Top 15 Online Jobs for Students to Earn Money Online

The 21st Century is the century of the Internet, with even the traditional shops and restaurants moving to E-Commerce. The ever-growing data consumption has created a rise in many online opportunities including online jobs for students to earn money online in India. Your looks, location, educational background, etc. don’t matter much when it comes to having the right skills for working online.

A few years back, people had to struggle very hard by giving lots of interviews from office to office, looking for part-time online jobs you can do from home, negotiating payments, etc. But now, even a student can easily earn a reasonable income to sustain their expenses during their school or college years.

Thanks to the internet, students can now LEARN & EARN at the same time.

In the previous article, we saw the 15 best small online business ideas for women in India. In this article, we will see how to earn money online from home in India through top paying jobs without a degree for students.

Myths About Online Part Time Jobs

1. Those from poor families work when they are young

Earning money while studying is the sort of thing that isn’t seen in a good light in India. Most Indians believe that those kids whose parents don’t earn well enough have to work at a young age for survival. 

But the fact is that those who want a head-start in life are the ones who start learning about work at an early age. The real skills that are used in life to get job opportunities, earn, and save money aren’t taught in school, but come from experience.

Hence, it doesn’t matter what background you are from.

Part time online jobs for college students seem more relevant to students who need money to support themselves and also reduce the financial burden on their parents.

However, it’s no less significant even for students who are from affluent families.

2. There are no jobs online. Everything is just a scam.

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to working online is that not everyone is trying to scam you. Yes, some websites and individuals try to scam you, but that doesn’t make all job providers bad.

Staying vigilant and looking out for the correct opportunities is the most important.

Don’t trust any job provider blindly and always look for authenticity.

For your assurance, try to charge at least 50% payment before working or delivering the final output.

3. You can’t make money online to replace a “proper” job!

This myth cannot be further away from the truth.

The amount of money that one can make from working online cannot even be imagined.

There are so many online jobs from home for students that if you put all of them together, one can earn money from internet even more than what one earns from a traditional job.

There are countless people whose bread and butter is earned from working online.

If you have a good skill set that is required in the industry, you can leave a job and earn more from online jobs for students to earn money at home.

Advantages of doing Online Part Time Jobs in India

There are tons of advantages when it comes to working either freelance jobs online or doing part-time online jobs for students. These advantages alone are enough to convince you to start doing a part time job for students to earn money online in India.

Work on your own time

Firstly, you are free to work according to your schedule.

Of course, you would have to deliver output by the specified time, but you can be flexible about your working hours.

You don’t have to work at let’s say 9-2. You can find out 5 hours at any time of your day and finish your tasks.

Work from your comfort zone

Secondly, you get to work from the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to spend time traveling to and fro between your home and your office.

You don’t have to wear formal clothes or meet people in your office daily. When working online, you can sit on your favorite couch in your pyjamas and work all day.

More time with family

You get a lot of time with your family members. You would have to spend time doing the actual work, but your family members would always be around. You can go spend time with them during your break and then get back to work again.

Being job-ready

The biggest advantage of part time Online Jobs for students is preparing yourself for the future.

You are polishing your skills that will propel your career faster, as compared to if you hadn’t spent time doing part-time jobs.

15 Best Online Jobs for Students From Home in India

So, without wasting any more time, here are the top 15, side hustle for college students or part-time work from home jobs for students in no specific order.

#1- Online Tutoring Jobs

As a student, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to increase your knowledge and improve your skills.

We all have been through exam times when we teach our friends the entire syllabus at the last moment.

While teaching them, you might have noticed that you learn even more.

So, if you are good at a particular subject, there is no better way to learn and earn, than with Online Tutoring Jobs.

You can start online training of your friends/students online via free Web conferencing tools such as Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

You can share notes, presentations, exercises and so much more.

