10 Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner Tools (Free & Paid)

Do you want to generate some fresh content by rewriting your already created original article content? Then, you may need a good article rewriter and spinner tools to handle such a rewriting process. 

Trying out the AI content rewriter tool is a good choice when you are feeling bored of your same writing style and sentence formations. With Article Rewriter software, you can effortlessly get rewriting copies in different styles without change of any meaning of the sentences.

There are several sets of article spinner tools available in the market, but finding the best few among all is a challenge. 

To overcome the challenges in choosing the best article rewriter tools both free and paid, we are here presenting you with a blog post in which you can check out the 10 best article rewriter software to get well re-written content.

Article Spinner and Rewriter tools are kind of must-have tools for those who are in the field of blogging, content writing and SEO.

The best article rewriter software listed in the blog post has all the potential to rewrite your original content in a 100 per cent plagiarism-free manner which looks exactly like human written content.

Let’s get started with the list.

Quick Summary of the 10 Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner Tools

If you don’t have enough time to read out the detailed overview of the listed rewriter tools, AI Writing tools the quick summary table with pricing, plan period and current discount offers for you.

Article Rewriter NamePricing Billed YearlyFree Trial Period
WordAI$27 Per Month 3 Day Free Trial
QuillBot$3.33 Per MonthFree Plan Available
WordTune$9.99 Per MonthFree Plan Available
SpinBot$75 Per YearFree Plan Available
Simplified$8 Per MonthLifetime Free Plan
SmallSEOTools$9.80 Per MonthFree Plan Available
CleverSpinner$9.90 Per Month3 Free Day Trial
Prepost SEO Article Rewriter$10 Per MonthLifetime Free Plan
Chimp Rewriter$99 Per Year14 Day Free Trial
SEO WagonFree Plan as of NowLifetime Free Plan

List of Best Article Rewriter and Spinner Tools for Bloggers and Content Writers

Let’s get started with a detailed overview of the above mentioned 10 best article rewriter and article spinner tools along with their plans and pricing details.

WordAI– AI Text Rewriter

wordai article rewriter

WordAI is one of the most popular article spinner tools on the list has started in December 2011. A high-quality rewriting software tool WordAI uses advanced machine learning models to rewrite your content and deliver you the same as human written content keeping the exact overall meaning.

The WordAI rewording tool use Enrich Text model in which the tool has the potential to understand the meaning behind every word you input and restructure the sentences in the same meaning. 

While rewriting the sentences, the WordAI adds LSI keywords related to the phrases which is a great ideology as your content gets higher rankings on the Google search engine results page.

The best article rewriter software has been developed with all the abilities to rewrite the user content with improved quality as you will get grammatical-error-free content and it also does correct spelling mistakes if any.

With your one single content, the WordAI rewriter tool can offer you 1000 different yet unique rewriting copies to help you beat writer’s block.

WordAI Plans and Pricing

WordAI is a paid rewriter software that offers 3-day free trial plan to all the users to try out the features. WordAI provides two different plans such as a monthly plan and a yearly plan.

  • WordAI Monthly Plan – $57 Per Month
  • Yearly Plan – $27 Per Month billed Annually

Apart from the two regular pricing plans, WordAI provides a custom plan in the name called ‘Enterprise’ without mentioning the price as it varies depending on your requirements. You can contact them to enquire more about their custom plan.

QuillBot – AI Paraphrasing Tool

quillbot paraphrasing tool

Just a 4 years old company started by three computer science students, QuillBot in 2022 has reached immense heights. Already, many bloggers and content writers started using the QuillBot rewriter tool for their rewriting requirements.

The company QuillBot uses state-of-the-art AI technology as it helps millions of writers to get perfect rewriting copies. Whatever the text or sentences you input, the technology model used in the QuillBot rewriter tool generates any texts or sentences in different better ways.

Not only just bloggers and content writers but also there are thousands of journalists, researchers, students, and authors who are using the world’s best paraphrasing tool QuillBot for different rewriting purposes.

QuillBot offers an extension tool called Grammar Checker in which you can easily find the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, word misuse errors, and punctuation errors you made in your originally written content and make corrections with QuillBot’s perfect suggestions.

QuillBot Plans and Pricing

QuillBot comes with a free plan in which you can get rewriting contents of up to 125 words. Apart from the free plan (without credit card details), QuillBot does offer 3 different premium plans as follows.

  • Monthly $7.95 Billed Monthly
  • Semi-Annual $4.99 Billed every 6 Months
  • Annual $3.33 Billed Yearly

No matter what premium plan you choose, you can get to paraphrase unlimited words. We would recommend you to go for the QuillBot annual plan in which you can save up to 58% on your billing.


10 Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner Tools (Free & Paid) 1

After trying the WordTune rewording tool, all that we can say is the AI spinner and rewriter tool is just exceptional. If you enter a sentence in WordTune, you can get the rewriting output in five different styles and tones.

The tool can completely rewrite your sentence if you want just rewrite option, along you can select make it casual to get casual tone rewritten copy as well as you can also choose to make it formal, shorten it and expand its options to get your output in the way you want.

