Why Choose Magento Development for your Online Business?

The e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid rate and is expected to touch $27 trillion by 2020. With such astounding success, your e-Commerce store needs a robust, scalable, flexible, secure, and highly customizable platform in order to beat the competition. Founders of Magento have realized the importance of building an e-Commerce platform for future demand quite early. Currently, more than 2,40,000 online stores are powered by Magneto and the numbers are growing as the demand for online stores is increasing at a fast pace, globally.

Some of the big brands like Nestle, Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, etc are powered by Magento. Magento currently has nearly 26% of the e-Commerce market share and is appreciated for its core and expandable features.

Hence now if you search on the internet and try to find the best e-Commerce platform which works robustly with your eStore then the answer would be definitely “Magento”. As lot’s of Magento development companies offer free Magento templates 

Whether you want to create a new eStore or want to move to a new web store service, you will find that the Magento framework is the best solution that meets all of your requirements.

Magento is the only platform that is favored by both developers as well as e-Commerce store owners for various reasons.

In order to help you understand better so that you can make a smart and right decision about the future of your e-Commerce store, we have documented the reasons why Magento is the best pick for your online business?

Here you can learn about Magento and it’s out of box features that you can use to drive high traffic to your site and increase conversion rates.

Top 10 Reasons For Choosing Magento Development

Magento is Open Source

Magento comes in two editions.

The Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. The community edition is completely free of costs while the enterprise edition comes at some cost.

Magento is open-source hence its source code for both the editions is available for modification and customization if some skilled Magento developer wants to do so.

This feature makes Magento very flexible and customization which helps in making the Magento development a highly popular and successful field of work in the past few years.

Magento is Feature Rich

Magento is the best e-commerce system with the best features and supported by open-source communities.

Magento gives all that you require for eBusiness including promotions and stock administration.

The powerful pre-built features of Magento give excellent user experience and increase the selling potential.

Device Friendly

There are many professional responsive templates available in Magento. With the latest version of Magento, Responsive design is by default.

If you plan to use Magento for your e-Commerce platform then you will get the benefits of being responsive and it will work on your desktop as well as various mobile devices.


Magento gives high importance and top priority to security. Magento has a group of security experts who works 24*7 to remove any loophole in the system.

Magento Enterprise edition has even a secure payment bridge which helps in implementing a high level of security.


If you are looking for performance as top criteria then you can find Magento Development as far superior to others.

If you are looking for additional functionality then Magento can help you to arrange a couple of parameters to match your website’s execution. Magento also contains high-end cache systems, database optimization which ultimately helps in enhancing website performance.

Multiple Payments Gateways

Magento can be integrated with any payment gateway system.

It comes with many default sets that can easily be extended to give custom integration to match any store’s requirements.


Magento is a scalable framework that can be used by anyone whether it is a small or large organization.

If your business grows, Magento is able to add new features like an unlimited number of products to catalog or processing thousands of orders without actually affecting your website.

Hence a large number of clients and their products can be scaled with ease.

Magento has an advanced storage system that makes sure that your website is responsive without changes in a more costly hosting infrastructure.

Advanced SEO Management 

Magento is built-in SEO friendly.

It is designed in such a way that it allows you to customize URLs and Meta-information of products, categories, content pages, keywords, description, etc.

Magento also provides Google-specific sitemaps for users, enabling Google to find content and products and helps in giving higher ranking to the site.

Third-Party Integration

Magento allows easy integration with a large number of third-party services so that your eStore runs effectively.

You can easily integrate third-party extensions and solutions like payment gateways, database applications, Google Analytics, Google shopping, and shipping services like shipping orders, tracking and whole shipping process, etc.

Magento also supports integration with WordPress SMS platforms.


The best thing about Magento is that it is affordable.

Generally one needs to spend a large amount on choosing a professional e-Commerce platform.

With Magento, the Magento Development platform is free of cost except for some charges for installation and customization.


We have just elaborated on the top reasons for choosing Magento Development.

No one should compromise while selecting an e-Commerce platform.

Magento gives you so many features and resources at negligible costs. Today, top industry leaders are moving towards Magento not because it is simple but also because it is rich with customizable features that make it the best e-Commerce platform.

Author Bio: James Gibson is working as a professional in PSD to Magento Designs2HTML – PSD to Magento company and loves to write about web development related articles. He has written many widely read and appreciated articles on HTML, CSS, WordPress, Magento etc. Follow: – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

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