Top 7 Digital Marketing Jobs to Start a Career in India

The new decade brings new promising opportunities in the field of digital marketing thereby assuring definitive growth in the industry. Based on the statistics given in ‘The State Of eCommerce 2022’ report by Kantar and Catalyst, digital marketing is going to be a lead business driver in the coming decade commencing 2022. This will create 7 Best digital marketing jobs in India with promising career growth for upcoming years.

The evolution of digital marketing technologies with the advent of the growth of the internet has had a profound influence on the job market.

Enthusiasts have identified career opportunities over the years and started searching for jobs in digital marketing. This is evidence of an on-going growth of the sector. As the new-age careers shifted to freelancing from a corporate routine online marketing job industry has seen a huge surge in the past ten years.

If you are looking to start a career in digital marketing in India, 2022-30 is the perfect time to penetrate the market while artificial intelligent technology is fully adopted into the search engine and social media algorithms. Also, to make the search for choices easier for you, we have listed the top 7 digital marketing jobs that can help you launch your digital marketing career in India into Internet marketing well.

What is Digital Marketing?

The term ‘digital marketing’ may sound new. It is nothing but the transformation of the marketing activities on a digital platform. As the internet becomes available to everyone, the way people see the interconnectivity technology has changed the landscape of the web.

Businesses slowly expanded onto digital media i.e., the websites, forums, online communities, social media platforms, and so on.

The volume of users on these platforms has become the potential leads for the businesses established online.

It needed marketing strategies adhering to the policies to grab more leads and thereby conversions.

You, as a digital marketer will be learning the features of all digital platforms and how they can be used with proper content to advertise and interact with the customers.

As a digital marketer, you should be updating your knowledge about the change of policies, features, and depreciation on all the platforms.

The algorithms change now and then and you need to observe it through the performance of your posts and campaigns. Your clients would be ignorant of all this digital rant but they believe in numbers. It’s you who need to take the right action with the wind to keep the number scrolling.

How to start a Career in Digital Marketing in 2022?

Digital marketing in 2022 is more of practical knowledge and experience rather than a structured course. Though there are online digital marketing certification programs available, you cannot structure digital marketing as it cannot be contained due to its dynamic nature.

So, how do you start as a beginner? Don’t worry, follow the steps.

Step 1: Create accounts on major social media platforms. While you do, try to fill in the information about how you want people to want to recognize you.

To be precise, as you want to become a digital marketer, fill in something related to the career you are looking forward to.

Step 2: Connect with people with experience in the industry. They are your real teachers. The feed they share will have practical knowledge of digital marketing in the field. If possible, connect with them and acquaint them.

Step 3: Follow their feed and updates and respond to them. No true digital marketer would ignore a true responder. In this way, you will build your digital relationship with him or her.

Step 4: Ask them for a suggestion of a good digital marketing course. Trust me! It works better than Google. An experienced digital marketer can recommend you the best resources to learn digital marketing from the scratch.

Step 5: Not just where to learn from, the network you build with digital marketers will also help you land a job. Your digital marketing friends might know about better digital marketing job opportunities. If things go lucky for you, he/she might have an opportunity in his agency.

That’s about starting a career in digital marketing in 2022. How do you catch up with it? Landing in a job alone should not stop your learning.

As I mentioned earlier, the digital marketing landscape keeps on changing every day. It’s your duty as a digital marketer to observe and learn about the changes in algorithms and features – then only you can plan the right strategies for your campaigns.

Digital Marketer’s Salary – How much digital marketers earn?

The growth of the digital marketing industry has seeded fair job opportunities in the industry. The salary ranges of a digital marketing manager range from 3 lakh rupees to even 50 lakhs per year.

Digital Marketer’s Salary – How much digital marketers earn

Image Source: UpGrad

The salaries for digital marketers depend on the type of responsibilities they take over. That’s why we have different names for different job titles in the field of digital marketing. We will discuss more the salaries of each job title I am going to list in the top 7 digital marketing jobs, as follows

Top 7 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs in India

The following list of career options in digital marketing jobs is not ranked in the same order as they are shown.