The AI content rewriter tool WordTune was built by AI21 labs and founded in 2018. 

WordTune AI online rewords generator tool is available in the Google Chrome extension format which you can add to your chrome browser for free. The extension effortlessly works on your favourite social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Also, it does work well on rewriting your mail copies with Gmail accounts.

WordTune Plans and Pricing

Same as similar text rewriting tool names in the list, WordTune also provides a free plan and premium plans.

  • Free Plan – $0 with 20 Free Words Per Day
  • Premium Billed Monthly – $24 Per Month
  • Premium Billed Yearly – $9.99 Per Month

In their premium plans, you can get to rewrite an unlimited number of texts with the premium customer support team.


spinbot text rewrier tool

Another intelligent text rewriter tool on the list, SpinBot. The popular article spinner tool will rewrite human-like engaging content without compromising the original meaning of the sentences you input.

Apart from text rewriting, the SpinBot also provides a paraphrasing tool mode in which you will get rewritten versions of either longer or shorter forms of content.

The SpinBot AI rewriter and spinner tool is offering a unique feature called SpinBot API integration. You can integrate the API to your website or app and avail the tool features in your website or app. The API will be provided by SpinBot only for the developers.

Spinbot paraphrasing tool offers a free version to all the users by which you can get your free rewriting copies in just a click without registering for an account.

Exclusively for international users, the tool is planning to launch the ‘Translate and Spin’ option soon and the option might be a great addition to the tool.

SpinBot Plans and Pricing

SpinBot listed three different premium account billing plan options on their pricing page. 

  • Monthly – $10
  • Semi Annually – $50 (6 Months)
  • Annually – $75 (One Year)

You can save up to 38% when you opt for SpinBot one-year plan. The tool also does provide a fee plan in which you can get to rewrite content with ads and captchas as well as no unlimited spins.


simplified content rewriter

A game-changing content rewriter AI tool in the list. The simplified artificial intelligence takes the content you type or paste, and gives you back human-readable professional rewritten content according to your tone of choice. You can choose the tone before you click the rewrite button.

Simplified customer support seems perfectly well as many reviews are dropped in the positive favour of their customer support team. The free article rewriter tool Simplified managed to receive 4.7 out of five ‘Capterra’ ratings and 4.5 out of 5 with 16 reviews on the Trustpilot review website.

Simplified is a better AI rewriter tool for marketing minds those who are badly in need of turning ideas into texts in no time. Yes, with the help of the rewriter tool, you can get engaged rewriting copies in a fraction of seconds no matter whether you want to rewrite sentences or long-form articles.

The greatest thing about the tool is that you can get Free Plan forever with very few limitations.

Simplified Plans and Pricing

Simplified offers a free plan to the users forever in which you can create unlimited designs and video projects. The plan also provides 1000 words in the rewriting segment. Let’s have a look at the tool premium plans.

Monthly billing and yearly billing period are available in all the premium plans as you can choose according to the budget you have.

  • Small Teams – $8 per month billed annually
  • Businesses – $24 per month billed annually
  • Enterprise – Contact them for details

Depending on the premium plans you choose, the features may vary.

Button: Register Simplified Lifetime Plan for Free

Small SEO Tools – Free SEO Tools

a website for small seo tools

As the name itself indicates, small SEO tools is a website full of power-packed must-have SEO tools listed for both paid and free. Not just article rewriter tools, small SEO tools provide 50+ SEO tools that are mandatory for every blogger and SEO agency to rank higher in search results.

The website has separated its tools section into different categories such as text content tools, image editing tools, design studio, keyword tools, DA PA checker, backlinks tools, and many more which you can explore straight from their website.

The website does have a separate page for article rewriters which is free to access. They are listed as paid plans also. You can go to the page and simply paste your content there or upload the document in whatever format you have, and then click ‘rewrite article’ to get your rewritten plagiarism free human readable content. 

On the same page, small SEO tools offer a grammar check option as you can also check the grammatical errors in your content and correct them.

Small SEO Tools Plans and Pricing

If you want to try your hands on a Small SEO Tools article rewriter with the AD-Free version, you should try their premium plans. 

There are three major pricing plans such as basic, classic, and enterprise. There are also sub-plans in the three main pricing plans.


  • Basic I – $9.80 per month
  • Basic II – $19.80 Per month
  • Basic III – $39.80 Per month
  • Basic IV – $59.80 Per month


  • Classic I – $24.80 per month
  • Classic II – $39.80 Per month
  • Classic III – $59.80 Per month
  • Classic IV – $79.80 Per month


  • Enterprise I – $29.80 per month
  • Enterprise II – $49.80 Per month
  • Enterprise III – $99.80 Per month
  • Enterprise IV – $149.80 Per month

You can check the respective plans and sub-plans of all the features in the Small SEO tools website article rewriter pricing segment and subscribe for your favourite plan.

