30+ Best AppSumo Deals 2021 – Lifetime Deals & Offers

If you are looking for the best AppSumo deals for a lifetime, you are in the right place. We don’t’ need to spend the full amount to buy expensive industry-leading software tools. AppSumo offers it at the best price you could ever imagine. Sit back and relax now as I take you through the 30 best AppSumo deals that you would never want to miss out on.

Before we go on with the list of tools, let me give you a brief of what AppSumo aims to meet.

If you are here for the first time just for the sake of some good deals and offers, you should know about AppSumo.

What is the AppSumo marketplace?

AppSumo marketplace is an online store to buy premium business software tools for insanely discounted prices. AppSumo partners with the top tech companies in the industry that offer wonderful business and analytical tools to bring down the prices with humongous discounts.

Therefore the start-ups, bloggers, digital marketers, and intelligent business owners save thousands of dollars on these tools.

AppSumo believes that the tools an organization needs to grow its business shouldn’t put it out of Online business due to the high costs involved in purchasing and maintaining them.

Founded by the online serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan in 2010, AppSumo aims to bring the best software solutions to entrepreneurs in every stage of business.

With a track record of launching 1000 start-ups so far since its inception, AppSumo has run about 1600 deals for the business starters. Apart from the deals, AppSumo has invested $15M into the start-ups and has saved over $500M for its customers.

That pretty much summarises what the AppSumo marketplace is and what the company does.

Please note:

1. Bookmark this article as it is updated frequently with 25 best AppSumo lifetime deals from time to time.
2. Make sure to grab the deals as soon as possible as some of them might run out in just a few days of announcement.

How to grab a deal or offer on AppSumo?

Step 1: You have to register as a new user on AppSumo. Go to https://appsumo.com/accounts/signup/ and signup with your best reachable email ID. Confirm the registration through the confirmation link received on the email ID provided.

Step 2: Log in to your account once the signup process is complete. You are not ready to browse the deals and grab them at one-click away.

Step 3: Go to the deals page(scroll down for links) and click on ‘Buy Now’. Some freebie deals will have a ‘Get Now’ button which may not take you through the payment step.

AppSumo marketplace

Step 4: Clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button will take you to the cart page. Click on ‘proceed to Checkout’ to pay the amount or ‘Continue Shopping’ to add more deals into the cart at once.

How to grab a deal or offer on AppSumo 1

Step 5: Select a payment method and proceed to checkout. There you go! The deal is yours.

payment method

30+ Best AppSumo Deals for Bloggers and Digital Marketers [Save HUGE – up to 98% OFF]

The following 30 deals are the best AppSumo deals for bloggers and digital marketers as per the value they save. The list will be updated with time. Bookmark this page and subscribe to our blog updates to get notified when we post about the upcoming AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2021 update.

We are also available on [Twitter], [Pinterest], …Remember that the first you come the best to get.

Note: The following order of AppSumo lifetime deals aren’t ranked as the same. You might notice the top appsumo deals at 11th position or maybe on the 25th. Just keep your eyes wide open while you skim through the list.

1. Fresh Stock

Fresh Stock

Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $492
Offer Price: $69

With a fleet of thousands of high-quality vector images, Fresh Stock houses ready-made shiny and eye-catchy vector graphics. The subscription is a flat process that once bought unlocks everything in the library, unlike Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and StoryBlocks.

It also allows the user to download the source files for deep customization.

2. Zoom.ai


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $600
Offer Price: $49

Be an entrepreneur, digital marketer, or blogger, managing meetings is a head-spinning task. Every time someone wants to meet you; you need to check your amalgamated calendar to check your free hours.

Zoom.ai helps you with this headache task. It can be connected to major web conferencing software like Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, Zoom.us, Microsoft Teams Video, GoToMeeting, and Skype

3. WiserNotify


WiserNotify AppSumo Deals Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $660
Offer Price: $69

WiserNotify is a social proof solution to boost sales to your products on eCommerce platforms. With WiserNotify, you can put up reviews as credibility to the offering on the product.

The more credibility is, the more the chances of making sales of the product.

4. Deskera


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $1188
Offer Price: $69

For entrepreneur bloggers and digital marketers, content creators, and Content Writers for creating invoices, managing accounts, payroll, HR, and CRM is a time-eating task.

Deskera solves all the problems with one software tool. And yes, like every other expensive tool, this piece of software also costs $1188 for a lifetime license.

But you can get it for just $149 on AppSumo deals.

5. Wave.Video


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $420
Offer Price: $59

Creating videos for marketing campaigns is not so hard after Wave. Video. Normal videos may need much time to edit and export but with Wave, marketing videos are easy to make using the prebuilt templates and library of assets.

AppSumo offers a life time deal on this software which is an obvious bucket list for any digital marketer.

6. Missinglettr Postbox

Missinglettr Postbox

Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $500
Offer Price: $59

Missinglettr Postbox is an organic engagement building software for social media marketing. Its intelligent platform finds the real organic audience on social media and schedules the content for better engagement.

