Top 5 Event Blogging Blogger Template 2022

Being on a FREE blogging platform from Google, all you can look for is a fantastic and premium looking design apart from the optimization kind of things. BlogSpot has always been the choice of beginner Event Bloggers. Even a lot of professional event bloggers are still using the free blogging platform.

The biggest leverage is unlimited bandwidth, people are still sticking to this blogging platform. On the very day of the event, the web traffic is damn too much, and a standard shared web hosting server cannot handle all that. So, a blogger is the best choice as a platform for event blogging in the case where you do have not a lot of money to spend on a high capacity VPS server.

Well, after deciding on the platform, one has to take a decision on a great template for a better user experience.

What features does a blogger look at in an Event Blogging Blogger Template?

When it comes to event blogging, two things have vital importance while selecting the template for it.

  1. SEO- Search engine friendly code must be the priority because unless you have a good on-page SEO score and keywords at the right place on the web pages, it is entirely a waste of time making backlinks and all that off-page SEO stuff.
  2. AdSense- Next, comes the only thing behind the idea of starting a blog especially for a single event and that’s monetization. Most of the event blogs are monetized through google’s monetization platform, AdSense. A blogger template that has useful placeholders for ads is an ideal template for event bloggers.
  3. User Experience- Not only for conversion-focused websites need a great user experience. Even sites that earn only from advertisements also need a better user experience that can drive more and more clicks on ads. (Only ad impressions do not generate huge income for event bloggers.)

List of Best Event Blogging Blogger Template

#1. Frontier Event Blogging Template

The only theme out in the list that has a WordPress version is also available. If you would look at the appearance, you won’t find it too catchy, elegant, and stylish. But talking about the optimization and the code part, it is worth being the best blogger template, especially for event blogs.

The theme has all the features you would find in an ideal event blogging blogger template. SEO optimized headings, titles and a boxed layout makes it very suitable for an event blog.

It is a bit harsh to customize any Event Blogging Blogger Template as you have to mess with HTML code and it would be totally a cock and bull story for a complete noob.

Well, I have seen no event blogging using this template with a homepage slider. So, just a bit of quick advice: Remove it while setting up your event blog.

#2. Hola Event Blogging template

Resembles the old saying.

Simple living and high thinking.

Being simple, it sizzles with its search engine friendly code and design. Not much stuffed with colors and CSS codes to make it a bit complex on the parameters of the design.

Not more than 5 colours are used in the theme code, and the left widget area is entirely left blank in the demo which is a perfect place to put an AdSense ad code.

You always have that right sidebar to be widget sized accordingly while displaying ads on the left side.

Boxed content container and full-width footer bring a loyal and graphically versatile outfit for your next event blog.

#3. Copy Blogger v2 Event Blogging Template

I wonder if you did not know the name of this content marketing and SEO blog. The developers of the most popular SEO friendly WordPress themes vendor, StudioPress.

Copyblogger itself has a highly intuitive design and awesome compatibility with search engine algorithms. And I can say that just having the clone of a design does not matter in the case of SEO.

With two menu containers and a boxed layout, it stands out. Well, as it is a conversion-focused template, you can definitely use the template to give a supercharge to your event blog.

#4. Elice Event Blogging Template

The elice template seems to be very simple but codes wise it is super friendly. And talking about an event blogging blogger template, it matches as the best choice.

Graphically clean and codewise decent blogger template Elice is developed by Chandeep of blogtipsntricks. Not only for event blogs but also for increasing feed subscriptions, the template is a perfect fit.

#5 Simplify and Simplify2

If you are a design lover, you would love to have an event site on this template. Most of my own event niche sites (which are hosted on Blogspot) are loaded with simplify 2 blogger templates.

The only drawback of the template is that – I could not remove the credit link in the FREE version and so you can’t.

The template features a full-width header and footer ad space along with a place for ads in the sidebar and after post title and content.

In my view, it is the only Event Blogging Blogger Template for blogger platform which has its own shortcodes for buttons, codes, lists, and youtube videos. Furthermore, I could add responsive videos in the blog posts that adapts the device width seamlessly.

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