Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023

Blogging is an incredible platform to express oneself. It not only gives us the freedom to express ourselves, but we can reach out to anyone in the corner of the world with the help of writing a wonderfully researched article. There are various blogging platforms but the best one according to us is WordPress. This also happens to be the most famous one cause newbie’s, as well as pro bloggers, find it very easy to use.

Let’s say you have done an excellent On-page and off-page SEO (Search Page Optimization) as well as grabbed the right number of eyeballs from SMO (Social Media Optimization), but you don’t get subscribers/ returning customers.

Let us share with you a very typical human behaviour. People are automatically attracted to beautiful things. No wonder, babies are so fond of red toys, clothes, etc. That thing continues when it comes to adults.

The best way to add aesthetic beauty to your blog is by adding a nice theme to it. The themes come in 2 versions – paid or unpaid. This post is about the Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers from where you can get the best theme for your blog.

Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023


Are you a code? Do you have a particular affinity for coding? You will be more than glad to know that MyThemesShop is the top WordPress theme and plugins provider which ranks highest when it comes to coding. You can rekindle your coding skills via themes from MyThemesShop.

It lists themes for various types of blogs such as magazines, blogs, woo-commerce, and business themes. All these categories have a good number of (paid and unpaid) themes with them. You can head over to their official site to check out the themes and get some new discounts as well.

Studio Press

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Genesis Framework powers all of the StudioPress themes. Once you choose any theme from StudioPress, you can relax a bit on the SEO as well as security end. Genesis Framework themes are Search Engine optimized.

All the theme from StudioPress is Lightweight and fully responsive. You are also entitled to free and rapid updates, support all the time. You can customize your blog the way you want it to look with StudioPress themes. They have a fantastic affiliate program while helps you earn some bucks.

Rocket Theme

Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023 2

Rocket Theme brings to you beautifully designed WordPress templates to make your site look unique. Check out the demos of the themes before you finalize any of them. The support ensures full support to keep you going.

There is a forum that will help you solves problems real quick. Rocket Theme makes sure your theme looks best optimized in any device – laptop, PC, tablet or phone. Visit to avail all the discounts and learn some evergreen tips to run your WordPress blog.

Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes call themselves the Netflix of WordPress themes. They believe in taking the minimum from you and delivering the maximum to you. Pay for one theme and get access to all the themes.

However, they firmly believe in quality and have a handful of themes at your disposal. They keep upgrading and bettering these themes. They are also increasing their themes counting slowly. The themes start at a really cheap price, and you have a lot of added benefits of using them. Head over to their site for more information.


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Themify is your theme provider if you are running low on budget. They have unique methods to give their customers discounts by just tweeting about them or by subscribing to their newsletter.

They have an excellent gallery of WordPress themes for you to pick up from.

Besides, you also have the facility to customize and make your theme. Themify can also help you earn some great pocket money from their affiliate program which gives 30% rates. Moreover, you get one theme free with the purchase of one theme.

If you are confused about which theme you should go for, you can buy all of them for $79 only. You will find themes for any blog you have.

Template Monster

Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023 4

The template monster is quite old a WordPress theme provider with over 26,000 themes listed with them. Being so old, they have quite a set of different categories that are stacked up with themes.

The categories include – cars & automobiles, design & photography, books & education, food & restaurant, computer & Internet, etc. You have a live chat available with them at your disposal. Template Monster is celebrating Cashless December with 50% off on anything you buy from

Elegant Themes

Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023 5

Elegant Themes tops our list because it has the best graphics as compared to any other theme. They believe in quality, no wonder they have only 87 themes.

The best thing about them is the fact that you can access all the themes by paying for any of the themes. There are many more advantages to using this. Head over to their official website to get more knowledge about their themes.

Theme Forest

Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023 6

Theme Forest caters to the needs of newbie’s as well pros. The themes in Theme Forest start as cheap as $2 and goes up to as high as you can afford! They have a huge collection of themes for you to choose from and it keeps increasing day by day.

Moreover, all new themes are displayed on their website giving you updates about them. Signing up would enable you to access some fantastic freebies. Besides, tutorials and web forums will always be there to help you work things out. There are tutorials for WordPress, HTML, and CSS to add to your skills.

Woo Commerce

Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023 7

Are you specifically looking forward to starting an e-commerce site? Then is your place. There has a handful of premium paid themes that will ramp up your e-commerce site. Buying any themes here would give you access to many tutorials and videos and forums to get your problems sorted.


Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023 8

Are you a WordPress freelancer or small web design agency that is looking for a reliable WordPress theme partner? Then you should try ProteusThemes, a company that makes niche WordPress themes for small businesses.

All their WordPress themes have a super clean, simple, and modern design with a great focus on the user experience. They include One-Click-Content-Import, for an easier start.

Fast and expert support, in case something goes wrong. Easy to use Page Builder, regular updates, and broad knowledge base. WordPress themes made by ProteusThemes are one of the fastest on the market and very SEO optimized, so on average, they rank much higher than others.

With an appealing membership price of only $8.33 per month, you can build an unlimited amount of fabulous websites.

With over 27,000 satisfied customers and five years of experience in the field, the ProteusThemes team knows exactly what they are doing. Stop wasting time with half-made products and unavailable support – Choose ProteusThemes!

AccessPress themes

Accesspressthemes believes in getting the best of free and premium WordPress themes like never before. One great thing about Accesspressthemes is the fact that some of their best themes are free of cost. They have a combination of paid and unpaid themes on their list. Head over to to know more about them.


Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers 2023 9

Press75 was founded in 2008. Since then they have kept adding straightforward and elegant themes for WordPress over these years. Step by step guides is well documented for your ease. Videos are also there to help you set up a theme.

You can get a custom theme for your blog with Press75. Robust support is there to help you anytime. The theme supports any sort of media but makes sure the loading time is not compromised. They have free as well as paid themes. Their themes are thoroughly tested. Thus quality is top-notch.


Theme-junkie swears by quality, there are only 50 themes with this theme provider. Get super impressive offers on membership. Theme-junkie has themes for any blogs – multi-purpose, business, news/media, blog, e-commerce or portfolio.

Money is very valued; hence theme-junkie gives you a demo of all the themes before you want to buy any of them. You can also check out how the theme looks on a desktop, tablet, mobile, etc. Details about every theme help you know about the basic info about the theme or the WordPress version it is compatible with.


This WordPress Theme Provider believes in giving your website a professional look with the help of these experts. This provider can also be a marketplace for your theme. The codes are fully optimized to reduce the load time of your blog and the themes from Themeisle are fully SEO optimized. They have a fantastic support team and proper documentation of each theme.

Theme Expert

Themexpert has a huge collection of premium WordPress themes that are well coded to help load your site quickly. You can edit the codes as they are very easy to understand. The developers have taken special care to make them fit seamlessly into any screen size.

If you get caught while setting things up, the 24/7 support is there to solve your queries. You can apply the themes you bought on multiple sites. There is also an affiliate program that will help you earn some pocket money on-the-go.


This eight-year-old theme provider has around 80 themes with them. You can set up a beautiful blog and get optimized. The best thing about templatic is customer support from their end.

The themes from Templatic are very flexible as you can use the theme for e-commerce, business, event, travel agencies, magazines, etc. Templatic always keeps some fantastic deals for its customers. To check them out, head over to their website.


These are the Top 16 Premium WordPress Theme Providers.

Tell us which one is your favorite.

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