Top 11 Digital Marketing Certifications That are Worth the Money

In this post, I am going to mention some of the best Digital Marketing Certifications you can pursue and get certified in digital marketing.

The rapidly growing information-driven web has watered the growth of its management through digital marketing. Learning digital marketing courses online has its advantage over learning Adhoc by practical application. Be it a blogger, Freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee, learning digital marketing online will save your time, and help you understand the subject in a well-structured manner.

How Digital Marketing certifications will help you?

Digital marketing is a dynamic subject. Learning it completely is never possible as an individual. It’s a continuous process through practical experience. For the time being, it is best to choose a recognized digital marketing training online from authenticated organizations.

As an employee, a digital marketing certification will help you get good salaries and quick growth at work.

An authenticated certification will be a feather in your cap to get recognition from the HR department. Also, these Digital Marketing certifications will help you land the finest digital marketing job in the industry if you are searching for a job.

As a freelancer, digital marketing certifications are your bravery badge. It signifies to your client that you are capable of doing the tasks related to their project.

It will also help you raise the bar for your quality services to clients.

As a learner, digital marketing certifications are proof that you know the structure of how things work in that particular vertical in the field.

11 Best Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Push Your Digital Marketing Career

1. IIDE’s Advanced Online Digital Marketing Certification

Top 11 Digital Marketing Certifications That are Worth the Money 1

IIDE is a premier institute imparting digital marketing knowledge since 2016 globally. IIDE has been awarded “Best Digital Marketing Institute” by the World Education Congress. 

From the many courses and programs offered by IIDE, their advanced Online Digital Marketing Course is one of the best training programs out there. 

It is a 4-5 months long course that follows an advanced learning pedagogy. The online digital marketing course is taught by industry experts in a comprehensive and question-oriented format. It is designed to fast-track your growth in a digital marketing career.

The Course format is as follows,

  • You start by learning from high quality self-paced video lectures.
  • Once you have watched the lectures, you can attend live online sessions for Q&A, doubt solving and revision. There will be 4-5 live sessions every week with a duration of 2-3 hours.
  • You can also schedule 1 on 1 Mentoring Sessions with the trainers via our ‘Book a Mentor’ button in the student management system.

The course offers guaranteed placement assistance in some of the top brands and agencies. 

This course contains:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing 
  • Website Planning & E-commerce Development 
  • Search Marketing & Blogging
  • Creating Marketing Content & Campaign Planning 
  • Organic Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Media Planning, Buying & Optimization 
  • Analytics & Reporting 
  • Projects & Mentoring 
  • Managerial & Soft Skills
  • Resume Building
  • Presentation Skills
  • Career Guidance and Agency Walkthrough
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • 7 Assignments to drill down the concepts
  • 1 Final Project
  • 100% Placement assistance

Cost: Currently, the course fee is INR 72,033 + Taxes or USD 971 + Taxes. They also offer 0% EMI options. The course fee is totally worth the curriculum and benefits offered. 

Sign up for IIDE’s Advanced Online Digital Marketing Certification

2. Google Ads Certification

Google Ads Certification

The biggest inspiration behind blogging, Google, has digital marketing certifications under its sleeves. This digital marketing course by google from the search engine giant is accredited to those who demonstrate exceptional performance in running Google Ads.

Google has six different AdWords certifications so far. They are

1. Certification on Google Search Ads
2. Certification on Google Display Ads
3. Certification on Google Video Ads
4. Certification on Google Shopping Ads
5. Certification on Google Mobile Ads
6. Certification on Google Ass Measurement

Where budget is the motivation of the majority of the paid Ad campaigns for businesses, and if you are offering the services with expert knowledge, these digital unlocked courses/certifications will help you speak for your skillset.

As this is offered by Google itself, there is no chance one cannot know of it.

Cost: This certification is freely available for enthusiastic confident people. Get started with it before you go for expensive ones.

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3. Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam

Google analytics individual qualification

Knowledge of Google Analytics is a crucial requirement for an entitled digital marketer. The ability to analyze and make marketing decisions is quite an important preference than the knowledge overusing the tool itself.

Google offers Google Analytics Individual Qualification covering basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts including the following:

  • Planning and principles
  • Implementation and data collection
  • Configuration and administration
  • Conversion and attribution
  • Reports, metrics, and dimensions

Cost: This certification is also available for free of cost from Google.