10 Best Legitimate Websites that Offer online tuition jobs For teachers & College Students

  1. Chegg
  2. Brainfuse
  3. Udemy
  4. Tutor*com
  6. TutorMe
  7. StudyGate
  8. Cambly
  9. Studypool
  10. Studydraft

If you know of any good online tutor jobs sites that I missed, please let me know in the comments.

#2 – Freelance Writing

Small Online Business Ideas For Women In India (1)

As a student, we have all dreaded the long essay that we have to write in our English exam. The 10 marks question used to say something like – “Write an essay of 1000 words about your pet dog.”, and we would start pulling our hairs.

If you don’t seem to resonate with this, you probably love writing and hence should take up freelance writing jobs online for beginners as your part-time job.

You can get paid to write on websites, blogs, newspapers, journalism sites, courses, books, and a lot more.

All you have to do is pick a niche that you have the most knowledge and experience in and search for clients that pay you for content.

The best place to start with content writing is freelance websites as they are reliable and trustworthy.

Earning Potential: If just started your career in freelance Writing, So you can charge $20-$50 for 1000 to 1500 words, Experienced Writers like My Friend “Moss Clement” Charge more than $200 for 1500 words article.

How to get freelance writing jobs for beginners-

  • First Start your own blog or Personal website, and start writing for it, then to get more writing experience you outreach to niche Guest blog sites i.e Yourstory, Hubpages, Hacker-noon, e-learning industry, read-write, and many more.
  • Now choose your best article and put it on your personal site portfolio
  • Create a business profile on Remote work Job sites i.e Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, Fiverr, and start bidding on writing projects, as well as you can build a relationship with a business owner, blogger, and start pitching your work to them.

#3 – Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest methods of getting started with a part-time job for students. Blogging allows you to generate what is known as “passive income”. Active income is when you trade your time for money, eg – Job, Business, etc. Passive income is when you earn money even when you are not working.

To become a blogger, you can start a blog in any of your favorite niches i.e Tech, Health, Food, Blogging niche, hosting niche, or any other you are interested in,. In your blog, you should be posting articles, case study infographics, etc. on any topic that you are the most knowledgeable in.

You can even share your journey, experience, or almost anything that attracts readers.

After your website starts attracting regular visitors, you can make money online from your website by – 

  1. Displaying Ads
  2. Providing Consultancy
  3. Selling your Products
  4. Selling Affiliate Products
  5. Offering Ad Space
  6. Product Reviews

and so much more. If you want a method that generates income over and over again, you should start Blogging in your free time.

Investment Required: You need only a $50-$100 investment to start a blog, purchase your domain from any domain registrar i.e Godaddy, Bigrock, and then start with Bluehost Hosting or A2Hosting if you are a beginner you can go to any affordable Web hosting with A2Hosting or GreenGeeks.

Earning Potential: It’s literally huge, As a blogger, you can earn up to 6 figures, the most popular ways to monetize your blog mentioned above.

#4 – PPT Presentation Creator

As a student, you must be very familiar with Presentations as they are a regular part of your life. Even teachers use presentations to teach students the most important topics.

You can use your experience with creating presentations to earn some extra cash on the side.

The amount of PPTs that a company requires in their daily work is way more than you think.

They need presentations for their internal work, to pitch a new product to investors, to show their competence to potential customers, to promote their brand, and so on. So, if you have the design skills and a sharp mind, you can create presentations that convey a message effectively.

#5 – Virtual Assistant

In countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc., people prefer to work throughout the clock. Also, in larger companies, employees are more focused on finishing the most productive task and handover their unproductive tasks to someone else. This is where the need for a Virtual Assistant arises.

As a Virtual Assistant, you will be doing tasks such as Data Entry, Getting a text from Images, Downloading and Uploading files, Manual Form-Filling, Replying to customer emails, etc.

These Free online jobs for teenagers do not require you to have a degree or know very good English. All it requires is that you complete your designated work on time.

