream website. And moreover, if you are a freelancer, you have to provide the best for the clients to get more work going forward.

Yeah, creating awesome content and website customization takes time. So while doing so it would be a great idea to show a page through which you can communicate with the readers about the website launch progress and date.

These are the scenarios when coming soon WordPress plugins can be used for your websites. This is how to go, before creating a professional website.

WordPress repository has a lot of such plugins, one of the best one is Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin(free). It is well designed and great features, so that your visitors could engage with your brand better.

Simultaneously, this plugin also has a pro version called “coming soon and maintenance mode plugin” with extra features perfectly suitable for freelancers, Agencies.

I am sure before making a purchase, you might want to know its complete features. Let me break this down, after using it on any website and how it could be useful for you as well.

Robust Features of Coming Soon and Maintenance mode WP Plugin

Let’s dig further about the coolest WordPress plugin and its incredible assets.

Awesome Themes

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin 1

In general, there are many maintenance mode plugin, which might offer a couple of extra themes which can be chosen according to the preference.

This coming soon and maintenance mode WordPress plugin offers more than 60+ themes. Isn’t it that incredible?

If you are thinking, why would a theme even require for showing a coming soon page? A simple page can also communicate.

Yes, it can, but theme matters a lot because having a wide range can make it easy to choose the one which actually pretty much relevant with your WordPress website theme, which you are creating in the back end.

Self Layout Designing

As mentioned above this plugin already comes up with the 60+ themes, but if you don’t like those because of whatever reason, this tools allows you to customize it as well. And that goes pretty simple, just drag and drop with more than 10 modules.

And that makes things easier, even this is a small plugin, but features are not limited. You can customize,

  • The Content Width,
  • Content Position
  • Add Spacing
  • Content Box Positioning
  • Content animation and
  • Content, Video, Maps
  • more

Just like other page builders, this works great but have you imagined this feature in a coming soon page. So it’s time to change everything the way you want.

Autoresponder and Emails Services

While the website not yet launched and still in maintenance mode, it’s quite common, folks use to collect emails from the viewers who land on their websites. This is a smart way of initiating the marketing process before things are in the place. Hence, almost every maintenance mode offers a signup form.

This plugin offers an autoresponder feature as well. That means if the viewers would like to communicate with you, it will send them an auto-reply and making sure that someone is there to hear them. This builds up a trust factor. You just need to integrate with your email service provider and do some initial settings.

SEO Integrations

You might have never thought of this. Just like as we do the Onpage SEO in wordpress with the help of tools like Yoast SEO, metadata, keyword density, SEO title and more. Similarly, this coming soon plugin offers you to set the relevant data the way you want that to appear in the search engines.

As by default, search engines crawl your pages and show the same into SERPs, so probably might not look so cool if the page appears as “This page is Under Construction” and not data in the meta description.

Through, this plugin you would be able to Add your website Title, and meta description and surprisingly it will also show the overall score of the entire page as well.

Simple Setup

This is the basic need for applying the coming soon page. We want to apply the maintenance mode page sooner as possible, this is where this WordPress plugin going to be really handy, as it activates the pages with just a single button switch.


You might be thinking should i get this, what if it doesn’t fits my current WordPress theme or plugins. Fortunately, your won’t have to worry in this regard as it is being tested and found compatible with all the WP themes. No wonder, the developer has the current trend in mind.

Client Accessibility

It is another awesome feature in this plugin, you can give access to the clients without the whole world let it accessed. That means, you can provide access of your wordpress website to some specific people to view it from the front end about the site progress.

Curiosity always makes people(clients) about their progress and in the certain scenario, this options comes really handy.

Freelancers loves it, as they can get inputs from the clients online easily.

Final Words on Maintenance mode Plugin

I personally found this coming soon page is really useful for any kind of websites. In fact, I would be interested to use it for all my upcoming websites, because of it’s awesome features.

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