Do not judge or make decisions based on the sequence they are listed.

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager is a position where the whole digital marketing campaigns of the company is undertaken. A typical DMM will plan digital marketing campaigns including SEO campaigns, SEM campaigns, social media, and all forms of digital advertising. We can say that a digital manager, as the name suggests is a supervising body in the department to take care of what and how things should be happening in terms of marketing activities online.

Not just with supervising the campaigns, a digital marketing manager also has the following responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute the campaigns according to the budget allotted.
  • Strategize and allocate resources for the campaigns based on priority and goals.
  • Identify the opportunities online and perform actions to take advantage of them.
  • Collaborate with internal departments of sales and conventional marketing and make sure the advertising in both the ways are on the same page.
  • Research for new changes on the platforms and plan campaigns accordingly.
  • Log all the digital marketing activities for future modifications when algorithms change.
  • Report generation and trends projection for the campaigns on all platforms.
  • Calculate the lead and conversion rates against campaigns and explore opportunities to improvise them.
  • Thought leadership skills in managing the whole team of digital marketing with the right assignment of human and technical resources for the marketing goals.

You cannot start your career as a digital marketing manager as it needs some experience in handling all the above-mentioned responsibilities.

This experience can be in the form of freelancing also.

Because starting a career with digital marketing by learning the subject is not an easy task unless you possess some extra knowledge than for a noob. If it’s all-new for you, start as an SEO manager or as a content writer.

Let me give you the path to become a digital marketer that can work best for you.

Digital marketing intern/SEO executive > Content writer > Copy writer > Content strategist > Social media manager > Email marketing specialist > Digital marketing manager.  

Requirements to become a digital marketing manager:

The following requirements are as asked by most of the companies while hiring a digital marketing manager.

  • A basic or master’s degree in marketing or a related field. As the degree doesn’t matter to learn digital marketing, major MNCs still consider it as a measure to test the candidate’s knowledge when offering a job.
  • Demonstrable experience in the field, even as a freelancer.
  • Proven work experience and achievements that can speak for your knowledge.
  • Experience in creating funnels.
  • Experience in creating and optimizing landing pages.
  • Good knowledge of analytical tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Ad managers on social media, and other third-party tools.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for optimizing the pages.
  • Strong analytical skills and result-driven approach capabilities.
  • Open to update with the trends and adapt to the dynamic changes in the environment.

Salary of a digital marketing manager:

The salary of a digital marketing manager ranges between 7 lakh rupees per year to 24 lakh rupees per month as per Glassdoor. This differs based on the company and your credibility in your past work experience.

2. SEO Executive

The role and responsibilities of an SEO executive have evolved with the evolution of the search engine algorithms. It has become a nondefinitive approach in implementing the optimization techniques on-page and off-page.

Search Engine Optimization executive is the base level job that a fresher can also take up.

You may or may not need major experience in this field as the resultant working ways are result-based approaches based on the updated knowledge.

SEO executive job responsibilities:

  • Conducting a site audit for on-page and off-page SEO opportunities.
  • Using tools like Google Analytics, search console, and other webmaster tools of other search engines as well.
  • Coordinating with the SEO manager and digital marketing manager to create and optimize the content for better search engine visibility.
  • Contributing to the keyword research in terms of impressions and competitiveness of the keywords with the manager.
  • Observing keenly about the changes occurring in the search engine algorithms.
  • Staying up-to-date with the internet SEO trends and suggesting changes accordingly for a better ranking position in SERP.
  • Identifying opportunities with knowledge over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for on-page optimization.
  • Coordinating with developers and UX designers to help them create SEO friendly webpages.

Requirements to become an SEO executive:

  • A basic degree just to fit into the company policies of hiring a graduate (this is fading out these days in most of the companies).
  • Practical knowledge of SEO in the past (even as a blogger or as a freelancer).
  • Experience over tools like Google Analytics, Search Engine Console, and so on.
  • Report creation skills about the implemented SEO practices and ROI.
  • Basic experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding (for better understanding of optimization opportunities).
  •  Attitude to keep self-updated with the algorithmic changes in the search engines.
  • Knowledge over search engine results page features.