#6 – Resume Writer

I am sure as a school/college student, you are constantly aiming to get a good job in the future. To get a good job, you need to have a strong resume that not only impresses the interviewer but also showcases your best side.

Most students aren’t very confident in their English, or in their resume writing capabilities. With a good command of a language and MS Word, you can help job seekers create a professional-looking CV to earn some extra cash on the side. 

Not only will this fetch you some extra cash, but will also help you gain skills to craft your perfect CV in the future. (Talk about killing two birds with one stone 😉 )

#7 – Selling Photos

Do you love photography? Do you find yourself looking at nature, people, animals, streets, etc. more than usual and feel like capturing that moment? Are you a “shutterbug”?

If so, then you should look at selling your photographs to earn money as a part time job for students.

There are many websites where you can post your photographs and you will get paid anytime someone buys your photographs.

If you are not satisfied with that, you can even take inspiration from Sandeep Maheshwari and create your website to start selling your photos.

#8 – Social Media Influencer

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and others, there is also an increase in the number of influencers. There is a huge audience that uses this platform to follow their favorite content creators.

Influencers are people/accounts that have a large audience that they can influence. Brands pay a hefty amount to famous influencers to convince their audience to buy their products.

One can be an influencer in any niche that they are most comfortable in – Fashion, Beauty, Food, Books, Health, etc.

#9 – Social Media Management

Almost every brand/company/influencer/business that you can imagine are promoting itself on social media. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, are great platforms for brands to engage with their audience.

Accounts need to post, engage, and grow their pages daily to increase their business.

You can help such brands and businesses expand their reach by either helping them with content, increasing their growth, talking to their audience, crafting a growth strategy, and much more.

#10 – Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Consultant

When in doubt, Google! Any time that you have a question or a doubt, the first thing that you do is a search on Google.

Google or any other search engine is a great place for businesses to increase traffic to their website. If you want more business, the first page of Google is the way to go.

SEO experts are people who study how search engines work and use it to their advantage and rank on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

You can learn SEO in about 2-3 months and start earning by being an SEO consultant.

It is best if you have a computer background as it requires some basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript.

#11 – Affiliate Programs

Selling is THE MOST profitable skill to have in the world. If you are good at selling, you can earn as much as you wish. If you influence your friends and families, you can sign up for affiliate programs that pay you any time you make a sale.

Most businesses that are growing rapidly would have affiliate programs that allow you to make a profit anytime someone buys something via your reference. You don’t need any kind of training, and no cash investment is required. All you have to do is promote their product and hope someone buys from your reference.

Have a look at this case study, How my friend Santanu Debnath earned $7200 in just 4 days.

Best Affiliate Programs that Pay the Highest Commission

  • Web Hosting Affiliate Programs
  • E-commerce Affiliate Programs
  • Online Courses Affiliate Programs
  • Online Marketing Tools, WordPress theme and Plugin Programs

#12 – Freelance Web Designer

More and more businesses start going online and everyone wants to have their website.

If your visual imagination and visual design skills are good, you should opt for a part-time web designer job.

You will also require some basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills to bring your imagination into reality.

As a web designer, you will be responsible for creating web pages that engage the visitor as well as move them closer towards conversion.

Web designers are paid well but keep in mind that the market is full of competition, so make sure that you stand out from the rest.

# 13 – Graphic Designer

Graphics are the core of anything and everything on computers.

People might read books that don’t have any images in them and are full of text, but no one would like to visit a website that doesn’t have images.

Moreover, there are platforms designed specifically to share only images and videos.

Graphic Designers are high in demand and they get paid a lot of money if their content is also good.

In your free time, you can look for pages that you feel might need an upgrade on their design and graphic content. 

You will need to have experience in photo editing software such as Photoshop, Canva Illustrator, GIMP, or others for creating great graphics.

Create your portfolio and you will be makings tons of cash in no time.

