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Want to create a classified website and confuse about which classifieds WordPress theme to pick? If yes then read on. We cannot deny the fact that there are quite a lot of themes that are available for the Classified WordPress website and this is what makes us confused about which one to pick. However, to make this job easy for you we have handpicked a theme called TerraClassic.

TerraClassic is one of the best-classified themes that you can try out. But before you do so here is our TerraClassic theme review. So you can understand the theme in a better way.

Now let’s just head into the topic without wasting much the time:

TerraClassic theme Review – The best WordPress theme for the classified website?

The TerraClassic theme is one of the best-classified themes out there. This one comes with quite a lot of features and offers an excellent user experience to the users.

You can use the theme to create a simple classifieds website or a website like Flippa (Yes, that buying and selling platform). What’s more? The theme is absolutely free to download. Overall, the theme offers you a clean look which allows you to manage the website easily.

However, at the time of writing this article, the theme is in the alpha version. Also, the theme may get a price tag in the near future. But as of now you can download the template free of cost and test it out.

Talking about the theme, well it comes with lots of pages. These pages are the Add Advert, Edit Ad, Edit Profile, Forgot Password, Login page, My Submissions page, and Registration page.

Apart from these TerraClassic pages the theme also comes with some view pages. These view pages are the:

Category View

When you head into the category view, the TerraClassic plugin offers you a listing from a selected category. These listings include an advert image, advert title, a short description, price, advertiser name and time when the advert was published. Also apart from these details it also displays the category details.

Advert Page:

On the advert page, you will get to see the ad image. Along with that, the theme will also display a title and the full description of the ad as well as some additional images that the ad publisher published.

Apart from these, you will also get to see the date of the ad submission, price, a simple contact form that the buyer may use to contact the seller, advertiser details with the website (optional), and the avatar and name linking to all his all submitted ads. Also, there is the “report abuse” option that your users can use to report any scam.

Author view

In the end, there is the author’s view page. As you click on the advice name, you will get to see all the submitted ads by the advertisers. As well as you will get detailed information about the ad author.

So those were all the view pages that come with the theme. Apart from them, there are a bunch of widgets that are available. These widgets are the:

An Account Menu:

The account menu is made for displaying the “Add new advert,” user adverts, edit profile, and log-out options.

Classifieds Search:

There is also a classified search button included with this WordPress theme. The search advert widget helps you to search for ads based on categories and other factors. Moreover, you will able to restrict the category list view to display the parent category level only.

Classifieds Categories:

You will also get the adverts category widget. This one is to display categories in the vertical or horizontal layout. In addition to that, you will be able to set a number of columns for vertical layout. Moreover, you will also get some Other settings for the subcategory depth, ads counter in the category, display subcategories, and so on.

Latest Ads:

You will also get the latest ads widget. This widget can be helpful for showing the latest ads submitted to your website. You can even set a number for the visible ads. Plus, you can limit the short description, choose the image thumbnail size, set the number of columns for items, show price, and o on.

Summing Up:

So that was a quick TerraClassic Review. In the end all we would say that this is the best theme that you can try for your classified website. It offers you lots of widgets and features that do not just help you in the back end but on the front end as well. What’s more? You get a great user interface as well which your users would love to use.

So go ahead and try out the theme and see how it is working for you. Also for any questions, feel free to comment below, and we will surely help you out.

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