Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

It is simply impossible today to think about a day in front of the laptop without Google Chrome. Chrome has become so very important in our lives that we can afford a day without food but not without chrome. In such a condition to remain most updated and advanced in your searches, you can completely rely on the chrome browser which is ever advancing with a variety of useful Chrome Extensions to make Chrome more user-friendly every day.

What are Extensions?

Extensions are actually small software programs that help the designers and developers enhance and modify the working of the chrome browser. Web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript are basically used to design the Chrome Extensions. The user can download and install all the files that come bundled in a single file.  To stream down the ones that would help you the most in your project to develop a perfect and suitable interface for you, these below-sorted Chrome Extensions would be of great help.

List of Top Chrome Extensions for Web Designers


A new way to interact with the Dev Tools that gives you full access to create keyboard shortcuts and bookmarks as well to the DOM elements to achieve quicker inspections. The features of this Chrome extension are as follows:

  • DomFlags offer a fast and intuitive method for DOM navigation.
  • It comes combined with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts enabled usability.
  • Comprised of auto inspecting flagged elements
  • Quick access to multiple styling elements.
  • Automatically saves the changes made to your web pages.


The open-source extension that helps in the measuring of screen dimensions.

It is the simplest way to activate the extension and start measuring. With a new graphical UI mockup, Dimension is the best and the handiest tool ever. Features of this extension are as follows:

  • Measures images, elements, buttons, input fields, gifs, videos, text, and icons impeccably.
  • PNG and JPEG mock-ups are measured with the activation of Dimensions by dropping them into Chrome.
  • The keyboard shortcut for enabling and disabling Dimensions can be added to the end of the extensions.
  • Press ALT for measuring the dimensions of the connected area.
  • It is an Open Source and is Github Hosted.

45 to 75:

You can easily optimize the line length between 45 and 75 characters with the help of this particular Chrome extension. Once you have activated this extension you can ensure standard line lengths.

  • Unique Font and layout styles.
  • Ensure text readability across various situations of reading.
  • Pressing of the right cursor key enables keeping line length maintained to AKA measure of 45 to 75.
  • Right-click on the highlighted texts brings out the length of it calculated instantly without any glitch or lack in performance.

Page Ruler:

When there is an involvement of margins and padding, a definitive measurement is highly appreciable despite ems and rems. You can easily gauge the height, width, and position of the page by dragging out a ruler on the page with the help of the Page Ruler extension. The consistent spacing of the entire page can also be measured by moving the ruler over the page from one position to another.

  • Dragging facility of the extension allows it to place it anywhere on the page and measure consistency in terms of length, width, and position.
  • Resize ability by dragging the edges of the ruler.
  • The size and position of the ruler can be manually updated.
  • ‘Element Mode’ enables outline elements of the page.
  • Navigation through Parent, child, and siblings elements.
  • Localization in over 10 languages.

Window resize:

This is a single functional extension that works well on one aspect and that too perfectly. In order to emulate various kinds of resolutions on the browser’s window, this extension holds the capacity to resize it.Layouts can be tested on different browser resolutions by web designers.

  • Fully customizable resolutions list available.
  • The width, position of the window, height, preset icon, option to apply new dimension to the whole window can be resized.
  • Personalized Global Key shortcuts are available.


Social Media require regular updates that are very efficiently managed by this great extension called Buffer. Adding content to social sites is made super easy with the help of this extension, you just need to click the icon on the highlighted text and the updates with quoted text will be automatically populated. Then simply choose the services you wish to push the update to and click “Add to Queue”.

  • Each updated shared has analytics for each: Repins, Retweets, Likes, shares, mentions, and much more.
  • Scheduling of posts using a custom time feature.

Robots Vs Humans:

You can view any robot texts and human text files for any website easily with the help of this extension and allows them to fight for extreme supremacy.

  • An indication is available to show the presence of robot texts or human text files on a website.
  • Displays the robot texts and human text files.
  • The battle between robots and humans to determine the ultimate fate of each.


Your login and security are extra strong with the addition of this Google Chrome extension named Invigilator. It also protects your page from bad extensions. A periodical check on the reviews of each and every extension keeps you alert on an attack by adware and bad extensions.

  • A convenient toolbar button to manage your apps and extensions.
  • Uninstalled extensions are kept in knowledge.
  • Log history for actions such as enabling, installing, updates, disabling and uninstalling etc.
  • Notification of extension updates.
  • Notification of change of owner name of any extension.

Project Naptha:

Any image on the web that is embedded with text can be easily separated from this Project Naptha. You need to only mark, copy the text, edit it, and decode the text from any image present on the web page. Features of the extension are as mentioned:

  • Automatically affects the up to date algorithms in computer vision on all those images you find on the web page.
  • The Copy and edit element of the text embedded in the image allows you to extract it from the image with a separate identity.
  • Erase, edit, or translate words embedded in the image.

Chrome Sniffer Plus:

The Chrome Sniffer Plus extension provides you a quick and convenient way in the process of understanding the source code of the website which is otherwise automatically done by experienced developers on just seeing.

  • You can trim Javascript Libraries like ExtJS, jQuery, Angular, and many others, Web APIs like Google Analytics, Blogger, etc, Web Framework like WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, CodeIgniter, MediaWiki with this extension added to your Chrome.
  • A small icon on the toolbar detects the present frameworks along with the version.

iMacros for Chrome:

When it is something more than just testing your web pages regularly and frequently too, then it is these chrome extensions that you are required to take help of and get the work done easily and effectively. The iMacros extension helps to save your records and actions effectively in order to provide you a faster result.

  • A single click of a button enables the testing process through saved actions and records of previous tests.
  • Easy filling of web forms, password remembering capacity, provides webmail notification, etc.

Image Downloader:

Image downloading cannot be faster than this in any other extension for Chrome. For those who design and develop web pages, this is a regular duty that is made easy with the Image Downloader extension.

  • View images that are stored in the page and also on other pages.
  • Filter them based on height, width, and URL.
  • Click on the image to download.


Wish to know about the font you need to just move your cursor over the text and you will be able to know details about it. This unique chrome extension allows you to get a quick knowledge about the font in a particular text.

  • Detecting any font by just hovering over the text.
  • Finds out the services used for providing the font.
  • Supports TypeKit and GoogleFont API.


Sometimes you cannot detect why you are facing a slowdown of the web page loading and wish to know the reason to combat it on time. The YSlow chrome extension is ready to find out the reason and fix it right on time.

  • Tests the web pages against 23 of 34 rules of Yahoo.
  • Suggests ways to improve the performance of the website.

Web Developer Checklist:

This extension is the best practice maintenance extension for chrome which is most useful for designers and developers to follow the best practices for web development.

The problem areas in your designed web page are very easily detected by this extension.

  • Violation of any best practice is analyzed at ease with effective options available.
  • It is a companion extension for the


The management and browsing experience in Chrome are made even easier and smoother with Chrome extensions like these. These are all tested for excellence and based on practical experience and suitability factors.

Each and every Chrome Extensions is modified based on the need faced by experienced designers and developers to influence the smoother functioning of Google Chrome.

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