How to Get Free Rudraksha from Isha Foundation

This particular article provides detailed information about how to get free Rudraksha from Isha Foundation. So without further delay, let’s get started. Rudraksha is a seed from the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree, primarily found in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and Indonesia. These seeds are considered sacred and have great importance in Hinduism. According to Hindu scriptures, Rudraksha is termed as the tear-drops of Bhagwan Shiva.

The Rudraksha beads have a unique design with several faces on their surface. You can choose the Rudraksha type based on your needs and spiritual practices.

These beads are usually worn as a necklace or bracelet.

How many types of Rudraksha are offered by Isha Foundation?

The number of faces in Rudraksha ranges from one-twentyone, each having its own specialty. It is recommended to consult any respected individual or personality before wearing a Rudraksha. This is because wearing the wrong type can disturb your entire life.

Firstly comes the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha, which has a single face, and its energy can leave you in solitude. So if you want to obtain this powerful bead, get it from any trusted source like Isha Foundation. The most common type of beads here are the Panchmukhi Rudraksha or the five-faced beads. It is safe for every man, woman, and child and is believed to bring well-being, balance, and spiritual growth.

The Cheh Mukhi, or six-faced Rudraksha, benefits children below 14 years. It enhances their willpower, increases focus and determination, and reduces anxiety.

Benefits of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is believed to possess several spiritual benefits in various cultural traditions, particularly in Hinduism. Based on individual experience, below mentioned are some benefits of Rudraksha.

a) Assist in Meditation – Rudraksha beads are believed to be associated with calming effects. Thus, it reduces anxiety by balancing the mind and relieves stress.

b) Positive Energy – Due to the emission of positive vibrations, Rudraksha protects individuals by providing a layer of positive energy.

c) Increase Concentration Level – Rudraksha beads tend to sharpen minds by improving mental clarity. This benefits individuals to increase their focus in every aspect of their life.

d) Health Benefits – It is believed that Rudraksha tends to regulate blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. It improves your overall physical health and increases productivity.

How to Get Free Rudraksha from Isha Foundation

Ordering a Rudraksha from the Isha Foundation is straightforward. The following steps provide you with a step-by-step Procedure to order a Rudraksha from the Isha Foundation.

1. Visit the Isha Foundation’s official website –

2. Explore the website and look for the “Shop” button. It is generally available on the header or the main menu section.


3. On entering the shop or store, look for the type of Rudraksha you want to purchase. Clicking on the preferred products will view some additional information.


4. While selecting a Rudraksha, consider some essential factors such as the size, type, and specific properties or benefits.

5. Add the preferred Rudraksha to your Cart. You will also have the option to set the quantity if the requirement is more than one product.

6. Review your Cart. After the selection process, a shopping cart icon will be displayed. Click on this Cart if you wish to make any necessary modifications.

7. Once your selection of items is finished, click on the “Checkout” button to proceed to the checkout process.

8. During checkout, provide your shipping address, contact information, and payment details. Make sure to fill in the required information carefully.

9. Once you review and confirm your order, click the “Place Order” button. On clicking, you will instantly receive a confirmation email with a summary of your purchase.

10. After placing the order, the Isha Foundation will review your provided details and prepare for the shipment process. Moreover, you will receive a tracking number to track the overall shipment process.

How to use Rudraksha from Isha Foundation?

Some specific rules and regulations need to be followed while wearing a Rudraksha. Below mentioned are some points regarding the same

1. On receiving the Rudraksha from Isha Foundation, cleanse it with cold water and immerse the mala in ghee for around 24 hours.

2. Later, soak it in full-fat milk for another 24 hours. After 24 hours, wipe the mala with a clean cotton cloth and then rub it with Vibhuti.

3. The Rudraksha should be worn at all times.

4. Bath with cold water, as the Rudraksha beads should not come into contact with soap or hot water.

5. When not worn, the beads should be kept on a clean white cotton cloth, silk, or any natural fabric.

Final Words about Isha foundation Rudraksha free

Thus the provided article shares information about getting Free Rudraksha from Isha Foundation. Please note that these benefits are based on traditional beliefs, rudraksha diksha that vary from person to person.

Consult with experts, spiritual practitioners, or individuals experienced in Rudraksha before purchasing the Rudraksha beads.

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