Top 10 High Paying Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Are you own a blog in the web hosting or blogging niche? Do you want to make huge commissions through affiliate marketing from your blog? Here in the post, we have listed out 10 high paying best web hosting affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting their hosting products to make an extra income.

There are many web hosting companies that offer affiliate programs for users to join for free and earn massive amounts by referring to new sales. Compared to any niche affiliate marketing programs, web hosting affiliate marketing programs are highly considered among affiliate marketers because of the huge commission model.

Before checking in to the list of high paying web hosting affiliate programs, here are the few advantages as an affiliate marketer you can get by joining the best affiliate programs for hosting.

  • You can earn a maximum of up to $200+ per single sale
  • In 2023, almost all web hosting companies do provide affiliate programs
  • There are no joining fees to be a part of the web hosting affiliate programs
  • No matter if your blog receives very less traffic, you still can join without any restrictions
  • With some web hosting companies, affiliate partners get free web hosting for review purposes
  • Your commission structure may increase more than usual when you achieve the highest number of sales in a particular month
  • Affiliate partners can get special hosting discount coupons from web hosting companies
  • Affiliate Marketing is a better monetization method than Ad Networks like Google Adsense
  • You will be provided all the promotional banners and displays for free from the web hosting company you joined.

Now, let’s get into the list.

As you know there are huge hosting affiliate programs out there, but we just covered only ten in the blog post as we believe that these are the top affiliate programs in the web hosting field right now that not only pay high commissions but also send payments on time.

Here is a quick glimpse in the table format containing the name of the web hosting affiliate programs, and their commission payout structure with the joining button.

Top 10 High Paying Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Best Web Hosting Affiliate ProgramsCommissionRegister Now
HostingerUp to 60% Per SaleJoin Today
BlueHost IndiaUp to 5000INr Per SaleJoin Today
Rocket.NetUp to $150 Per SaleJoin Today
HostarmadaUp to $200 Per SaleJoin Today
GreenGeeksUp to $105 Per SaleJoin Today
WPX Hosting$75 to $100Join Today
A2 Hosting$55 to $125Join Today
ChemiCloudUp to $125 Per SaleJoin Today
HostGatorUp to $125 Per SaleJoin Today
CloudWays10% RecurringJoin Today

Hostinger Affiliate Program – Earn Up to 60% Revenue Share Per Sale

hostinger affiliate program

Hostinger is one of the best affiliate programs on the list as the affiliate marketers in the program can earn a maximum of up to 60% revenue from the sale value generated through the affiliate links. Once you made a sale, you will get your commission in 45 days from the sale date.

For instance, if you generate a sale from your affiliate link to Hostinger Premium shared hosting account plan for the duration of 48 months it costs users a discount of $143.52. In that sale, you can earn a commission of approximately $90 which is 60% of the total sale value.

The web hosting company Hostinger is too popular worldwide as it offers tremendous and affordable hosting plans, pricing, and features to users. So, you can easily write a full-fledged Hostinger Review post in your blog to promote it to your audiences.

You can easily signup for a Hostinger affiliate account and start promoting your affiliate link in no time. The affiliate signup process with the Hositnger Affiliate Program is very simple. 

Soon after signup, you will be assigned your personal affiliate account manager. So, you can easily contact him and get ideas of promotional strategies to achieve sales and get high commission sales.

BlueHost – A Most Considered Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Program

bluehost affiliate marketing program

It’s rare to see blogs or Youtube channels that are related to web hosting and blogging niche without the review post of BlueHost web hosting. BlueHost is one of the highly considered web hosting affiliate programs that gets promoted by many, both beginners and experts as well.

There are two major reasons behind this. One is that BlueHost offers remarkable hosting services to users in the best possible ways. Both in terms of offering affordable and feature-rich features, BlueHost is number one in the world.

And the other reason is, that affiliate marketers, get $65 per signup they referred to BlueHost. That is actually a massive affiliate commission.

When you refer more signups and sales, you can possibly get more than $65 commission. Probably, there are chances that you can get a maximum of up to $120 per sale when you refer more signups to BlueHost.

Same as Hostinger, the signup process is easy with BlueHost too. You can get your BlueHost affiliate account active in a fraction of a minute. 

Once you generated a sale from your affiliate link, BlueHost kept the sale on hold for 45 days to verify the sale is eligible for affiliate commission. If verified, you will get your commission paid, the next month anytime between the 16th and to end of the month.

Rocket.Net – Custom Coupon Codes for Affiliate Partners affiliate program

Rocket.Net provides top-notch managed WordPress hosting solutions to users at affordable costs. In recent times, Rocket.Net became one of the best web hosting service providers exclusively for WordPress blogs and websites.