Salary of an SEO executive:

The salaries of an SEO executive start from 1.8 lakh to 4.2 lakh rupees per year as a beginner. The experienced SEO expert might earn double the specified average salary range.

As a beginner, in India, this is more of an opportunity to increase your credibility rather than focusing on financial earnings.

Check out this Guide by Ahrefs, how to Become an SEO Expert in 2022

3. Social Media Manager

As the name suggests, the social media manager is the #1best marketing jobs in India, it’s a crucial role in the organization that isn’t given for a noob beginner.

You must have proven your knowledge and years of experience in social media marketing for managing social media handles for your blog or company before taking up this job.

This role bears the weight of the reputation of the organization. One wrong update can spoil it and damage control might cost heavier. If you are aware of NSE tweeting about actress Mouni Roy recently, you would know how crucial this role is.

Therefore, a social media manager has very active and responsive responsibilities in managing social media handles. Let’s take a look at them.

Responsibilities of a Social Media Manager:

  • Device and create social media strategies for better organic reach and engagements.
  • Create engaging content periodically to keep in the audience’s minds.
  • Building a brand of the organization with active responses and style of content.
  • Perform Social Media Optimisation on all social media handles and make them algorithmic consumables.
  • Changing profile and cover photos of the social media profile seasonally based on the trend. This however depends on the attitude of the brand that it projects to its customers.
  • Analyze the opportunities in the current trends and creating content accordingly.
  • Monitoring the reach for the strategies implemented and reporting them to the digital marketing manager on the whole.
  • Communicate with the responders, commenters, and followers for creating better rapport with the community.
  • Staying up-to-date with the tools.
  • Scheduling and setting up automation for increased productivity.

Requirements to Become a Social Media Manager:

  • A basic degree in marketing or a relevant field.
  • Experience in handling social media handles in a growth-based approach.
  • Exceptional copywriting skills that demand d audience engagement.
  • Excellent written and communication skills.
  • Social media creatives design skills.
  • Knowledge about policies regarding social media creatives, ad copies, and their sizes.
  • Analytical and report generation skills.
  • Data-mining and strategizing skills.
  • Proven experience in content management.

Salary of social media manager:

The average salary of a social media manager with a minimum experience of 2 years ranges from 4 lakhs to 8 lakh rupees per year. This differs from company to company based on the responsibilities conferred to you and your proven experience in the field.

4. Content Strategist

A content strategist is responsible for creating and managing content over the website and social media handles in association with the content manager (if any) and social media manager.

He looks over the type of content needed for the end-user in the lifetime of a project. It might be for an internal knowledge base or customers.

Responsibilities of a content strategist:

  • Creating and managing content over different channels of communication.
  • Both internal and external content has to be created based on a strategy.
  • Strategizing content for campaigns and social media handles.
  • Communicating and coordinating with the other managers in the digital marketing departments.
  • Research and explore the data from different sources to craft art of piece content for the channels.
  • Excellent writing including copywriting, email writing, and report writing.

Requirements to become a content strategist:

  • Data research skills from various sources.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Cooperative and collaborative attitude.
  • Should understand the audience and craft content strategies accordingly.
  • Expert knowledge over tonality, style, and voice of the content over over-communicating news.
  • Strategizing content for paid campaigns for better ROIs.

Salary of a content strategist:

The average salary of a content strategist ranges from 7 lakhs to 13 lakh rupees per year based on the responsibilities he undertakes.

5. Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing specialist is an important role in the organization where all the email communications within the organization and outside the organization are taken care of.

The responsibilities of the email marketer not only overlap with that of a content strategist in terms of email marketing but also are responsible for opening and CTRs.

