How to Learn to Love Yourself? 15 Life-Changing Tips

You must have fallen in love at least one time with someone in your life. But have you ever found the answer to how to learn to love yourself? I am sure you will be a little confused after reading this.

Love always means for others. Some attraction, or liking for others’ beauty and qualities. Am I not sounding right to you?

Most of the time, we are obsessed with watching others’ qualities that we often forget loving ourselves. You must realize the fact that before loving others, you must fall in love with your uniqueness.

Every individual is fabulous in their way, and you don’t need a certificate from others to believe this. You are single of your kind. No other human is the same as you in this whole universe.

Do you want to know How to Learn to Love Yourself?

Do you know how to love yourself? Most of us don’t bother to think about our expectations. We are so consumed fulfilling the needs of others that we most often sacrifice our desires.

How to learn to love yourself means learning to take care of your choices. Please don’t confuse it with selfishness. To love others, we should first fall into self-love.

A person who is ignorant of the feelings of self can never be responsible for others. In this article, I am going to share with you some life-changing tips for loving yourself.

How to Learn to Love Yourself – Tip 1: Develop a habit of writing.

Do you think it is the job of writers to write only? If yes, then you are mistaken, my dear friend. We all should write daily.

Do you know many successful people who write a daily diary?

You must be aware of this. Writing helps you share your feelings to you—the unheard, unspoken, and unshared feelings.

Sometimes we are not comfortable to speak what we feel in front of others. And when there is a lot left to be said, we are occupied by strain in our mind. We feel restlessness. Our heart needs to share but to whom?

“The best person to whom you can share your feelings is you. Emotions, the good ones, or the bad ones, it will always be a secret. A secret that is shared, said, heard, and even understood.”- Shubha.

Writing helps to find a friend of yours inside you. You are the speaker, and you are the listener. Be your friend, start loving yourself. Fall in love with yourself secretly. Enjoy this secret love.

How to Learn to Love Yourself –Tip 2: Enjoy loneliness.

Sometimes loneliness is far better than a bad company. We can better connect to our feelings when we are alone. Some people go into depression when there is no one around them.

But I feel that loneliness is the best period for self-exploration and to practice self love. If you learn to master the art to enjoy the company of yourself, I am sure you will learn how to love yourself too.

Loneliness is the period of complete emptiness. If you utilize this time as your time, you will start seeing the change in your personality. You will start experiencing your hidden traits, which will make you fall in love with yourself.

How to love yourself –Tip 3: Learn to say no.

Most of us feel uneasy while saying no to the things which we dislike doing. We start thinking about what will be the reaction of others.

Because of this mentality, we end up doing so many useless things that kill our precious time. If we learn to say no for what we don’t like, our life would be more comfortable. We will be able to save much of our time.

That time can be utilized for the self-enhancement process. We can do something creative which we like doing. And the result of the work that we do by our choice is excellent.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 4: Develop trust in yourself.

How to Learn to Love Yourself

Most are hesitant to do things just because we fear doing it wrong. We are sceptical of our potentials, which stops us from trusting ourselves.

The process of falling in love with yourself starts with trusting in your qualities. What if you do something, and it goes the wrong way? Will it be the end of your trials?

No way. You can again try new and sharpened personal development skills. Self-trust is one of the most needed attributes which any individual must possess before asking how to love me.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 5: Celebrate imperfections.

No one is perfect in this whole universe. We all have demerits along with merits.

Sometimes we develop shyness due to some of our traits that people consider imperfect, and this restricts us from loving ourselves.

Let us take an example; fairness is regarded as a perfection point for a beautiful face. But not every color is white. You know well beauties with dark and dusky skin tones. Many of us are obsessed with changing our colors to a fairer side that we stop to recognize other facial traits.

Admire what God has given you. Don’t fall in the worldly trap of perfection standards. By comparing yourself to others, you will only get dissatisfaction. Try loving yourself for who you are, not for what you want to become.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 6: Go on a Solo trip.

You must have gone on numerous trips with your partner or family members. Try the idea of a solo trip next time when you want to travel.

When we have the company of others, we only focus on behaving according to them. We are always worried about their likes and dislikes.

