16 Best Small Online Business Ideas For Women In India

Every other day, we hear about women starting their small investment businesses from home and earning a lot of money online from home. Our Facebook feed, WhatsApp forwards, and stories seem to be full of stories about self-made women millionaires and women entrepreneurs, and list after list of New Business ideas for women. Women are now becoming more career-oriented, competent, and intelligent. They are making their name in various domains – Designing, Blogging, Content Writing, Fashion, Wrestling, Journalism, and so much more.

In India, there is a bit of a struggle when it comes to home-based business for women, as they have to manage their household chores at the same time. Most women in India are busily managing their homes and at the same time spending time on becoming a solopreneur.

This is why we have compiled a list of profitable business ideas for housewives and all women in India.

Why Should You Start a Home Based Business?

Some women start their businesses for a little extra money on the side, while others start a small investment business to make it their primary source of income.

Running a business for women is no walk in the park, but there are many small business ideas in India for women via which women can make extra income.

The biggest benefit of starting a home based business for women is the amount of time and financial independence that you get.

You aren’t restricted to strict working hours and don’t have to work under a boss. On top of that, you will be free to work at a time that is convenient for you. The amount of time you spent working determines your earning capacity which doesn’t need to have an upper limit.

How to Choose future business ideas 2023 in India

Before starting a small scale business, there are several things to consider. Just because you have a small scale business idea doesn’t mean that you can just start making money immediately.

The trick is to find a synergy between your talent, and your business idea and follow it through. For any simple business for ladies, having a skill is a definite requirement.

You can’t be paid to do nothing, right?

So, to choose from a list of small business ideas for women, make sure that you are well aware of your skills as well as your shortcomings. This will allow you to narrow down Profitable online business for women and save you lots of headaches later.

Secondly, make a list of resources that are available to you. Resources would be money, people, skills, time, etc.

This will further allow you to have a business plan which could be carried out.

How to Start an Online Business with no money

Starting a home based business for women itself is tough, and starting a business with no money is even tougher.

This doesn’t mean that your home-based business idea isn’t going to start without money. All it means is that it will be tough and require lots of time and effort from your end.

To start a home business for women with no money, firstly, you will need to make a list of possible businesses that don’t require any initial investment. After figuring out your possibilities, you will need to shortlist at least 3 which you can pursue. Then, from the 3, select the 1 that best matches the skillset as well as the resources required for the business.

To help you start your own business with minimum investment, we have created a list of 16 best side business ideas for women in India. They are: –

16 Best Small Business Ideas For Women In India

1. Freelance Content Writing

Start Your Career in Content Writing

There is a steady rise in the digitization of businesses. This rise has invariably created a rise in the demand for great content that engages as well as enthrals the readers.

There is a saying that content is king, and that’s why bloggers, and business owners are looking for Full time or freelance content writers who can help them write impactful content for their target audience.

The entry barrier for content writing is very less as you only need to have good command over a language and be able to write content that engages and entertains the reader.

The best aspect of freelance content writing is that you are not bound by the 9-5 timings.

Content Writing is a great small profitable business idea in India. 

Investment – 0. All you require is your time and your flair for penning down your thoughts.

Check out this step by step Guide on how to start a successful freelance business

2. Graphic Designing

If you are a visual thinker who also has a knack for creativity, starting graphic design is a great online business from home. There are a ton of places online where graphics are required, viz. – Websites, Social Media, Apps, Events, etc. 

Any brand/business markets itself by using Graphics such as images, logos, posters, info-graphics, social media posts, and much more. This makes it an ideal small business idea for women because it is a small investment business.

Investment: – 0 – ₹15,000 depending on the software. 

Skill: – Moderate level as you will need to be comfortable with graphics editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

3. Online Courses

UPSC CAPF, Freelancing

There is so much talent in India and everyone is talented at something or the other. Maybe you are great at cooking, maybe you are an amazing dancer, maybe you know programming or you have great marketing skills.

Whatever your talent is, you can start sharing your knowledge online.

Due to Coronavirus, even schools are teaching their kids via online classes and your course doesn’t need to be any different. All you need is your students, your mobile/computer, and your talent. There is no formal training required to take online classes, your passion to teach others is the only requirement.

Investment: – 0 – ₹10,000 depending on the mode of an online course.

4. Event Planning

Do you love talking to people? Do you love to meet new people and grow your network regularly?

Do you have a long list of contacts who can get anything done for you? If so, you must be great at event planning or you must be a housewife as they are experts at planning their entire month’s groceries without a frown. Event planning is a great small scale business idea for housewives.

Celebrations such as Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Corporate Events, Weddings, Farewell Parties, etc. are getting grander and tougher to manage.