Signup for Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam

Well, if you are looking for google free digital marketing certifications, then you should signup for “Google Digital Garage” They offer free online digital marketing courses with certificates by google to expand your digital marketing expertise.

4. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

hubspot content marketing certification

Content marketing is a piece of art. Along with the creation of content, if you can market your product or service with it – there is nothing better than it. The most popular marketing platform HubSpot offers a content marketing certification course from HubSpot Academy with 12 lessons, 56 videos, 11 quizzes in 6.2 hours of the online course.

This course talks about:

  • How storytelling can change the game
  • How to build a content creation framework
  • How to plan a long-term content strategy
  • How to generate ideas for content
  • How to create content that readers love to read and share
  • How HubSpot creates content to rank #1 on Google
  • How to repurpose the articles for extended times
  • How to create topic clusters and pillar pages
  • How to create a successful video marketing strategy
  • How to write appealing guest blogs according to strategy
  • How to promote content effectively
  • How to measure and analyze the content

Cost: This hubspot certification is available for free on HubSpot Academy. You should give it a shot to learn the working techniques of content marketing.

Signup for HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

5. YouTube Certification

youtube certification

Google brings another certification program for enthusiastic video content creators and for those where Digital Marketing is video marketing.

The YouTube Certification will help you learn how to create a YouTube channel, how to grow it, how to optimize it and You’ll also find strategies on how to monetize youtube channel. This course is designed in a way to help eligible partners with advanced tools and systems.

Google used to provide badges for the course completers but it has been stopped. Although the existing badges won’t signify any value, the subject that the course delivers still comes in the same quality.

This course contains:

  • Content strategy
  • Video production
  • Channel optimization
  • Monetization and business
  • Policies and guidelines

Cost: This course is free for eligible YouTube creators, partners, managers, and those with access to content ID.

Check your eligibility to enroll YouTube Certification Course

6. Facebook Blueprint Certification

facebook blueprint certification

The monstrous social media network on the web, Facebook coins its blueprint certification course with a wide variety of advanced-level knowledge of Facebook’s family of apps and services.

If you want to become a good social media marketer, this 90-course course certification is a must-learn thing. It covers in-depth knowledge about Facebook, its services, Facebook ads management, and features.

This course offers:

  • Advanced level proficiency of Facebook features, tools, and services.
  • Creating, managing, and reporting ads across the Facebook platform.
  • Measuring opportunities using data and insights.
  • Strategic application of mobile fundamentals.
  • Designing Facebook media strategies in alignment with business goals.
  • Competency in campaign management to reach business goals.
  • Implementation of the Facebook pixel, standard events, and custom conversions.
  • Complete course on configuring and troubleshooting marketing API integrations.
  • Best practices and standards for managing the online community.

Cost: This humongous certification course is available for free for enthusiastic digital marketers.

Get started with Facebook Blueprint Certification

7. Hootsuite University Certification

bspot content marketing certification

The popular social media management and automation tool, Hootsuite, comes up with a whole package of courses at different levels of learning digital marketing. Each course has its structure and price on its head. They are as follows:

1. Hootsuite Platform Certification Course

This course focuses on revealing the full potential of the Hootsuite platform to boost the impact of social media efforts aiming to achieve the best ROI.

Cost: This beginner-level 2.5-hour course is available for free training but certification costs $99.

Register to Hootsuite Platform Certification Course

2. Social Marketing Certification Course

Grow your followers, increase the engagement to the posts, and get better business results with Social Marketing Certification Course from Hootsuite University. This course is designed by social media marketing strategists and practitioners to get practical results right on the application.

Cost: This beginner-level 6-hour course is available for $199.

Register to Social Marketing Certification Course

3. Advanced Social Advertising Certification Course

As it sounds, this course is for a digital marketer with prior knowledge about the Hootsuite platform and social media marketing. This course offers tools and techniques to drive business goals smoothly with their campaigns.

Cost: This 4.5-hour course is available for $249 with a prerequisite skill level of an intermediate.

Register to Advanced Social Advertising Certification Course

4. Social Media ROI and Value Analysis Course

Social Media ROI and Value Analysis Course is an industry-recognized certification course from Hootsuite that displays your expertise in social media management. You can use the badge given to this certified professional on your website or social media profile picture.

Cost: This 40-questionnaire program will get you certified if you can get 75% at least, and is available for $249 as a one-time fee.

Register to Social Media ROI and Value Analysis

5. Social Selling Certification Course

Social Selling Certification Course is a beginner course that focuses on establishing a good social media presence and weaving strategies to sell the product through social media content.