Clever Spinner

clever spinner intelligent article rewriter

One of the cheapest yet best in terms of quality service article rewriter tools in the list. CleverSpinner takes very little time to rewrite the contents as the tools use the latest artificial intelligence technologies and the best natural language processing technology to generate human-readable sentences in no time.

The online reword generator tool Clever Spinner always chooses perfect synonyms as many AI rewriting tools failed to choose the right synonyms.

The article rewriter software is very user-friendly, you just have to upload your docs in any format and rewriting can be done with a click of a button. 

The Clever Spinner AI can rewrite words, phrases, sentences, and long paragraphs as well as complex phrases.

Clever Spinner is a perfect choice for those who are seriously looking for an affordable pricing AI article rewriter and spinner for multiple rewritten purposes.

Clever Spinner Plans and Pricing

The tool offers a free 3 days trial period to try the features. Apart, there is also a premium plan that costs $9.90 monthly. 

If you are worried about their features after registering for a premium account, CleverSpinner guarantees 30-day risk-free money back which you can claim to get the refund.

Prepost SEO Article Rewriter

prepost seo article rewriter tool

PrePost SEO is almost the same as SmallSEOTools as the website provides all the tools that are required for SEO services. Article Spinner and Rewriter is the best tool for PrePost SEO. The article rewriter is free for every user. 

With the help of a prepost SEO article rewriter, you can get paraphrased content from your original content as much as you want. There are no usage limitations in the free plan.

The process is very simple. You just have to write your text or copy your text in the original content column. Also, you can upload your original content document file. You can choose your tone of style between four options such as simple, advanced, creative, and fluency. Click ‘Rewrite’ and see the magic in a fraction of seconds.

The tool uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to produce better rewritten and spin contents. Prepost SEO article rewriters can effortlessly produce plagiarism-free content.

PrePost SEO Article Rewriter Plans and Pricing

The best part about the well-established AI article rewriter tool is that you never need to spend a single dollar to enjoy all the features offered by the PrePost SEO article rewriter. Without any rewriting word limitations, you can use the tool for free.

There are premium plans also available with the tool for extra features with Plagiarism API and 24/7 customer support. Three different plans in monthly and yearly billing commitments.

Monthly Plans

  • Basic – $10 Per Month
  • Standard – $20 Per Month
  • Company – $45 Per Month

Yearly Plans

  • Basic – $50 Per Year
  • Standard – $150 Per Year
  • Company – $350 Per Year

Chimp Rewtriter

chimp rewriter for best article rewritten copy experience

Enjoy the massive 14 days free trial without credit card details and experience the best rewriting and spinning features offered by Chimp Rewriter.

The tool uses cutting-edge AI technologies to produce the best content in the market. There are already 31k+ marketers who started getting benefits from the powerful article rewriter and spinner tool. The chimp rewriter uses natural language processing techniques similar to other tools in the list to understand the text and produce rewritten content better than human-written articles.

The unique thing about the software Chimp Rewriter is that it does support most of the popular languages such as Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Dutch, etc… So, possibly you can get your content spun or rewritten version in the languages without any hassle.

The article spinner tool comes with an API integration option as the users can integrate it with a few SEO tools mentioned on their website. WP Robot and RankWyz are the few popular names.

Chimp Rewriter Plans and Pricing

The chimp rewriter article spinner tool offers a single premium plan in two different billing agreements. 

  • Monthly – $15 Per Month
  • Yearly – $99 Per Year

Both the plans offer a 14-day free trial period and you will get $215 value-free bonuses when you opt for Chimp Rewriter premium plans. Also, the tool guarantees 100% money back within 60 day period.

SEO Wagon

seo wagon article tools

Another popular name in the list of best article rewriters and article spinner tools, SEO Wagon is a home for all popular SEO tools. The website does offer similar services like PrePost SEO and Small SEO Tools as you can get the maximum of popular SEO tools for free at SEO wagon.

The website does offer Article Spinner, Article Rewriter, and Article Rewriter Pro as a part of their article tools. 

One of the user-friendly websites on the list as a user you never need a pro to make use of the rewriter and spinner tools. Just basic knowledge is enough to get your rewritten copies from SEO wagon for free of cost.

Within the dictionary, SEO Wagon uses almost 5 lacs synonyms which is a huge number for a rewritten tool. The website can produce 100% plagiarism-free search engine-friendly rewritten content at no cost.

SEO Wagon Plans and Pricing

Talking about the pricing part of the article spinner tool, the tool is free to use as it does not list any premium pricing plans on its website. 

Visit SEO Wagon to Avail Free Rewritten Services


You need a better article rewriter tool to repurpose your original content to post on different online platforms as you cannot consume your time to write different pieces from the same copy.

That’s what Article Spinner and Article Rewriter Tools are doing their part to help you repurpose your original contents in different styles.

As we have listed the 10 best article rewriter and article spinner tools both free and premium, you can choose the best among one according to your requirements. We would strongly say, these ten are the top-notch among all out there.

As most of the above-listed tools provide a free trial period, we recommend you to sign up for the trial period and get one that suits you best as your premium article rewriter partner.

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