Corporations and individuals want grand celebrations, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of going out into the field, finding a reasonable vendor, and planning, and organizing everything. An event planner has the right contacts, knows how to manage people, and gets everything in order in a budget.

Investment: – 0.

Skills: – Interpersonal Communication, Management, Organizing

5. Customized Gifting

Everyone wants to make their loved ones feel special on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Gifts are a special way by which people express their love and affection.

If you are good at creating gift items such as cards, explosion boxes, key chains, photo frames, etc, you can start a customized gifting business. This is a very simple business for ladies as it doesn’t require anything besides your creativity.

There are an infinite amount of things that you can experiment with in creating personalized gifts.

Printing pictures on T-shirts, Mugs, Cards, Key Rings, etc.

Writing personalized poems, and stories, creating birthday/anniversary videos, etc. The list of possibilities is endless and your imagination is the only limit.

Investment: – ₹1,000+ 

6. Personal Coaching

Every individual has a different experience of life and everyone learns different lessons of life at different stages.

You might have experienced a lot of wins and losses in life which have taught you tons of lessons.

Not only that, but you might also have learned a lot of things via reading, meeting other people, doing courses, etc.

If there is some valuable knowledge that you can impart to those around you who are struggling, you should opt for becoming a Life Coach. As a life coach, you will be responsible for helping people achieve their goals.

The goals could be physical, mental, emotional, financial, or any other goal.

If someone wants to learn about diet and weight loss, you can be a fitness coach.

If someone wants to get free from Depression, and you have the expertise to heal someone, you can become their emotional coach. If someone wants to get a high paying job, you can become a career coach to help them achieve their goals.

The important thing to note is that you should have experience, knowledge, resources, as well as a humble attitude to become a personal coach.

It isn’t very easy for someone to trust a stranger instantly, so your interpersonal communication skills are going to be very important.

7. Yoga Instructor

Yoga is an ancient form of lifestyle that has been proven over and over again to have multiple benefits in life. Almost everyone knows that doing Yoga is very beneficial for their life, yet most of us rarely do Yoga.

If you have been practising Yoga for a while, and you have gained enough mastery over your mind, body, and soul, you can open your Yoga instructions classes.

You can either create a series on different topics such as Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for Strength, Yoga for flexibility, and so on. Or, you can do live classes where multiple students are connected with you via the Internet.

Even if you don’t have the experience, you can take a Yoga course and learn from your instructors.

You can see the topics they cover, and their techniques, and implement those in your Yoga Instructions class/course.

Hence, becoming a Yoga Instructor counts as a small investment business for ladies.

8. Fashion Designing

Women love fashion. There is no denying the fact that women love new dresses, fancy clothes, and makeup, among other things, which makes it one of the best business ideas for women to earn money online India.

I am sure that even you love trying out new clothes, suggesting wardrobe ideas to your girlfriends, and trying out random combinations of clothes, makeup, jewellery, and accessories in your free time.

Well, you can use that passion to become a fashion designer who designs clothes and wardrobes.

Fashion designing is one of the most money-making small business ideas for women that doesn’t require a huge investment.

You can even start your fashion design business in a spare room in your house.

9. UI / UX Design

We visited tons of websites every day when we surf the Internet. Every day, we open so many apps that we just can’t seem to get enough of them.

There are some websites and apps that we just love and some that we never want to open up in our life. By now, everyone has become a master (at least subconsciously) at distinguishing between a good and a bad UI/UX design.

Use your creative skills to design website layouts, templates, app designs, and themes that provide a good User Interface (UI) and a great User Experience (UX). You see sites that look good on your computer as well as on your mobile.

Bonus points if you know a bit of programming. You can increase the amount that you earn if you can not only show your skills on paper and images, but also with code. Note that UI / UX Design isn’t an ideal home business for ladies as it requires some programming too.

UI/UX design is a great side hustle for women from home.

10. Marketing Consultant

For a company, the sales and marketing process never stops. Companies try all kinds of clever marketing tactics to retain potential clients, fetch new clients, and improve their brand image.

Marketing Consultant is one of the most loved online business ideas from home as it allows you to work for anyone in the world.

As a Digital marketing consultant, you will be responsible for handling digital channels such as Social Media, websites, Press Releases, etc. for a company.

You will have to come up with ideas to make money online in India and strategies to connect with new people to increase the company’s reach. You will also have to coordinate with decision-makers to understand their budget and business goals.

11. Mobile App Development

If you are tech-savvy and have a good understanding of a few mobile app development frameworks, you can become a freelance mobile app developer.

As a mobile app developer, you will help businesses, and startups create customized mobile apps. You will interact with the CTOs and project managers to deliver high-performing mobile apps for various platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

You don’t need to be an expert in creating apps for all the platforms. You can just start with a single platform and eventually expand into all platforms.