The best part about the web hosting service provider is their affiliate program. Fortunately, you can earn up to $150 per sale. 

As many people already started promoting Rocket.Net on their blogs and Youtube channels, if you have a blog in the web hosting niche, you too start writing the Rocket.Net review post and make a good income every time you refer sales.

Rocket.Net provides an excellent expert support staff team for their affiliate partners. They have live chat enabled on their website. So, if you get to clear any queries, you can easily contact them. 

The company’s affiliate dashboard is very simple as you can easily go through your affiliate account details such as clicks, conversions, impressions, and bonuses on a single screen. 

Also, the company does specifically provide custom coupon codes for their affiliates who are getting a good number of sales on monthly basis. With the coupon, you can offer even more extra discounts to your audiences as it does help you generate more sales.

Hostarmada Web Hosting Affiliate Program – Earn upto $200 Per Sale

hostarmada affiliate program

Another best-in-class most lucrative affiliate program on the list is Hostarmada in which you can earn a hefty commission range of up to $200 per sale. 

We would say, joining for Hostarmada web hosting affiliate program is a great option for those who already own blogs with some authority as you can easily achieve SERP rankings when you publish a Hostarmada Review post on your blog. 

In the entire list of web hosting affiliate programs, Hostarmada is one of the web hosting affiliate programs that pay the highest commission. So, if you are targeting to generate high revenue, Hostarmada is what you may try to promote.

To encourage the affiliate partners, Hostarmada offers a starting bonus amount of $10, and when you generate sales and earn affiliate commissions, you can avail of the bonus along with your commission. Starting from $50, you can earn a maximum of up to $200 depending on the number of sales you made in the month.

The company does provide an affordable hosting solution to the customers. So, their features and pricing plans can be easier for you to promote their hosting plans. Hostarmada is right now great at offering cloud hosting services, if you are promoting, ensure to review exclusively their cloud web hosting plans.

GreenGeeks Affiliate Program – Advanced Real-Time Statistics

greengeeks affiliate program payout

So far through the affiliate program, the company GreenGeeks has paid out $6.5 million to their affiliate partners. That’s a huge sum. GreenGeeks is one of the well-known web hosting companies that offer different hosting solutions for WordPress websites. 

The company is majorly known for its eco-friendly web hosting solutions. The joining process is very simple. After the signup, you will be provided with a unique track URL to track your referrals. With the company advanced real-time statistics feature, you can track the clicks you received and sales you generated in real time.

According to the reports mentioned on GreenGeeks’ official website itself, there are already 15,000+ bloggers and Youtube creators who joined their affiliate program and generating a massive amount of revenue.

We would easily say, GreenGeeks is one of the highest paying best web hosting affiliate programs in the internet today.

Talking about the commission structure, as an affiliate partner with GreenGeeks, you can earn up to $100 per sale. If you managed to generate 6+ sales a month, then you will be paid $100 per sale. The rates are even huge if you generate 10+ sales a month with the GreenGeeks affiliate program.

WPX Hosting – Superfast WordPress Web Hosting Plans

WPX superfast web hosting solutions

Next to Rocket.Net, WPX Hosting is one of the most tried web hosting companies by expert bloggers as it offers superfast WordPress-managed hosting solutions.

When you promote the most tried web hosting companies like WPX Hosting and Rocket.Net via your blogs, you can target intermediate or beginner bloggers who are already using usual web hosting services and searching for superfast hosting solutions to take their blogs to the next level. By targetting such kinds of bloggers, you can generate good sales and earn massive profits.

WPX hosting affiliate program offers an attractive payout structure to their affiliate partners. A single sale you refer to WPX hosting can gain you a revenue of $75. 

Unlike many web hosting affiliate programs, the increment in commission for your number of sales is not calculated on a monthly basis as it calculates based on lifetime customer referrals.

For instance, up to 25 sales, you will be paid $75. When your sales number crosses 100+, then every time you refer a client, you can earn up to $100 per sale.

WPX web hosting affiliate program offers some attractive media and banners to their partners which is a great way for the marketers to grab the user’s attention and convert them into buyers.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program – A/B Tested Landing Pages

a2 hosting affiliate program

Landing pages play a major role in attracting visitors and driving sales. The A2 web hosting affiliate programs offer their affiliate promoters pre-designed a/b tested landing pages which help marketers increase their sales chances and earn big.

We are highly impressed with the A2 web hosting affiliate program’s 90-day cookie policy. It is always advisable to try web hosting affiliate programs that offer long cookie life so that you can never miss a chance of sales when you refer people. 

A 90-day cookie policy means when you drive a visitor to the website using your affiliate links and if he/she made a purchase within 90 days from their first visit, then the purchase will be legally calculated as your affiliate sale. So, being a promoter of web hosting affiliate programs that provide high cookie policy time is a good idea.

