5 Benefits of Using Social Media Scheduling Tools for 2021

Social media starts with the desire to share value and gain awareness for your business or brand. Part of that awareness involves building your credibility and reputation by what you post on your social media feeds. Therefore, your social media strategy carries a responsibility to honour your reputation while attracting people to your business. But, let’s face it. It isn’t always easy to go from gaining attention to actually getting a click on your website. It means you have to show up! Now let’s talk about Social Media Scheduling Tools and it’s benefits.

Getting a click isn’t the same as the more crucial time-on-page metric you’re after. Or as significant as a comment or another interactive action, like getting a new subscriber to email. 

These signs and other micro-actions like shares, likes, RT’s, and more are all signals you are connecting with people. Sprout social offers help in finding platforms aligning with your audience demographics

And that’s the first problem in talking about scheduling automation and social media marketing. Connecting with people only happens, you see, well, um, with people. 

So, think of social automation as a concierge helping to introduce you to people. But, after making the acquaintance, it’s up to you to strike up a real conversation. 

The beauty is that conversations starting on social channels lead to friendships, collaborations, new opportunities, and business. Anthony Gaenzel talks about the importance of turning connections into business relationships in this LIVE interview. 

Ultimately, stirring up a business is the goal of marketing, content marketing, and finally, social media marketing (SMM) as a whole. Yet, to reach the point of conversions using social channels takes an orchestrated effort, personal connections, and thoughtful planning. 

10 Reasons to Use a Social Media Scheduling Tools

Automation and Social Scheduling

The busier you get as a business doing direct-to-profit activities, the more you’ll want to rely on tools to automate processes. But like all your business activities, everything hinges on quality and ease. Further, discover specific needs that suit your business and the workflow for client business needs that apply. 

For instance, if you do SMM for only yourself and not as a client service, your needs, and probably price range are factors. Or, if your top-performing social platform isn’t available to schedule from using your favorite social scheduling tool, it may be the wrong solution.  

Matching your specific needs to available services is the first step. 

Next, you want to consider UI or user interface. This consideration is often a personal preference more than anything else. If you’re struggling with using the software instead of feeling comfortable with it, you may lose or waste time. Sometimes it does take a little time and practice until it feels smooth and effortless, but if you’re just not hitting it off with some kind of software, try for a better fit.

At times, I know there’s something newer, better, or less expensive, maybe, but I stick with what works well for me. If I find it easy and valuable and it accomplishes what I need, why keep switching? Switching around too much takes time, too! 

Remember, there’s more to automating than automation. First, solid SMM scheduling starts with your Content Strategy. It requires you have quality content to share. Consider these key elements, all imperative details, for the social media content you distribute:

  • Headlines
  • Titles, Tagline, Meta Data
  • Copy Text
  • Visuals: Photos/Videos/Graphics
  • Meme’s, GIFs, emojis, oh my
  • Hashtags 

Distribution Strategy

I’m not sure who first said content that doesn’t move doesn’t get noticed, but until I began sharing my blog content on social media, it wasn’t getting read. There’s nothing sadder than putting your heart and soul into work nobody reads or even sees. 

  1. Audit your site using analytics to find your best work and continue to share these top pieces. 
  1. Analyze your content against main topics for your business and magnify the focus to highlight content in these main areas.
  1. Find and reignite underperforming content worthy of more notice. 
  1. Create your overarching “content buckets” to determine your content mix. This determination is vital because you look (and ARE) spammy on social media if you only share your content. Always remember the part about sharing value! The three buckets I try to work within on my social channels include:

a. What I Create (original)

b. What I Curate (topical)

c. What I Communicate (conversation)

  1. Select the social platforms you will participate in and optimize your profiles. 
  1. Plan for channel-specific, audience-specific, and industry-specific content selections.
  1. Create social-only content for peripheral content. 

As you plan out your social content scheduling, don’t forget visuals. Social shares with visuals perform better on all platforms. Make sure you take advantage of the extra attention you get by simply using them. 

Also, think about your use of branding for social media. Will you want an immediately recognized look, color, feel, or logo imprint, for example? 