12. Social Media Influencer

Social media now has become a place to increase a brand’s awareness with millions of eyeballs to be caught every second.

These days, there is a huge usage of social media due to people staying indoors a lot more. This trend has created a rise in “social media influencers”. These influencers are like film celebrities, but for social media.

Social Media Influencers sometimes earn a lot when contacted by big companies. Big brands and businesses seek out social media influencers to promote their product(s) and service(s) to increase their sales.

Social Media Influencers charge companies for posting on their social media profile about their product in the form of a post, story, or recommendation.

Becoming a social media influencer requires almost no monetary investment and you can become an influencer in any niche such as Makeup, Food, Travel, Fashion, Fitness, etc. All you need is your phone and your camera will become your door to new opportunities.

13. Headhunter

If you have ever worked in a corporate setting, you would know how hard it is to get good employees. Human Resource employees spend a lot of time trying to find the right candidate for a job. If you have some experience in doing job postings and looking for candidates, then you can become a headhunter.

As a headhunter, you will be looking at profiles of candidates from various Online job posting sites such as Naukri, MonsterJob, Indeed and LinkedIn, etc.

Then, you will be shortlisting candidates based on their merits, experience, etc.

Once you find good candidates, you can send their resumes to your client company which is looking for employees.

14. Interior Designing

People spend their entire lives trying to build a home in which they can live happily ever after.

These days, more than ever, people are staying indoors, which has led to a greater appreciation of good interior design.

As a 21st century woman, you can help your clientele by brainstorming ideas about creating beautiful interiors. This would require you to have a few skills in your toolbox. You would require to have a good understanding of Vastu Shastra, 3-D design tools, shapes and geometries, and the latest interior design trends.

15. Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance is an evergreen field where there is scope in every company, especially startups. Startups like to hire freelance accountants who take care of their ledger, accounts, bank reconciliation, balance sheet, ITR Filing, etc.

Based on your experience you are expected to consult on investment options, how to cut costs, possibilities of new cashflow ideas, etc. You become an integral part of the company by taking care of every single financial transaction that happens in the company.

16 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online that requires no investments. Affiliate marketing is basically a process where you promote the products of other companies and if anyone purchases a product using your link you will get a good amount of commission.

The best part of this online business model is it does require any investment, you just need to find the targeted audience and promote the product. There are uncountable affiliate programs available on the internet.

In this blog, I basically write articles related to blogging, Digital marketing. So if you observe you can see I have joined any affiliate programs related to Web hostings and plugins, and I promote them through my blog articles. Accordingly, you can also join any affiliate program and start promoting. 

Over to you

If you want to add to online business ideas from home, please drop a comment below. Also, do let everyone know which is the best business ideas in India to earn money online in India you are trying so that you can support each other.

Here is a list of some Best Business Ideas for Women in India: PHOTOGRAPHY, Wedding Planner, Blogging, catering service, handmade crafts, EVENT PLANNER, Child DAYCARE SERVICES

I want to start an “XYZ” business. How do I go about doing it?

The formula for any good business is to first know what your skills are. Secondly, to find some clients who are willing to pay you to get their job done. To start your business, just let the world know that you are offering your services and wait for clients to come to you. The more people know that you offer certain services, the more likely it is that you will be able to increase your business.

I am interested in starting an “XYZ” business, but I don’t know if I am good at it. What should I do?

If you ever find yourself doubting if you are good at a certain skill, the best thing to do is to get a certification or do a course. You will be able to show the world that you have a certain skill set by either showing a certificate as proof, or a portfolio of your previous work. If not, you can definitely join a course and show a certificate of completion as proof.

What if I invest money into a business, learn the skills and still don’t make a good business?

There is always a risk when you are running a business. It all depends on how good your sales skills are, how determined you are to keep it running, the quality of your work, and the satisfaction of your clients.

How much time would I have to spend running my business?

It depends on the amount of spare time that you have and the amount that you want to earn. The more time you spend running your business, the higher is your potential to earn.

Do I have to hire staff to work for me?

Hiring additional staff isn’t a necessary requirement, but if your workload increases, it is a good idea to hire additional staff as it will help you increase your revenue.

I am a housewife and I want to do something that doesn’t require any capital. What do you suggest?

If you are a housewife who doesn’t have too much extra time, it is suggested that you stick to work that doesn’t involve too much of your time. The first 7 options in the list above don’t require great amounts of time. Hence, they are a great option for you to start something.

What is the best online business to start in 2023?

The top 16 best small online business ideas listed in this article are great for ladies. If you are just starting out an online business, the first 7 businesses are a great place to start.

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