But when we are alone, all hesitations are gone. We feel free. And this freeness allows us to explore more about ourselves. The more you get to know yourself, the closer you will get to you.

How to love yourself is directly related to how to know yourself. Try this. You will not regret it.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 7: Try new things.

By trying new things, I mean trying something that you always wanted to try but have not tried because of shyness. Like if you have a hidden desire to learn dance, you should give it a try.

If you want to do something and you think you will fail. Then also give it a try. It will make you confident.

Try developing new interests like painting, gardening, singing, writing, blogging, freelancing, or anything which interests you.

This habit will help you to explore your strengths and weakness.

You can work on your fault and enhance your power. Trying out new things will bring you closer to yourself and help in loving yourself.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 8: Surround yourself with positive people.

Surrounding yourself with positive people means getting surrounded by positive energy. Positivity can make your recessive traits to the dominant ones.

The more you become aware of your qualities, the more you fall for yourself. It is well said we are a result of our company and surroundings. If we are overcrowded with people who always pull our legs, we will start losing trust in our calibres.

If a person’s single mistake is repeated a hundred times, it becomes a crime in his thoughts. But if you are continuously pushed to do something great, you will do something unexpected.

And this success will serve as the key to the lock where you will find how to learn to love yourself.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 9: Learn to forgive yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes, and you are not an exception. It is ok if you have done something wrong unknowingly in your life.

Even if you have done something wrong knowingly, then too, you should not blame yourself for it throughout your life. As forgiveness is necessary for a relationship, it is essential for self-love also.

Try not to repeat past mistakes but stop giving yourself pain for your past deeds. As everyone needs to be given a chance, you, too, need a chance.

Forgiveness for your mistakes will transform you from inside. You will feel more responsible for life. And this responsibility will teach you how to learn to love yourself.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 10: Applaud your qualities.

Every individual has some qualities for which they are considered different. You might be a good singer, a good dancer, a good writer, a good speaker, a good friend, or a right partner.

The point you need to understand is you are worth many things. You may be an ordinary person for many, but you might seem to their world for some or a few. Applaud yourself for the qualities which you are inheriting.

Try to develop more hidden traits of yours. By appreciating yourself for your attributes, you will slowly trust your importance.

You will start feeling that your existence matters to this universe. And this is how to learn to love yourself. Fall for your attributes rather than cursing for your flaws.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 11: Do exercise daily.

Exercising can make our body fit. A fit body is a home for a healthy mind, and a healthy brain is full of positive thoughts. By exercising, you can develop your strengths and keep your body in shape.

Nowadays, many people visit gyms despite their gender. Everyone wants to have a healthy and toned body. A toned body makes you look young and attractive.

Exercise is of many types- you can do some warmups at home also. A morning walk will be much appreciated. Exercise does not mean only for muscles. It is intended for proper care of all body parts, like-hair to toes.

You will start gaining confidence in your appearance. You will feel comfortable in front of others. Exercise can help you fall in love with your body and help you learn how to love yourself.

How to learn loving yourself-Tip 12: Meditate.

As exercise is for the body, meditation is for the brain. It is effortless to get lost in the negativities and negative thoughts. And the negativities, in turn, develop self-doubt. How do you love yourself when you doubt yourself?

When we start examining ourselves, we can never love us. Meditation is the sure-shot solution to end this doubt. We are made to realize that we are worth the love. Thoughts of our brains are connected to the feelings of our hearts.

It would help if you meditated to root out all the negative chaos that occurs in your mind. To learn to love yourself, you should free your mind from hateful thoughts and feelings. And what else can be a better way to feed our mind with purity other than meditation?

How to love myself-Tip 13: Buy gifts for yourself.

Sounds funny? Might be. But it will fun to buy some surprise gifts for you. Plan your surprise like you are planning for another person.

Assume that you are going to surprise someone else. It will take an exciting deal. Why should others always have the fun of your surprises? And why expect others to surprise you? Be your admirer.

Whenever you do something good, give yourself credit for it. And to remember those moments, make yourself happy with a surprise gift.

To fall in love takes effort and to fall in love with self takes some effortless actions.