Earning Potential: – Typical hourly fee of a freelance graphic designer on Upwork is $35

How to get a freelance job as a Graphic Designer

  • To get start your career as a graphic designer, you just need creative graphic design skills, “NO college degree needed”, In this modern era, it’s really easy to learn any skills online, There are lots graphic design courses available online sites like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera
  • Same alike Writing work, make a personal website, and showcase your best work on a portfolio.
  • Have a look Portfolio of Illustrake “Graphic design Company in Mumbai” They started as a freelance graphic designer now they are running an agency
illustrake porfolio

#14- Voiceovers

As a voiceover artist, you can create audio recordings of your voice for: –

  1. Explainer Videos
  2. Promotional Videos
  3. Tutorials
  4. YouTube videos
  5. Movies / Cartoons

and much more. There is a great requirement for voiceover artists as there aren’t many artists that do voiceovers. It is very easy to get started with a decent mic and even just your phone in the correct setting and environment. All you need is your voice!

#15 – Selling your drawings/paintings

Talent doesn’t have an age and in many cases, artists start at a very young age.

If you are an excellent artist, you can earn lots of money by selling your art or creating custom art for someone.

For gifting purposes, many people want to gift something unique to their loved ones, and custom sketch/art is a great way to express their love. Use your paintbrush or your charcoals and start making some money as a student.

How to get freelance jobs for students?

Now that you have decided which online part time jobs you want to start with, you will need to start looking for clients.

There are many Freelancing websites online that you can visit to find regular online jobs for college students.

Here are some of the most important job search sites that you can get REMOTE WORK ONLINE: –

  1. Truelancer
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. Fiverr
  5. Behance
  6. WorkNHire
  7. Youth4Work
  8. Guru

and much more. You can even join forums related to your niche or even look at Facebook Groups, Social Media Chat groups, etc.

The key thing is to look for places where job providers are usually found for your niche. If you prefer, you can create your own FB/Insta pages to showcase your portfolio.

Once you have selected a few platforms to look for clients, you will need to set your price. Look at what other people who offer the same services are charging their clients.

Next, set a price that you know will increase your chances of getting a project/job.

Next, be prepared with a pitch that you have to send to your client. This pitch can be sent via Email, Message, Comment, or any other communication method that both of you agree with. The pitch is really important as it will not only showcase your skills but also outline your working style.

There are lots of online earning opportunities for students, all you have to do is find your niche, promote your skills, and get your clients.

By being patient and consistent, you will be making a lot of money in no time.

Why are online part time jobs good for students?

A: Part time jobs for students are good for many reasons: –
They give you experience even before you start your real job
You keep enhancing your skills and it makes your career path easier
You have something to do instead of wasting your free time.

Which are the best part time jobs for college students In India?

There are tons of jobs that are good for students in India and the top 15 of them are listed in the article above. You can start with the part-time job that you find the easiest and the most convenient based on your skills.

What are the risks involved in getting online part time jobs?

The biggest risk that you can encounter is getting scammed on websites that provide freelancing work. Do things at your discretion and do your research before committing to work. Initially, it is better to use trusted platforms that guarantee that you get paid. Also, never get swayed by the “Too good to be true” offerings as they might well be the part of massive scams.

How much can a student make money online?

It depends on your skill-set and the type of work you do. For instance, you can get around $20 (per one/half hour) for online tutoring and around $50-80 for an article consisting of 500 words. Since most websites mention the terms and conditions along with the jobs and pay that they offer, you can easily figure out how much you can earn. If they don’t mention it upfront, make sure to clear out everything before you proceed.

How much time should a student invest in their part time work?

The amount of time you invest depends on your skillset as well as the type of project that you choose. If you choose projects that require a higher time commitment such as website development, etc. you will have to spend more hours. However, it is advisable to spend all your time in online work because it will bore a hole into your studies. If you can make sure that your skills are being polished and it doesn’t affect your studies, you can spend around 4-5 hours each day comfortably on this work.

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