A2 web hosting affiliate program support team is just quick and exceptional as you can easily contact them in case you get any queries. Importantly, you can earn a maximum of up to $125 per sale when you refer to 20+ sales in a month.

A2 Hosting starting payout is $55 per sale for up to 10 sales in a month. You can request for payout when you reached a minimum payment threshold of $100.

Chemicloud Web Hosting Affiliate Program – Free Domain for Lifetime

chemicloud affiliate program

A unique thing about the web hosting service provider is that they offer a lifetime free domain name for those who buy web hosting plans. 

When you write a review post about the ChemiCloud web hosting on your blogs or promote the same on other sources, you can mention the special aspect (free lifetime domain) about the company to attract more visitors.

ChemiCloud web host affiliate program payout structure is offered based on four different levels. If you generate 1 to 5 sales in a month, then as a Level 1 promoter, you earn $50 per sale. Depending on the number of sales you generate, the levels will increase as well as your earnings.

Here are the 4 levels of the ChemiCloud Payout Structure

  • Level 1 (1 to 5 sales in a month) earns $50 per sale
  • Level 2 (6 to 10 sales in a month) earns $75 per sale
  • Level 3 (11 to 20 sales in a month) earns $100 per sale
  • Level 4 (20+ sales in a month) earns $125 per sale

You will receive your ChemiCloud affiliate commission after 45 days when the company verified and declared your sale as a legal one.

HostGator Affiliate Program – Earn $125 Per Sale

hostgator affiliate program

Another popular web hosting company on the list as you may already hear about naming HostGator. The company provides top-class web hosting solutions. Their prices and plans are beginner-friendly. So, while promoting, you can target newbies who want to start blogs with affordable hosting plans.

HostGator is in no way different from BlueHost as both companies are run under Endurance International Group. So, both are almost offering the same features to the users.

The HostGator web hosting affiliate program payout structure is almost the same as the ChemiCloud as the payout structure has been termed as four different levels.

The maximum payout you can get per sale with HostGator is $125 from which you have to generate 20+ verified sales with your affiliate account. Also, in order to get your commission transferred to your Paypal account or receive your commission check, you must meet the minimum 100-dollar mark.

The company does offer better customer support for its affiliate partners and the payout time is 45 days after the sale gets verified.

CloudWays Affiliate Program – Earn Recurring Commission Every Month

cloudways affiliate program

One of our favourites on the list, CloudWays a high paying affiliate web hosting program that sends payouts to the affiliate partners on a recurring commission basis. So, not just one time as you can earn every month in the first year when your referral renews their hosting services with CloudWays.

CloudWays is undoubtedly a best-in-class managed cloud hosting resource at an affordable cost for any blogs or eCommerce websites at any scale. 

Cloud hosting is getting more popular among bloggers nowadays than shared hosting. So, you can easily promote the CloudWays hosting products and earn an attractive recurring commission.

Unlike most of the web hosting affiliate programs on the list, when you refer signup and sale through your affiliate link to CloudWays, you earn an instant $25 bonus, and then every month you will be paid 10% as a recurring commission for the first year from the particular referral.

The minimum payout is quite high with CloudWays as you have to reach $250 in order to get your payment transferred. Paypal is the only mode you can receive your payment. But the program offers a recurring commission structure, you can easily achieve a minimum payout when you send very few referrals.


Many bloggers and YouTubers earn millions of commissions every month from the web hosting affiliate programs themselves. And the reason, the affiliate program model pays high commission than any other affiliate program.

In 2023 and beyond, if you want to earn some good affiliate commission from your web hosting niche or blogging niche blog, try the above-listed best web hosting affiliate networks and earn a hefty commission your hands on.

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Which one is the best web hosting affiliate program on the list?

There is no point in just telling which one is best. We would recommend every affiliate programs on the list that are best on its own terms. So, you can try promoting anything you want with some well-made unbiased review posts and start making money.

Which is best to promote web hosting affiliate programs, a blog or a Youtube channel?

In 2023, we would say that you can try both mediums to promote the web hosting affiliate programs and to drive sales. Sometimes, videos works, and sometimes blog posts work, so better try both.

Can beginner bloggers able to make money by promoting web hosting affiliate programs?

Definitely Yes. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you still can generate a good number of sales if you publish easily readable and understandable review posts on web hosting. We personally know there are beginners who used to drive affiliate sales even from social media website traffic.

What is the recurring commission in a web hosting affiliate program?

The recurring commission format is nothing but whenever your referral renews the hosting services with the company you referred, you earn a percentage of commission from the renewal sale value. The recurring commission time frame and percentage may vary from one web hosting company to another.

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