I hope you get to understand its meaning.

How to Learn to Love Yourself –Tip 14: Listen to music or watch Movies.

Listening to music has many effects on your mind. You will be amazed to know music can make your mind ready to accept all positivity of surroundings. There are many online streaming platforms i.e Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or movie apps available you can watch motivation movies from there.

Music has the potential to wipe all pains from your heart. Tell me one thing, don’t you feel connected to some songs? Also, if you think precisely, you will observe your different moods require different pieces of songs.

When you are sad, you will like some slow song. I have experienced some emotional outbreaks while listening to some tunes. But after that I feel relaxed. Music relates to our soul. It helps us to connect with our feelings.

If you want to know how to learn to love yourself, you must try listening to music. Listening to music will give you inner peace with the refreshment of the mind and purification of the soul.

How to learn loving yourself? -Tip 15: Develop bonding with nature.

The beauty of nature is the result of the love of God. Bonding with nature will reward you spiritually. Try sometime the company of nature. Walk amidst the greenery, mountains, or flowing water.

Observe the beauty of nature.

Trust me, and you will fall in love with this universe. What we have got, everything has come from this mother nature. Have you ever seen a sunset? Or the meeting point of the sky with the land? Does it not resemble two lovers meeting secretly at a distant place?

This universe is all revolving around love. When you start to connect with the beauty of nature, you will see a sudden change in your mood. You will be happier, more energetic, and more appreciating.

For your knowledge, I want to tell you that you will find an impact of the beauty of nature on your soul. You will finally know how to learn to love yourself.

Some great quotes about loving yourself:

  • “If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.”– Charles Bukowski.
  • “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”– Robert Morley.
  • “Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.”– Katrina Mayer
  • “If there is one thing, I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.”– Beyonce.

Wrapping up

These are some of my personal views on how to start loving yourself.

I follow these points religiously in my life to love myself. I hope you liked reading this post and will learn some tricks to create self-love.

Share and comment if you enjoyed reading. Share your views on how to learn to love yourself?

I am waiting for your responses eagerly.

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5 thoughts on “How to Learn to Love Yourself? 15 Life-Changing Tips”

  1. Hello ma’am,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, no doubt some intense goodness lies in it.

    Yes the self love is one of the most important factor of one’s life and career.

    In my opinion self-belief and eagerness to explore new things is the self love.

    You’ve explained it very well. Hope the post will bring some nourishing changes in people’s life.
    Please keep up the good work.

    Raksha Kumawat

  2. Wonderful and Brilliant Post regarding how to love Yourself.
    In order to achieve love, happiness and success, its responsibility of ours to take care. This article describes the true things to take care of Self Love.

  3. A very nice article to know and love yourself and applaud your potential and qualities. I started following some points here for a positive change in my typical guy life after 40, sure the world is not the end at this age as people make out to be, many laugh at me when i say i m learning to blog, doing coding, i took it with a pinch of salt and moulded my ideas and putting it to work, with a tech background i was never alone,feel sorry for those souls.
    I would like to place Some pointers i started following of late…
    1.Developed a habit of writing, be anything my gratitude app or a webinar i’m ready to jot down.
    2.Things i used to say no to i cannot do, took it as a challenge and started doing, like reading a book daily, not the whole but few chapters in the morning as i get up..” Inspired by Al Helrod “The Miracle Morning”.
    3.I am a music buff always listed to good old hindi music, Country Music my fav and sometimes calm nature sounds and i watch Netflix Religiously.
    4.I do suprise my self with gifts of what i like obviously a tech background guy like me loves gadgets new in the market.
    5. I do exercise daily for a Hour, have good supplements for strength.

    I’m not bragging about myself but These are some of the good things i put to practice then i preach, I’m a avid listener, i listened to friends pointing out my failures and negatives, i put them to practice and now im improving my inner self, my family is my peace, my strength and my kids are the positivity they spread and the love i get in return. These covid times have given us a very nice oppurtunity to really explore ourselves as you said love your self, explore your faults and deal with em and get to spend time with family and keep improving your knowledge by learning a skill you never thought was possible. Now don’t lament you never have time.

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