Android Cooking Games | 6 Best Cooking Games for Girls

There was a time when cooking was synonymous with housewife or a women-only profession. Thankfully those times are behind us and cooking is not limited to any one gender. This has made game developers try their hands out in Cooking Games for Girls, and boy they have succeeded.

There are many premium as well as free cooking games for free for Android available in google play store.

These cooking simulation games for android do to some extent satisfy your hunger for cooking. In terms of download, cooking games for girls because of their graphics and simulation quality have gained a lot of traction in recent years. 

Folks of all ages and time tend to enjoy this niche gaming genre. 

Top 7 kitchen Cooking Games for Girls that you could play if you are into cooking. 

Cooking City: Craze’s Chef Cooking Game

Cooking City chef, restaurant & cooking games

One of the best cooking games for girls free with levels, Cooking city offers incredible storylines and adventures.

The Chef can travel the world, experience different cultures, maintain a diary, and use that recipe throughout the game.

The best part of this Cooking Games for Girls is that it lets you open a restaurant in almost every part of the world. That means you can open your own restaurant in the bustling streets of Manhattan to the serene beaches of Miami.

The menu options are unlimited and you can earn revenue to expand your Online business. No surprise this is one of the best kitchen cook games with over 4+ ratings.  

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

This is the reason this has been the editor’s choice pick in Android for a few years now when it comes to fun free online cooking games download for free.

It allows you to set up a restaurant and deliver the foods in a time-constrained manner which makes this game quite addictive in nature. The choices of dishes are many to choose from.

You can cook Chinese, continental, Indian, Thai, Japanese dishes.

The attention to detail that you’ll find in this game is incredible. The appliances of the kitchen also get upgraded as you go on to higher stages of the game. 

Cafeteria Nipponica

Cafeteria Nipponica

The retro-styled game which lets you create your restaurant from scratch. You will get to decide the look of your restaurant.

From the color of the floor to positioning TV in your restaurant. Cafeteria Nipponica might be among the premium cook games, but it is worth every buck for the money.

The history of all the dishes as well as the species which are needed to create exceptional culinary experience can all be researched and could be made into a repertoire.

You build up your niche and earn accordingly. The game is updated quite frequently and fixes minor bugs along with upgrading the gaming experience. 

Diner Dash Adventures: A Cooking Game

Diner DASH Adventures – a cooking game

A simulation of Gordan Ramsay’s Diner DASH, this game offers a lot on a plate. From bustling market places to top-notch restaurant decor, it has everything which makes it worthy of your 5 start review.

Donuts, burgers, milkshake are all but a few of the menu that could be customized in this game.

The simulation of this cooking game is not limited to only a restaurant, rather it allows you to open a food truck and even a full-fledged bakery.

What more could you ask for? Right? It is for this reason, Dash game has been downloaded over a million times by Android users. 

Food Truck Chef

Food Truck Chef™ Emily's Restaurant Cooking Games

As the name suggests, this cooking game is a simulation of a food truck company.

The venue is amazing which includes some of the most exotic places in our world which include the likes of Venice, Paris, New York City, Tokyo, London, etc.

Over 700 tasty dishes that could be prepared to earn points throughout the game, this game has over 680 levels which are pretty huge considering the quality of the game.

Kitchen upgrades are available for you as you move along the game. There are also several premium features that could be purchased to make this game much more engaging than it already is.

Food Truck Chef is also among the editor’s picks in the Google play store which only goes to show the popularity of this game.

Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!

Cooking Mama Let's cook!

Cooking Mama has been developed keeping in mind all the necessary details which are needed to prepare an exquisite dish.

The game lets you stew, chop and shallow fry ingredients which is rare in fun cooking games to play for free.

The ingredients could also be harvested like fishing could be done. Vegetables could be grown in the field. Animals could also be raised in the ranch.

Overall, this game lets you cook from scratch so that you could incorporate everything and enjoy the whole process. Points are rewarded by how much you can grow your business in time.

Weekly challenges are also given to the play which always enhances productivity in a time-constrained manner. It has been given an average of 4.3-star rating by over 600k users. 

Chef’s Quest

Chef's Quest

As the name suggests, Chef’s quest is not your typical cooking games online.

The game lets you explore the world and it’s various cooking techniques along with solving any cooking puzzles.

Many different culinary varieties could be matched and switched while solving a puzzle.

Your friend’s score could also be challenged by you which will keep the competition going. Bonuses could be made if you are able to attract various celebrities that are featured in the game.

Master Chef could also be challenged both in solving a puzzle as well as in cooking competition in the game. Apart from that, you get to use the seasonal updates in the game. So, when it is time for Christmas you better be sure to try your hand on your bakery skill set. 


Overall, all the Cooking Games for Girls that are listed in the list have very much an engaging storyline and will keep players busy.

Do let me know about your reviews for these kitchen games that are given in the list.   

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