MOTOCMS Review 2022- Is This Website Builder Right For You?

The necessity for websites has grown rapidly with the usage of the internet for every business. Every business owner isn’t a programmer and there is no need that every businessman should have coding knowledge. Facilitating this for the businessmen and for the non-coders, MotoCMS offers a nice website builder that will have simple page elements to choose from. One can just select the elements and place them on the layout of his choice and design the website at his creative levels.

MotoCMS is a flexible website creator offering fluidity to layout customization and web page designing. Let’s just not brag about this tool, we will rip off everything of this tool and see if it is what it looks like.

To start with the rip off process of MotoCMS, let’s look into the features that it offers.

Features of MotoCMS website builder

  • Drag and drop interface enabling the fluidity of design. You can scroll through the interface of web page elements, select and drag them onto the layout of your choice easily.
  • MotoCMS offers different templates for a different style of websites. You can choose the style of your need, for example, if you need a website for a personal portfolio, you would have a bunch to choose from. If you want to design a business website, you will have a number of templates to choose from.
  • MotoCMS website builder and its templates are responsive to a screen of any size. This eliminates the worry of mobile-friendliness which is the major concern of the recent Google’s Fred update.
  • Websites build on MotoCMS are totally SEO friendly. The dose of responsiveness and fluidity gets the decoration of SEO friendliness which is a major consideration for business to be shown on the internet through search.
  • You would get system updates for the admin panel of the website builder with enhancements to the functionality and usability. These updates are free for 1 year since you buy a plan.
  • Blogging is always a great experience on MotoCMS
  • There are a lot of latest web elements available to be included on the website like parallax effect, social integration, MailChimp widget, video widget, Google font, color picker, and audio player.
  • 24×7 customer support who would call you back in 30 seconds once enter your call for

MotoCMS Recommendations

MotoCMS is also a wedding website builder and template provider but doesn’t provide the most needed facility, space. But, it recommends its associates Bluehost and Inmotion hosting for their customers. It chooses the hosting that supports the following technologies:

  • PHP version v.5.4+, 5.5+, 5.6+
  • Zend Guard Loader
  • with MySQL database support (for Moto CMS 3)

All the compatibilities with the mentioned hosting providers are tested by the MotoCMS QA experts.

Discount for developers

MotoCMS is not just for code-blind website owners but also for developers who play with coding to customize the website. It offers a special discount to these experts by offering the builder free for 14 days to help their business grow without the need for any initial investment for development.

This eliminates the need for asking the client for development costs.

You may show them the demos in these 14 days and buy the template if they approve it.

Earn with MotoCMS

MotoCMS offers an affiliate program to those enthusiastic internet marketers who would make their living by creating sales for the companies. Trusted by 25,000 affiliate marketers online MotoCMS affiliate program helps freelancers earn huge amounts.

There is a chance to earn commissions of up to 50%. The 365-day cookie policy will help you track the sale from a customer. A recurring commission of 5% is given lifelong when the customer renewals the service. Join MotoCMS affiliate program to show your hand skills.

MotoCMS website builder hands-on

Step 1: Go to and click on ‘Choose a solution.

MOTOCMS Review 2022- Is This Website Builder Right For You? 1

Step 2: Choose the type of website that you want to create. With MotoCMS, you can create both a static website or a store to sell your products online. Yes, there is no need to have any coding knowledge irrespective of what you choose.

MOTOCMS Review 2022- Is This Website Builder Right For You? 2

Step 3: Choose a category of websites to create so as to choose from a number of templates or you may choose to click on ‘All categories’ to see all type of templates.

MOTOCMS Review 2022- Is This Website Builder Right For You? 3

Step 4: You will be given a choice of choosing a template (design layout) for your website and start creating pages of your choice from the admin panel.

MOTOCMS Review 2022- Is This Website Builder Right For You? 4


MotoCMS is a good, optimal, and SEO friendly solution for both programmers and non-programmers. It offers quick solutions to create a website literally in minutes.

Next time you need a website, try your hands on MotoCMS and let me know your experience in the comments below.

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