How to Remove OBJ in a Box in WordPress?

In this blog post, exclusively for those who are searching for an easy solution to remove OBJ in a box in WordPress page or post titles, I will explain how to remove OBJ in a box in WordPress in-depth to offer a detailed solution.

OBJ characters in a box structure are sometimes displayed by default at the end of posts or page titles in WordPress. It has become a headache for many WordPress users in recent times.

If you are one who is experiencing such an issue in your WordPress website or blog, don’t panic. 

There is a simple solution that you can easily follow to remove the OBJ in a box in WordPress.

Not just the section, but also, let me explain to you what is OBJ in a box. And why does the OBJ in a box appear at the end of the WordPress titles?

Let’s get started.

What is OBJ in a Box in WordPress?

OBJ stands for ‘Object Replacement Character’ in WordPress. 

this is how OBJ box looks in WordPress titles

OBJ is actually a kind of character in a format like [OBJ] sometimes will be displayed at the end of a WordPress page or post titles for some users. 

Not just on WordPress, while browsing social media websites like Facebook, Snapchat, or even some social media sites, you may come across strange OBJ characters in a box like [OBJ] at the end of post titles.

Many think OBJ in a box in WordPress or other social media websites is an emoji that appears without a reason or because of bugs in such platforms. No, it’s not an emoji, OBJ is actually a Unicode character. 

In simple terms, the character OBJ refers to an empty space in a Unicode system. Nothing more to discuss it.

But, wondering why it even appears and how to remove OBJ in a box in WordPress? Keep reading, I am explaining the same in the coming sections.

Why does OBJ in a Box Appear after WordPress Post/Page Titles Strangely?

I have gone through a WordPress support page where a user asks the same question, and I found the answer. It happens when you copy and paste titles somewhere else directly to WordPress editors.

If you are a person who used to write your blog posts either on MS Word or Google Docs and copy and paste the titles straight to your WordPress editor, sometimes, you may experience the OBJ characters that appear in a dashed box shape at the end of the titles.

The characters will not be displayed in your WP editor, but when you see the page or post in the preview tab, it does appear and the same will also display when you hit publish. 

Your readers may find it annoying to see such a strange acronym at the end of titles when they visit your posts or pages.

Not just at the end of the WordPress page or post titles, it is also suspected by many users that the OBJ characters sometimes appear at the URLs as well.

So, it is better to remove the OBJ in a box in WordPress just by following the simple to follow below-mentioned procedures.

Simple Solutions on How to Remove OBJ in a Box in WordPress

There are a few simple solutions that you can try to remove OBJ in a box in WordPress at the end of the title.

  • Do not copy and paste the title straight from Google Docs or MS Word to the WordPress editor, instead try to write down the title itself on the editor.
  • Another easy solution is that just paste the title of the post to any online plain text editor and then simply copy the title from the text editor and paste it into the WordPress editor.
  • There is another effective solution as well, if you are a Windows computer user, then try CTRL+SHIFT+V and those who are using MAC can try CMD+SHIFT+V.

Actually, the major solution here is that you should paste the title to the WordPress editor as plain text instead of copying and pasting from third-party programs like Google Docs or MS Word.

How to Remove OBJ Characters in WordPress Permalink URLs?

When OBJ characters appear at the end of the title, it also reflects on your URL as well. The strange acronym will completely ruin your permalinks structure.

So, you must remove the OBJ character in the WordPress title using the above-said formula. When it gets removed from the title, the characters automatically get removed from URLs as well. 

As you know, by default, WordPress URLs will be given as what you have used in the title. But, when you use SEO plugins like Rank Math, easily, you can change the URL of your choice. So, probably, OBJ characters never appear if you do so.


There are no exact reasons identified yet behind the appearance of the strange acronym OBJ in a box in WordPress at the end of the titles, and WordPress itself has not yet provided clear solutions, you can use the plain text formula to avoid OBJ insertion issues.

It’s a simple and easy process that anyone can do and remove the OBJ in a dashed box structure in WordPress titles.

Even though the solution is simple, there are still WordPress users do not aware of the solutions. I hope the blog post might help them. If you feel the same, I request you to share the blog post on your social media accounts and help me reach the post to many people.

How do I remove an OBJ from a title in WordPress?

Use the simple solution, while adding page or post titles to your WordPress editor, do not copy and paste from platforms like MS Word or Docs, instead write yourself in the editor or even copy and paste from a plain text editors like notepad tools.

Can I use any WordPress plugin to remove OBJ characters?

Yes, there are some plugins out there exclusively to remove OBJ files from WordPress. But, I don’t recommend it. Why do you do so, when you have a simple solution to remove it?

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