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Host IT Smart VPS Hosting

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Not just during Black Friday season, Host IT Smart offers a massive 50% OFF during all 365 days in their VPS hosting plans. With their power-packed features, your website or blog will perform more than you expected.


Affordable VPS hosting solution that too with an easy monthly billing agreement, what else is needed in a VPS hosting provider in India?

Sounds Interesting?

Let’s explore more about the provider in this blog post.

The company is none other than Host IT Smart an India-based web hosting service provider that offers VPS hosting solutions and other hosting packages at affordable costs with solid features.

Jack Kelly who is a web hosting expert and founder at Website Planet admits Host IT Smart is one of the super cool web hosting service providers in India that he has tested.

So, if you are searching for a better VPS hosting service provider in India to start a blog,

Host IT Smart will be one of the finest choices.

Follow the Host IT Smart review post to know more about the company’s VPS hosting plans pricing, features, pros, cons, how to get started with Host IT Smart VPS hosting with 50% OFF, and much more interesting review stuff.

Host IT Smart Review – Why is VPS Hosting from Host IT Smart?

host it smart review vps hosting

‘Shared web hosting is affordable and best for beginners’ is the statement that we are all usually aware of. That’s actually the truth.

But, when your website starts getting a decent amount of traffic after 3 to 6 months from the launch, you cannot rely on shared web hosting as it might not handle a lot of traffic.

So, in this case, you may need to shift your website from shared web hosting to some other hosting solutions.

I would strongly say, go for a VPS hosting solution. Many of you think VPS hosting is costlier. Yes, it’s costlier, but with other hosting providers.

VPS Hosting plans are dead cheap with Host IT Smart provider. That’s why I recommend it over other providers in India.

Let’s take a look at the amazing features offered in the Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans.

Click here to get your VPS Hosting plan at Host IT Smart with a 50% discount.

Host IT Smart VPS Hosting Top Features

Not just the affordable pricing structure should only be the reason to consider Host IT Smart VPS hosting, but also the company’s unbelievable features. Explore below,

  • 16 Different VPS Hosting Plans

While many other hosting providers in India only offer three to four VPS hosting plans, the Host IT Smart company offers a massive 16 different Virtual Private Server hosting plans at affordable price ranges under the standard and enterprise categories.

Depending on your CPU, RAM, and SSD storage requirements, you can choose one Host IT Smart VPS hosting plan.

  • Host an Unlimited Number of Websites

Unlike shared or WordPress hosting plans, you are only offered to host a limited number of websites, in Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans, you can host unlimited domains irrespective of the plan you choose.

  • Get Full Root Access

The server you will get from Host IT Smart VPS plans can be instantly scalable. Also, you will get full root access to your servers. So, you can take complete control over the hosting.

You can install any number of custom apps to your server or even use the default apps as many as you want. The server space is literally all yours when you purchase a VPS hosting plan from Host IT Smart.

  • 24/7/365 Round-The-Clock Support

The customer care support system at Host IT Smart web hosting provider is just up to the mark. No matter what hosting queries you need to ask, you can contact the team anytime, and you will get your queries solved in a couple of minutes.

There is a chat box on the website itself, in order to solve your doubts instantly, you can use the chat box and chat with real people to get rid of the stress from your hosting issues.

  • Easy User Dashboard

Host IT Smart web hosting account dashboard is simple and intuitive. You never need to be a pro at using VPS hosting plans.

Even if you are a beginner, you can seamlessly get practice on the company’s dashboard.

No matter what tasks you want to follow like taking backups, Installing WordPress on VPS, or even using the resources within your VPS hosting plan, you can easily handle all tasks with the help of the easy user dashboard.

  • Choose a Data Center Location of your Choice

There are two data center locations, one in India and another one in the USA. Depending on your traffic receiving region, you can choose a data center location of your choice.

If you target audiences from India, while purchasing a VPS hosting plan, better if you choose an India data center. For a global target, go to the USA data center. The choice is yours.

  • VPS Hosting Plans at Highly Affordable Pricing Structure

Do you believe that you can avail VPS Hosting plan for just 234 INR/mo? Yes, you must believe as Host IT Smart VPS web hosting provider offers VPS hosting plans starting from just 234 INR per month to host unlimited domains.

Comparatively, with other VPS hosting providers in India, Host IT Smart offers affordable prices.

Let’s discuss the Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans and pricing in the upcoming pricing section followed by the section on how to sign up for VPS hosting plans at Host IT Smart with an instant 50% discount.

How to Sign up for Host IT Smart VPS hosting plan and Save 50%?