Another way to extend your brand for further distribution is by leveraging networking avenues. But be careful here not to get too spammy towards influencers and even with your group members and close peers. Make sure you remember to promote and distribute their work as well. 

Automate to Amplify

The list below gives you a few of the many top social scheduling tools you may want to investigate or test. Your preference may vary depending on how many social channels you manage, which platforms you share to, and what kind of user interface is most comfortable for you. 

I’m hooked on Agorapulse, and for good reason because by using this excellent tool, you get the ability to plan, schedule, and then see the entire strategy laid out in calendar view.  Agorapulse gives you options to schedule to one or many platforms all at once. Plus, simply reschedule with ease, whether by content categories or as determined by performance reports. 

You can see how content performs on each social site and monitor and reply to all comments or interactions from one dashboard without going to each channel. 

Things like monitoring all your social in one place, switching between client and personal accounts in a click, rescheduling with ease, and automated reporting are all HUGE time-savers to my business. But, better yet, the help for crafting an informed and effective strategy this software allows innately improves your work. Thanks, Agorapulse!

Instead of rambling on and on about all the reasons Agorapulse helps propel your social, go take it for a test these Social Media Scheduling tools spin and see for yourself. 

One thing I’m still waiting for with Agorapulse is Pinterest integration. Other than that, it’s nearly perfect and certainly improves your ability to serve clients professionally. 

Increase Distribution & Amplification Visibility 

One problem with distribution and amplification, networking, and relationship building through social channels hinges on the quality, viability, and resonance your content delivers. Your audience appeal depends on how your content connects, especially if you’re moving toward reaching out to influencers or landing projects. 

This comprehensive guide from Click-minded is a good reminder and how-to guide for developing your SMM strategy emphasizing in part, “…social media marketing is the process of strategically using social channels to generate meaningful and measurable impact for a business.” 

Your content is foundational to the success of your social media marketing. It doesn’t matter if you blog, vlog, podcast, Livestream, or mix it all, the content you produce is imperative in carrying your voice and business forward. 

Crafting social content with a strategic outlook, both copy and graphics, from your foundational content work is another piece of the puzzle. Your social and social selling content carries your voice further to extend the reach of your message in a minified form, then invites people further along, and to your website.

Roll Out the Quality Content Carpet

Your quality content is like a wave rolling out, and it brings people riding the wave back into you, ready to have fun and interact with your business. So how do you build a solid content plan?

Well, in this episode of Maximize Your Social Influence with Neal Schaffer, Neal shares: How to Strategically Create Your Library of Content in One Year. Listen as he tells you how to plan out and build one year’s worth of blog content to become your “strategic library of content.”

Neal asserts, “This content will not only help you rank higher for SEO but also give you a social “voice” and allow you to engage with both prospects and clients in social media as well as your email subscribers.”

Content analysis is a key factor to initiating, planning, or evolving your social strategy by helping you hone in on best performers and audience understanding. 

4 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Using Social Media Scheduling Tools for 2021”

  1. Hi Sue-Ann, I’m loving Agorapulse 🙂 I used to love the Buffer and use it occasionally but Agorapulse does so much more. The calendar view on Agorapulse is awesome and you can do it either daily, weekly or monthly 🙂
    Their reporting and listening is great too, and all under one convenient dashboard. They have saved me a lot of time over the years 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the share and comment, Lisa!

    And thank you for sharing your experience with Agorapulse. It’s been a fun and useful tool to have, that’s for sure:)

    Social media is a bigger part of business and content marketing than I first realized I think so I’m glad I listened to you.

    Take care and thank you, Sue-Ann

  3. Hi Sue-Ann,

    All good reasons here. Rolling out the quality content red carpet makes sense and amplifying that content through social sharing via automating makes even more sense. Observe how big business advertises again, and again and again to spread the word. Why not advertise-market your high quality content again, again and again by promoting it early and often via automation?


    • Thanks, Ryan! It feels so important to share what we write and create. Not that the process isn’t fulfilling, but sharing and helping others through the work is even nicer. And truly, social media is no doubt a driving force in marketing today and for creating those touch points. I appreciate you reading/sharing/commenting… in fact, I appreciate you. Take care and thanks, Sue-Ann

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