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Cyprus WordPress theme review, a great looking multipurpose WordPress theme created by the MyThemeShop team.

We have tons of options when it comes to WordPress themes. Though there are numerous premium WordPress themes, it’s really tough to find the one which is suitable for the specific requirements. You can pick a theme for free or you can go for a premium theme.

If you are unable to find a premium WordPress theme that suits your needs, you may have to spend $$$s on the developer for creating a custom made WordPress theme for your internet venture. By all means, premium themes are the cost-effective solution that comes as a rescue for many bloggers.

MyThemeShop is often appreciated for its clean and beautiful WordPress themes that are easy to manage. Cyprus is a wonderful multipurpose WordPress theme developed by MyThemeShop. Their main vision was to create a WordPress theme that suits the best for news writers, marketers as well as magazine publishers.

It looks professional and loads pretty fast. Moreover, it has an SEO friendly design which is the reason why it has grabbed the attention of internet marketers.

It is perfectly optimized for search engines and importantly the design is favourable for generating more leads. With dozens of powerful options, the Cyprus theme is super easy to manage and customize. In this post, we’re going to explore the features of the Cyprus WordPress theme and find out whether it is really worth it!

Best Features of Cyprus Theme

Homepage Builder

Customizing the homepage on the Cyprus theme is super easy. Cyprus WordPress theme comes with a drag-a and-drop homepage builder with which you can make your homepage look the way you want. Just go to homepage settings in the theme options panel.

You’ll find dozens of options to change the whole layout of your homepage. You can add and remove the sections from the homepage. For example, if you want the categories section on the homepage, you can just add that.

Moreover, you can also create the category sections using the featured widgets. There are 8 layouts overall and you can showcase featured category posts with multiple columns.

You can also place the Adverts, call-to-action blocks, or any other elements on the homepage with simple drag and drop.

Single Post Layout Options

Single Post Layout Options

If there is no engaging stuff on your page, your visitors will leave it instantly. It means that you are not generating the leads or the clicks. Cyprus provides various single post layout options such as breadcrumbs which will let the user see the full path to the post.

It makes it easy for the visitor to navigate to the other sections of your blog. The lightbox option lets the visitor see the full image of the thumbnail within a fade-in popup. In the same way, there are related post layout options that improve the visibility of related posts. Features like this make your blog an enjoyable experience for visitors.

Custom Widgets

Widgets help to promote the content in a different way. Widgets in the sidebar or footer area show categories, latest comments, popular posts, recent posts, banners, affiliates, advertisements, social links, related posts, and other elements.

Cyprus WP theme comes with a set of custom widgets. It makes it easy for you to put author introduction, newsletter signup form, contacts or anything in the widget sections.

AdSense Optimized

Cyprus | Unique Premium WordPress Theme By MyThemeShop 1

AdSense is still one of the reliable earning options for many bloggers. The key to getting more clicks on AdSense advertisements is visibility.

They must be visible and immersed in the content. Only then you’ll get some clicks to make a decent income. Cyprus WordPress theme has inbuilt ad management that lets you insert the ads in the right places. There is also an option to detect the Ad Blockers and thus your content will be hidden if the visitor is using any such programs.

Featured Area

Cyprus | Unique Premium WordPress Theme By MyThemeShop 2

The featured area is where you can display the email signup form or contact details or your introduction to get the attention of your visitors.

You can put the call-to-action block there asking your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. It can be used as a promotion area to display special offers. It is also a good place to show off your brand by displaying some introductory information in the bold title. SEO may use this place to put their keyword.

Performance & SEO Optimzed

Cyprus | Unique Premium WordPress Theme By MyThemeShop 3

All MyThemeShop themes are known to be SEO friendly and quick.

Page speed is gaining its importance like never before. Your page must load blazing fast to be able to rank on the search engines.

It must also offer a good user experience or else the user leaves the website in no time which again hurts your search engine rankings.

Cyprus WordPress theme is geared up with awesome performance settings which let you fine-tune your blog for better speed. There is a setting called prefetching which helps you to make your web pages load faster.

Fluid Responsive

Desktop days are long gone. Now, search engines like Google consider the mobile version as the main website. It’s super important for webmasters to make their websites mobile-friendly or else their sites end up nowhere on Google.

The Cyprus WordPress theme is fluid responsive. Your blog appears perfect on screens of any size.


Cyprus WordPress theme is priced at $45 for a single site license. It is $69 to get the license for 5 sites and $87 for a 10 site license. But, the Cyber Monday sale is in full swing at the moment. Make use of the MyThemeShop Cyber Monday deal and grab the Cyprus WordPress theme at the cheapest price possible!

Wrapping up.

The Cyprus theme is definitely a great option if you are considering purchasing a new premium theme for your blog. It looks modern and delivers great performance. Apart from the featured mentioned above, there are some more useful features like a custom mobile menu, unlimited sidebar options, social buttons etc.

You can set up typography, font colour right from the Options panel. It loads pretty fast and it is perfectly optimized for search engines.

It is equipped with the powerful Rank Math plugin which makes sure that all your blog posts are optimized for search engines.

MyThemeShop also offers extensive documentation for Cyprus WordPress heme which is easy to follow. MyThemeShop provides 24/7 customer support and there is a 30-day money back guarantee. The Cyprus WordPress theme from MyThemeShop is a wonderful theme out of the box and definitely worth the deal!

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