RankMath Review 2023: Is It the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

All website owners are familiar with the term SEO (search engine optimization), which means optimizing the website so that it appears more frequently in web searches. As well as improving the visibility of a website, optimizations have a direct impact on the business associated with that website. Many companies come with tools and WordPress plugins that help us make changes to our websites to improve their rank in search results. RankMath WordPress SEO plugin is one such plugin that you can use with your WordPress site to improve site visibility. It is brand new on the market, but it has skyrocketed to prominence in a short time because of its remarkable features.

Within 3 years of its release in 2018, it had built a user base of over 1 million happy customers. According to some users, it is #Yoast SEO alternative, the most popular WordPress SEO plugin.

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In this article, we are going to do an in-depth review of the Rank Math SEO plugin and see whether you should consider it as the SEO plugin for your WordPress website or not. To give you a better overview of this wordpress seo plugins free, we will discuss the features offered, the pricing, the positives, and the negatives.

Let’s get started!

Rank Math Overview:

Rank Math is one of the best WordPress SEO plugin that help you optimize your website content for better search rankings.

Using Rank Math you can do a detailed SEO analysis of your web page based on 30 known factors. To optimize the description of your content, you can also include up to 25 focus keywords.

You can also choose from the 18 predefined schemas from Rank Math to optimize your viewing experience.

The Rank Math SEO plugin has a free tier that covers all the basic features of an SEO plugin. For more advanced features like keyword rank tracker, SEO sitemaps, and AI-based optimizations, you need to subscribe to their premium plans which start at just $59 per year.

Now let’s take a look at the features that Rank Math has to offer. We will mainly cover the features that are available in both free and paid plans.

We will discuss the additional features of the paid plans in a separate section.

Rank Math features:

RankMath Review 2023: Is It the Best WordPress SEO Plugin? 1

Easy Installation and Setup process:

rankmath installation process

The installation and setup process for Rank Math is super easy and can be done in less than 3 minutes. First, you need to select the type of installation you want. There are three options offered by Rank Math: Easy mode, which automates the whole installation process using industry best practices. Alternatively, you can control the SEO aspects of your website using Advanced and Custom modes. 

If You Using Yoast SEO Plugin or All in One SEO, You Can Easily Import Your SEO Setting In Rank Math By Using This Step –

Next, you must provide information about the website, such as the site logo and default social media image.

Then all you need to do is integrate Rank Math with Google Analytics and sitemaps, set up some basic SEO functionality, and you’re all set. 

Clean dashboard

rankmath dashboard

Rank Math SEO Plugin has a clean and intuitive dashboard. It displays all tools in the form of modules that you can activate modules using the toggle button.

It makes your installation lightweight and easy to manage. 

Simple User interface:

For beginners, Rank Math has an intuitive user interface. Once the installation and setup is completed, you will be presented with the information about SEO on the left-hand side, such as title readability, content readability, focus keyword density, etc.

It will also suggest edits you should make in order to make your post SEO-friendly.

The top-right corner shows you how well your page is optimized out of hundreds. This is also helpful in predicting the performance of your page and the optimizations needed.

Focus keyword Optimization:

With Rank Math’s free version, you can select up to 5 focus keywords for optimizing your posts, which is an advantage over other SEO plugins i.e All In One SEO and Yoast that offer just one.

By improving your focus keyword density in posts, titles, and subheadings, you can optimize your search rankings.

Additionally, Rank Math provides you with a graphical representation of how your focus keywords did recently.

AI-based optimization tips:

With Rank Math, you can use an AI-based tool to help you with the content of your site. To ensure your posts are grammatically correct and optimized for the search engine, the tool offers suggestions for subheadings, phrases, and words. 

Integrated Google Search Console and Google Analytics:

Through their Google search console integration, Rank Math allows you to upload sitemaps automatically. Additionally, the search console helps you get important information about your websites, such as keyword ranking, sitemap status, and indexing issues.

This information is really helpful in improving the SEO of your site.

Using Google Analytics, you can view performance metrics like total impressions, Site Analytics, SEO Performance, Rank tracker, click-through rate, total visits, time of visit, etc., directly from the WordPress dashboard. Yes! You heard it right. To get analytics data, you don’t need a separate plugin. With Rank Math, you can access them directly from your admin dashboard.

rankmath analytics

Schema Generator:

The schema on a website helps search engines display results more accurately to users. A properly formatted schema for your website is therefore key to attracting a larger audience.

With all of their plans, Rank Math offers 18 predefined templates for schema markups. Without adding an external plugin, you can add a schema that suits your needs.

With paid plans, you also get the option to import schemas from other websites and generate custom schemas on your own.

Some of the Rank Math templates that Rank Math supports are:

  • Article Schema
  • Book Schema
  • Course Schema
  • Event Schema
  • Job Posting Schema
  • Local Business Schema etc.

Website Rank tracker:

When you are doing SEO for your website, it is important to know how your website performs in terms of page ranking as compared to other websites.

Rank Math provides a ranking tracker with its pro plans where you can track the performance of your website for up to 50,000 keywords (with the agency plan). This ranking system also helps you understand which keywords you need to use more to get a better position in the search results.

XML sitemaps:

Sitemaps contain all the webpages/URLs on a website. Indexing relies on sitemaps because they enable search engines to crawl URLs and web pages in order to display the appropriate information to the user.

Rank Math automatically generates an XML sitemap for your website and updates it whenever you add a new page or post to your website. You will also get the option to generate custom sitemaps based on your needs.