This tool is perfect for bloggers, digital marketers, agencies, and marketing teams of MNCs to reach the real organic target audience.

AppSumo gives a great discount up to 90% off on this tool.

7. CloudSocial


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $840
Offer Price: $59

CloudSocial is a social media managing desk for your business. Be it for a blogger or an entrepreneur, managing different social media handles is a heavy task.

CloudSocial helps businesses with learning about customer interests, industry trends, competitor analysis, and web crawling.

AppSumo offers a whooping discount on this tool

8. WordPress Portal

WordPress Portal

Wordress Postal AppSumo Deals Type:  Lifetime

Regular Price: $398
Offer price: $49

With WordPress Portal, you can manage all your projects, track financial records, assign tasks to the team, create milestones, and track business performance in one place.

This tool is an alternative to WordPress Client Portal.

This also manages the invoices and payments in just few clicks.

To digital entrepreneurs, it is a swiz-knife to manage the business.

This tool is available with an interesting lifetime discount.

9. CleintJoy


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $660
Offer Price: $49

ClientJoy is a simpler version of managing the clients, invoices, proposals, and leads. It helps to maintain the process flow from lead capture to invoice generation on an easy GUI.

This tool is helpful for affiliate marketers, bloggers to handle their sponsorships and shoutout proposals.

This simple application is also available for peanuts on AppSumo.

10. SmartTask


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $360
Offer Price: $49

Managing tasks, projects, and CRM is not only the job of managers in big companies.

Every entrepreneur and every blogger must do the organisation of tasks and schedules to see better profits. AppSumo gives a great discount on SmartTask on a lifetime license.

11. Follow.it


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $288
Offer Price: $59

Having a community is a wild card for a product to enter the market.

Follow.it offers the visitors a customised follow option with different content delivery channels and filters based on the visiting behavior of the visitor.

12. Resumonk


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $99
Offer Price: $39

For entrepreneurs who offer resume building services, Resumonk offers prebuilt templates.

Not just that, you can also import data directly from LinkedIn. This simple tool is for educational bloggers and resumes building service provider entrepreneurs to create content in little time.

13. Scribe


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $288
Offer Price: $39

Scribe rewrites the rules of an email campaign. You can create your customised email signature with CTAs and banners for better marketing practices.

The clickable buttons in the email signature help the reader check the authenticity of the person on social media and thus the importance of the email is recognised.



Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $948
Offer Price: $69

Video making is tough. It takes scripting, numerous takes, hours of editing, exploring for better music, and captions.

BIGVU makes it easy for video creators who make videos through their mobile phones. It offers a teleprompter, editor with music and auto-captions.

It’s a wonderful addon for YouTubers, short video makers, and social media influencers.

You can get this app for a lifetime on a whopping discount.

15. Pixlr


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $144
Offer price: $49

Pixlr fills the space where you need heavy photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom.

It can remove the background, edit the image necessary for blogger and YouTubing purposes in seconds right from the web browser.

16. Spott


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $1300
Offer Price: $59

Spott creates interactive content to increase session times, sales leads, and the number of purchases on your website.

This Joomag alternative tool allows users to customise the interactivity of the content based on branding, content type, and type of conversion.

17. Boost


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $1190
Offer Price: $49

Email list building with user opt-in is made easier with direct and indirect ways; via social APIs.

This process of email list building is smoother and as easier as logging into a social media account.

18. KingSumo


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $228
Offer Price: $49

With KingSumo, you can build your community of subscribers through giveaways.

At the fraction of the budget you put on Facebook ads, influencer marketing, and other marketing channels, you can get KingSumo for a lifetime.

19. Socaimonials


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $1788
Offer Price: $69

Sociamonials is a powerful tool for digital marketers and bloggers to handle the scheduling of posts at the right times, reposts, and revenue optimisation.

You can also track influencers, offers sweepstakes, and viral giveaways to your followers easily. This massive tool is available for peanuts and the AppSumo discount on this is mind-blowing.

20. Hey Oliver

Hey Oliver

Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $2640
Offer Price: $49

This hyper-personalisation marketing campaign tool tracks and logs each lead and automates the process with best suitable actionable recommendations.

This powerful tool is available for just $49 out of its original value of $2640.

21. RelayThat


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $1200
Offer Price: $49

This brand image creator has a powerful set of designer tools for social media posts, social media banners, and other branding purposes. It has multiple workspaces that you can switch among during the workflow seamlessly.

RelayThat is available for a huge discount price which you will regret for not taking later.

22. Re:plain


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $167.76
Offer Price: $49

Replain is an all-in-one chat integration tool with connectivity options to WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Telegram in one place. Customer chat support has become easier for entrepreneurs with the help of this tool.

23. Eventee


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $4990
Offer Price: $59

Mobile apps are ruling the world. Eventee gives you a magic wand to create mobile apps for events that you manage for your clients.

It’s a good choice for event management agencies.

24. 366 Degrees

366 Degrees

Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $1098
Offer Price: $69

As the name suggests, this tool takes 366 care of your marketing campaign on social media and the web.