Cost: This 2-hour certification course is available for $299

Register to Social Selling Certification Course

6. Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification Course

Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification Course is a recognized certification by Hootsuite and Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. This is an intermedia course that helps leaders step-up their strategy with social media marketing.

Cost: $999 for university certification

Earn your Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification here

7. Foundations on Social Advocacy Certification Course

The foundation on Social Advocacy Certification Course is a beginner level 2-hour course that helps you build your brand through social media influence and authentic social presence.

Cost: $299 as a one-time fee

Register for Foundations on Social Advocacy Certification Course

8. Hootsuite Enterprise Platform Certification Course

Hootsuite enterprise platform certification course is an intermediate course that explores all the features and full potential of the Hootsuite Enterprise platform. You can supercharge your ad spend, listen to brand mentions, schedule messages, and measure your content against performance with other competing brands.

Cost: The regular cost of this certification program is $499 but it is freely available for enterprise plan buyers. If you have an enterprise plan already, don’t forget to get this certification for free.

Register to Hootsuite Enterprise Platform Certification Course

8. DMA Certified Marketing Professional

DMA certification

The Digital Marketing Association has announced its own Certified Marketing Professional Course by keeping options open to all the individuals from DMA member companies and other enthusiastic. This program is available both online and offline offering a variety of foundation digital marketing courses for learners.

DMA Certified Marketing Professional covers:

  • Covers the entire marketing process
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand activation
  • Digital marketing implementation and analytics

This comprehensive course is recommended for junior to mid-level marketers. If you are a newbie to marketing, get prior knowledge to understand the notations and terminologies for better takeaways.

Cost: The cost of the course ranges between $1699 to $2899 based on the module preferences that will take around 18 to 90 days duration to finish the course.

Register for DMA Certified Marketing Professional Course

9. eCornell – Digital Marketing Certificate

eCornell Certification

eCornell Digital Marketing Certificate program covers the modules related to paid engagement, marketing funnels, and marketing plan implantations. It is a perfect course for digital marketing beginners who are into social media marketing specifically. It encompasses the working techniques of digital marketing as an add-on to this course.

This 2-week course is scheduled for over 2 months with a limitation of 35 students per batch for precision in learning. You only need to spend 3-5 hours per week to get this certification. eCornell provides an instructor to this online class where you can interact and clear off your doubts.

Cost: You can pay $950 per month or $3600 or total for this certification course.

Register for eCornell Digital Marketing Course

10. AMA Digital Marketing Certification


American Marketing Association offers a digital marketing course with two certifications for one exam taken. AMA partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute to provide top-tier online exam for certification. Therefore, when you get through this exam, you will be certified with an AMA Digital Marketing certificate and Digital Marketing Institute certificate together.

AMA Digital Marketing Course covers:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Website optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google analytics
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • PPC ads on Google
  • Display and video advertising

Cost: $1368 for the entire course in a discount if you register right now.

Register for AMA Digital Marketing Certification

11. Online Digital Marketing Certificate from New England College of Business


This is a fully flexible and most expensive digital marketing course you have seen so far. This program requires 21 hours of your time to complete this course. Along with the following regular module topics, mobile technologies, social media management, SEO are added.

Regular topics of the course include:

  • Web analytics
  • Digital content management
  • Email marketing
  • Online automation tools
  • Viral marketing
  • Data analysis and metrics

The actual curriculum of the course:

  • Data Analysis, Metrics and Measurement of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Marketing, Big Data, and Web Analytics
  • Online Content Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • Targeted Marketing and Social Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fundamentals of Web Design
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Cause Marketing
  • Viral Marketing and Digital Presence
  • Laws, Ethics and Social Responsibility in a Digital Age
  • Global Strategies in Digital Marketing
  • Web 3.0 and Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Capstone

The registrants of this course will get to work and practice on new and emerging technologies from experts in the field in future visionary fashion.

Cost: The cost of this course stands at a whopping $10,185 to get certified for an outsider. NCEB partners get this course at a discounted price of $7,595.

Register to NECB Online Digital Marketing Certificate Course

Wrapping up

Having a digital marketing certificate is a badge on your pocket that gets more clients, opportunities, and jobs as a digital marketing expert.

Sometimes, this badge helps you set your pricing standards for your coaching or services offered to them. Do not think over the money spent on these online digital marketing courses, just pick a few within your affordability and get certified for better opportunities.

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