A simple step-by-step procedure to getting started with your Host IT Smart VPS plan and instantly save 50%.

Step 1: Click Here for a special 50% discount applied link. You will be taken to the Host IT Smart official VPS hosting page.

Step 2: As Host IT Smart offers VPS plans under two different categories such as standard and enterprise. You have to pick one of your choices. For basic use, go for standard.

host it smart high grade vps hosting plans

Step 3: Under the standard VPS hosting category, there are 8 different plans to choose from. To see the available plans, scroll a little down. I have chosen the basic plan ‘LIN S1’ which costs INR 234 per month. Click configure under the plan name.

choose lin s1 vps plan

Step 4: You have to choose your billing term length starting from 1 month to 36 months. Choose the plan accordingly. The higher the term length you choose, the extra discounts you will get.

For higher discounts, choose a 36-month billing term length.

choose your billing term length

Step 5: You will be requested to choose configurable options such as SSL, control panel, OS, etc. choose accordingly. Fill in your billing details as well.

Step 6: On the bottom of your checkout page, a popup will be there with your full invoice amount. Click ‘Continue to Checkout’ and proceed with the payment process.

A 50% discount will be applied automatically during your checkout.

Upon successful payment, you are ready to use the resources from the Host IT Smart VPS plan you have purchased.

Host IT Smart VPS hosting Plans & Pricing

As already stated, there are two different VPS hosting categories.

  • Host IT Smart VPS standard hosting
  • Host IT Smart VPS enterprise hosting

Let’s take a look at the different plans under the 2 categories along with their features, names, and pricing as well.

Host IT Smart Review – Standard VPS Hosting Pricing

host it smart standard vps hosting pricing
  • LIN S1 – 234 INR /mo
  • LIN S2 – 360 INR /mo
  • LIN S3 – 485 INR /mo
  • LIN S4 – 635 INR /mo
  • LIN S5 – 930 INR /mo
  • LIN S6 – 1159.39 INR /mo
  • LIN S7 – 1314.39 INR /mo
  • LIN S8 – 1562.39 INR /mo

To know the features and resources you will get in the plan you choose, ensure to refer to the image taken straight from the Host IT Smart official VPS pricing page.

Host IT Smart Review – Enterprise VPS Hosting Pricing

host it smart enterprise vps hosting pricing
  • LIN E1 – 560 INR /mo
  • LIN E2 – 840 INR /mo
  • LIN E3 – 1120 INR /mo
  • LIN E4 – 1400 INR /mo
  • LIN E5 – 1925 INR /mo
  • LIN E6 – 2400 INR /mo
  • LIN E7 – 2681.25 INR /mo
  • LIN E8 – 3150 INR /mo

Compared with the standard VPS hosting, you will get more powerful resources when you purchase a VPS hosting plan under the enterprise category.

Host IT Smart VPS Hosting Review – Pros & Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of Host IT Smart VPN plans.


  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • SSD storage from 20GB up to 120GB
  • Security at its best
  • Better website performance
  • Full control over the hosting environment
  • Monthly billing term length
  • Domain registration services


  • SSL certificates at an extra cost
  • Panel and Fully managed support at an extra cost


Overall, if you are looking to change your hosting plan from shared web hosting to a VPS plan to handle more traffic and avail more powerful resources, VPS hosting plan is the better option.

If you are about to get a VPS hosting plan, try one of the Host IT Smart VPS hosting plans starting from just 234 INR/mo.

Host IT Smart VPS hosting plan, undoubtedly one of the best VPS hosting plans in India to run successful websites and blogs.

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Why Host IT Smart VPS hosting over shared web hosting plans?

A shared web hosting plan is a better choice only for websites or blogs that are receiving less traffic. When you experience a spiking in your traffic, in order to handle all the traffic without any interruption, you need a VPS hosting plan. Getting it from Host IT Smart company charges you very less and the features are rich.

What are the other hosting solutions offered by Host IT Smart in India?

Apart from the VPS hosting solutions, Host IT Smart offers other hosting solutions such as shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, eCommerce hosting, Reseller hosting, Linux hosting, and dedicated server hosting as well.

How many websites can I be able to host on a Host IT Smart VPS hosting plan?

You are not limited to hosting domains. No matter what plan you choose, you can host an unlimited number of domains at no extra cost.

Does Host IT Smart offer a monthly billing contract?

Yes, if you want to pay your VPS hosting bills monthly, you can do so as the monthly billing contract is easily available with Host IT Smart. Unfortunately, the price may vary from one billing term length to another.

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