The automation tools schedule the campaigns based on the intelligence about their peak performance. It’s nice to grab for bloggers and digital marketers who are looking out to start fresh on marketing campaigns.

25. Odeum


Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $9999
Offer Price: $99

This beast software is the full package you should be owning if your start-up is based on a video streaming service and subscription model-based.

Odeum helps you launch your own TV streaming with customised apps for all platforms.

And you get 99% discount on this one.

26 – SendFox

sendfox appsumo deal

Deal Type: Lifetime
Regular Price: $240/Tier1, $480/Tier 2, $720/Tier 3
Offer Price: $49/Tier 1, $98/Tier 2, $147/Tier 3

After personalization became the core motive of today’s marketing campaigns, automation in personalized communications has found its prominence in business operations. SendFox focuses on the same front and helps bloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs, and marketers with email automation. It automatically sends customized emails to the subscribers and followers and converts them to the next level; followers to subscribers and subscribers to customers.

You can also integrate third-party tools like Sumo.com, KingSumo, Zapier, API, and more to fetch the variable data to the email template. You can create landing pages through which the email conversions can be traced out easily. Also, the built-in forms feature helps to grow your email list and gather forms data from the receiver for further perusal. 

AppSumo gives a great range of discounts on this intelligent email automation tool. For the original prices starting from $240 to $720, you can get it between $49 and $147 of which the highest discounted price is much lesser than the basic plan on the original price.

27 – InVideo

invideo appsumo deal

Deal Type: Lifetime
Regular Price: $600
Offer Price: $49

Telling a story of a brand through video is no more time taking task. InVideo offers a professional-level video editing tool using which a novice can make branded videos in just a few minutes. It has a bunch of pre-made templates for a quick start. This fast-paced video editing tool has a huge library of millions of beautiful images, videos, and music for adding the right spark to personal video and business videos.

With InVideo, you can trim, crop frames, loop, and add special transitions and effects alongside the advanced filters. Being known as the best tool for marketers, bloggers, vloggers, and entrepreneurs, InVideo is available for a huge discount on AppSumo.

28 – Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

coming soon appsumo deal

Deal Type: Lifetime
Regular Price: $99
Offer Price:  $39

As the name suggests, this tool is a ‘coming soon’ or ‘maintenance mode’ pages creator for upcoming events and ongoing website maintenances. A progress bar shows the status of the work going on or the date coming closer to the event dynamically. This will give the visitors a clear idea of the launch date and thus hype is reserved.

Meanwhile, it grabs the emails from the visitors and keeps them in your lead list. When you launch the product, the market will start from the number of your leads, not from zero.

This tool allows webmasters to manage the site status remotely as well. This handy tool comes for less than half the price on an AppSumo deal.

29 – ShortPixel

shortpixel appsumo deal

Deal Type: Lifetime
Regular Price: $150
Offer Price: $49

ShortPixel is an image optimization tool for websites. As images take up most of the loading times, it is important to optimize them without losing the quality. It is always a challenging task for webmasters and SEO managers.

This WordPress plugin automatically compresses the images uploaded on the site and you don’t need to do a special compressing task again. This important time-saving tool is available at 1/3rd price of the original at AppSumo.

30 – Frase

frase appsumo deal

Deal Type: Lifetime
Regular Price: $469
Offer Price: $79

Frase takes SEO to future-proof standards. This content marketing tool optimizes the content for voice search and the latest QnA type of interaction on search engines.

It offers an AI chatbot where the answers for visitor queries are fetched from the website content. It will not only save time but also improves the response time and increase the relevancy of topics being searched by a visitor.

This futuristic tool is available at [Black Friday Frase DISCOUNT] on App Sumo

31 – Briefcase by AppSumo

Briefcase by appsumo

A briefcase is a set of tools needed for any entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer, or businessman to grow their business. Instead of signing up and managing all subscriptions separately, a briefcase allows you to manage all subscriptions in one place and discounted price for all at once.

The briefcase contains the following set of tools:

  • Sales and business development
  • Design and product creation
  • Marketing and blogging
  • Admin Accountingting

This group of tools is generally available at [ORIGINAL PRICE] but AppSumo gives a discount of [DISCOUNT] along with credits for AppSumo account which can be used to buy more other tools on the platform.

Deal Type: Lifetime

Regular Price: $49/month

Offer Price:

Grab the deal

What is the refund policy of the AppSumo Deal?

AppSumo refund policy is very clear. The speed of the refund depends on the type of payment you have paid.
If it was paid through PayPal, your refund will be initiated right away. You can check your PayPal account to see the status.
If it was paid through credit/debit card, the refund process might take 5-10 working days excluding holidays. However, If you had requested the refund in 24 hours, it will be treated as reversal transaction and will be processed immediately.
If you had paid through AppSumo credits, your credits will be credited back to your account.
You may to your account dashboard and check the refund status there for each specific product.

What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is a premium membership offered by AppSumo with following benefits on the plate:
10% off on AppSumo purchases.
Exlcusive access to AppSumo events that includes early access to tools before normal members.
Extended deal times and access to first-look webinars.

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