404 Monitoring:

Error 404 shows up whenever a user clicks on a link that is non-existent or broken. These kinds of links can have a negative impact on your website performance as it hampers the user experience.

To tackle this problem, Rank Math provides you with a 404 monitoring system that helps you fix these broken links. The system has two modes: the simple mode can be used for identifying 404 errors whereas the advanced mode gives detailed information about the error, like time of the error, referring page, user agent, etc.

Using this tool, you can identify all the URLs that are causing 404 errors and redirect them to some other webpage using the redirection manager.

Image SEO and video:

RankMath Review 2023: Is It the Best WordPress SEO Plugin? 2

Videos and images are integral parts of any modern website and also play a crucial role in improving the SEO of the site. It is possible to automatically add Alt tags and title tags to all images with Rank Math, which saves you a great deal of time. You can also add some predetermined alt tags and title tags to all the images that are missing from them.

Furthermore, Rank Math automatically generates a sitemap of the video files on your website. The sitemap helps the search engine to better understand the content and relevance of the video, thus improving SEO.

24/7 Customer Support:

The customer support team at Rank Math is indeed one of the best. Whenever you encounter any problems or bugs with your Rank Math plugin, you can get in touch with their 24/7 customer support or you can join their facebook group for support.

Their expert team will try their level best to resolve your issue at the earliest.

These are the few key main features of Rank Math that might be helpful for your website. Rank Math also offers a ton of features that you can discover by visiting their official website.

Pros of Rank Math:

RankMath Review 2023: Is It the Best WordPress SEO Plugin? 3

In contrast to the other WordPress SEO optimization plugins on the market, Rank Math has the following advantages:

  • Easy installation, set-up process, and a beginner-friendly interface
  • Options to track up to 5 keywords with the free version
  • An AI-based post optimization tool 
  • Important features like the Google Analytics report, SEO analytics module comes in-built
  • Has more than 18 different kinds of schemas for structuring your content
  • Automatic XML sitemap generator
  • Automated image and video SEO optimization with the free tier
  • Compared to other paid SEO plugins, this one is cheaper and offers more features
  • Easy transfer process from other SEO plugin
  • Offers excellent customer support
  • Plans can be upgraded or canceled anytime
  • You can check broken links
  • Redirection
  • Instant Indexing
  • Rich Snippets
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • Find top performing posts and keywords

Rank Math is relatively new in the market, so it needs more optimization. However, it has some minor drawbacks.

RankMath Pricing for Premium Plans:

For its customers, Rank Math offers both free and premium plans with some yearly fees. There are 3 paid plans that come with additional features that vary according to their pricing.

If you are just starting a WordPress blog, the free version would be more than enough to meet your SEO needs

PROUnlimited personal websites15 content AI credits500 keyword tracking24/7 support$59
BUSINESS100 client websites125 content AI credits10,000 keyword tracking24/7 support$199
AGENCY500 client websites600 content AI credits50,000 keyword tracking24/7 support$499

Apart from these, the paid plans also provide features like:

  • Google Trends Integration
  • Google News and Video SEO Sitemap
  • WooCommerce SEO optimization
  • 6 extra schema types and options to build custom schema
  • Option to import SEO data via CSV files
  • Automated Image caption and many more

You can visit the pricing section of their official website to check and compare the features of the paid plans.

Rankmath vs Yoast SEO – Is Rank Math Worth any better than other SEO plugins?

RankMath Review 2023: Is It the Best WordPress SEO Plugin? 4

To answer this question, let’s do a comparison between Rank Math SEO and Yoast SEO, the most popular WordPress SEO plugin that has a user base of over 5 million people.

Here are a few fields where Rank Math is better than Yoast SEO:

Cheaper plans:

The paid version of Rank Math starts at just $59 per year for unlimited websites whereas the Yoast SEO premium pack starts at $89 per year, that too for only 1 website.

That means you save at least $30 with Rank Math if you have 1 website. Your savings increase exponentially if you have multiple websites.

Google Analytics Integration:

This is a major advantage of choosing Rank Math over Yoast SEO. We can integrate Google Analytics directly into the admin dashboard. Unfortunately, Yoast does not provide any such feature.

You need to install some extra plugins to view your website’s performance data from your dashboard which will cost you some extra bucks.

More focus keywords:

Rank Math lets you add up to five focus keywords to your post to improve SEO. And remember, this feature comes with the free plan itself.

Yoast SEO offers only one focus keyword per post in the free tier.

No doubt the article with the Rank Math plugin will perform better than the one with Yoast SEO.

Lesser ads:

If you are using the free tier of Yoast SEO, you are bound to be irritated by the aggressive advertising strategy that they follow to make you subscribe to the premium plan.

You will see at least 4-5 ads for the premium version.

While Rank Math goes easy on its users. They only have advertisements per page and you get the option to hide them, making it more pleasant to use. But yes, there are some places where Rank Math lags behind like WooCommerce SEO optimization.

 Furthermore, the Yoast SEO plugin WordPress has been around for a long time and is more stable. Aside from these minor specific cases, Rank Math provides better services both for free and premium plans.


In my opinion, Rank Math is a great option if you want the Best SEO plugin for WordPress 2023 that offers all the necessary features at an affordable price. You can also begin with a free Rank Math plan to get a feel for it before moving to premium plans.

Even the free plan has some amazing features that are only available with the premium plans of other SEO plugins.

We hope this article gave you some insight into the Rank Math SEO plugin and helped you choose the best SEO plugin for your WordPress website. 

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