Responsibilities of an email marketing specialist:

  • Creating and monitoring the email campaigns of digital marketing projects
  • Responsible for creating content in collaboration with content strategists and content marketers of the organization.
  • Creating email lists and segregating them.
  • Maintaining a list of recipients for specific campaigns.
  • Following up emails and replying to inbound queries and proposals.
  • Tracking and reporting email campaigns for optimization opportunities.

Requirements to become an email marketing specialist:

  • Exceptional writing and language skills.
  • Knowledge of email structure and heatmap layouts.
  • Creativity in shooting marketing campaigns.
  • Excellent communication skills in responding to customer queries.
  • Deep knowledge of email spam policies and remedy techniques.
  • Ability to study reports and learn opportunities from them.

Salary of an email marketing specialist:

The average salary of an email marketing specialist ranges from 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum based on experience and company policies. The better you want to earn from this job, the better you have a proven portfolio.

6. Copywriter/Content Writer

The content writer and the copywriter jobs are two different jobs that need the expertise of both the parallel verticals. Copywriting is for creating content for advertisement and marketing material whereas content writer creates content on all media channels involved.

Responsibilities of a copywriter/content writer:

  • Writing creative and engaging marketing materials.
  • Collaborate with peers in the department to create content strategies.
  • Creative short and crispy headlines for social media creatives.
  • Editing and proofreading capabilities.

Requirements to become a copywriter/content writer:

  • A basic degree in marketing or English or journalism.
  • Sweet-tooth for creative content creation.
  • Excellent knowledge of the language.
  • Strong collaborative attitude with stakeholders of the organization.

Salary of a copywriter/content writer:

The average salary of a copywriter or a content writer ranges between 4.8 lakhs and 9 lakhs per year based on the experience and skill set of the candidate.

7. Content Marketer

Though it sounds similar to a content strategist and content writer, the role of a content marketer is mostly focused on marketing the products and services through content. The main objective of the content marketer is converting the viewers or readers to customers and subscribers.

Responsibilities of a content marketer:

  • Design and create engageable content.
  • Collaborate with content strategists and plan the content accordingly.
  • Optimize the content for SEO in collaboration with the SEO manager.
  • Creating an editorial calendar and content goals.
  • Modifying the content for better search engine ranking from time-to-time.
  • Sharing content and maintain a strong web presence.
  • Produce high-quality content in an easily understandable way.
  • Research trends and keywords and create content around them for better reach.

Requirements to become a content marketer:

  • A basic degree in marketing, journalism, or English.
  • Excellent writing and language skills.
  • Proficiency in using word processing software.
  • Able to understand the way search engine algorithms work.
  • Able to understand the requirements of the campaign or the customer.
  • Knowledge of target audience demographics and surrounding situations.

Salary of a content marketer:

The average salary of a content marketer ranges between 4.5 lakhs and 8 lakh rupees per annum based on the skillset and proven experience of the candidate in the field.

Wrapping up

No doubt the digital marketing industry is growing faster at a rapid phase. If the AI involvement is fearing you about the opportunities, remember that even artificial intelligence and automation need a human to supervise and to make decisions.

Keep learning and make yourself a skillset master in the industry.

Opportunities will knock on your door. All the best!

Is digital marketing a good career?

Yes, absolutely a fantastic career in 2022 and the years to come. Every piece of content you see on the internet today is a result of the digital marketing team’s effort. The opportunities are vast and increasing. If you want to be a digital marketer, keep yourself updated and grab the right opportunities.

Is digital marketing worth it in 2022?

Digital marketing has never been this worthy than in 2022. The introduction of multiple social media platforms, search engines, numerous algorithmic updates, change of policies, and everything is revolving around controlling information on the web. Only webmasters and digital marketers can handle it.

How much can I earn in digital marketing?

Career opportunities in digital marketing are growing year by year and the potentiality to earn is also skyrocketing. If you work for a company, you might earn around 12 lakhs per year with good credible experience. If you want to start your career as a digital marketing freelancer, the limit has no cap. Don’t get surprised if I say you can even earn crores from digital marketing as a freelancer.

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    Doing it alone will take some time to learn the ins and outs of the above specialties that are all part of Digital Marketing.
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