Top 10 Semrush Alternatives & Competitors That Every Marketer Needs

If you are looking for SEMrush alternatives that offer almost similar Semrush features but with an affordable pricing structure than Semrush, then you have some SEO toolkit options.

In this blog post, I will list out the top 10 Semrush alternatives and competitors that every marketer needs in 2023.

I believe the only reason that you may look for Semrush alternatives is that Semrush plans and pricing structure are not budget-friendly, especially for beginners.

Probably, beginners cannot afford Semrush during their initial phase of the blogging business

You have to spend almost 120 USD monthly for a basic Semrush plan. It’s too costly for beginners.

If you feel the same, go through the Semrush alternatives list of SEO toolkits and pick one that perfectly suits your budget.

Before getting started with the top 10 SEMrush alternatives, I want you to understand some solid features that SEMrush provides to customers.

Why has Semrush been considered the Best SEO toolkit?

SEMrush is undoubtedly one of the popular SEO toolkits that offer many benefits such as SEO, Content Marketing, Market Research, Advertisement, and Social Media.

There are many experts worldwide who rely on the SEMrush tool to improve their website organic traffic as the all-in-one tool is the best solution for all SEO-related issues.


Compared to all the other alternative toolkits out there, SEMrush gives more accurate metrics and insights than any other SEO tool in the world. That’s the one main reason many experts do not care about the pricing structure and consider SEMrush as the best SEO toolkit.

Features Offered by SEMrush

  • Keywords Research – You can find the best keywords with the Semrush keywords research feature to bring more organic traffic to your website.
  • On-Page SEO – To find the SEO on-pages issues in your websites or blogs, you can use the most advanced SEMrush on-page SEO feature.
  • Competitor Analysis – Know your competitor’s winning strategies by doing competitor analysis and increasing your website performance.
  • Content Marketing – Content strategy is important in any website’s growth. So, make use of Semrush powerful data-driven solutions to deliver promising content.
  • Link Building – Find opportunities to strengthen your backlink profile. A better backlink profile gains you the highest SERP rankings.

Apart from the 5 top features, there are even 15+ other features offered by the most popular SEO tool platform SEMrush.

Do you want to experience all the above-listed features of Semrush free of cost? 

If yes, you can avail of the SEMrush free trial account for 7 days and test the features at zero cost.

Let’s get started with the list of 10 top Semrush alternatives that you should give a try according to the budget range of your choice.

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List of 10 Top Semrush Alternatives and Competitors


I found one of the top alternatives to SEMrush in the list is Mangools. It’s rich in features and most importantly affordable for beginners


When it comes to finding keywords with search volume and difficulty score for blog post writings, the Mangools Keywords tool can suggest the right keywords.

Mangools SEO toolkit has been developed with an easy user interface. So, you do need any prior experience in using SEO tool platforms.

Features of Mangools Juicy SEO Tools

  • KWFinder

With the Mangools KWFinder tool, you can gather a list of thousands of long-tail keyword ideas with low SEO difficulty scores.

  • SERPChecker

It’s a SEPR analysis tool by which you can analyze the SERP results by inputting the keyword. You can choose the country as well as the device whether mobile or desktop while analyzing SERP results.

  • SERPWatcher

It’s a rank-tracking tool that helps you get ranking updates of your website keywords on a daily basis. You can watch out for the ups and downs in your SERP rankings.

  • LinkMiner

To analyze your backlink profile in no time, you can use the Mangools LinkMiner toolset. You may avail more new opportunities to create quality backlinks by analyzing your competitor’s backlink profile.

Mangools Plans and Pricing

There are three premium plans offered by Mangools called Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium, and Mangools Agency.

  • Basic – $29.90 per month billed annually
  • Premium – $44.90 per month billed annually
  • Agency – $89.90 per month billed annually

See, Mangools’ highest Agency Plan is even more affordable than the SEMrush basic ‘Pro’ plan as it costs you only $89.90 whereas the Semrush plan costs $99/month when you opt-in for the annual billing period.

Mangools is offering a 10-day free trial account to test all the features. You can activate the trial without any credit card.

Long Tail Pro

If you want to succeed in your SEO strategy using premium SEO tool features, then Long Tail Pro is one of the finest options to look for. It’s the best SEMrush alternative.

Long Tail Pro

Not all the keywords are profitable and easy to optimize. To find the most profitable and easy-to-optimize keywords, you need the best Semrush competitor tool like Long Tail Pro. 

With just a single term of seed keyword, the toolset LongTailPro has the potential to list 400+ long tail keywords. The tool uses Google Planner Data to deliver such easy-to-rank keywords.

Features of the Most Trusted SEO Tool Long Tail Pro

  • Site Audit

To find the SEO issues in your website, you can use the Long Tail Pro site audit tool. Site Audit is the mandatory process that every website must do at least once or twice in a month to check the website’s SEO health score. 

  • Rank Tracker Tool

The Long Tail Pro’s rank tracker tool helps you track the keyword rankings on a daily basis. Once you have added the keywords you need to track rankings, you will get weekly updates of the rankings for the keywords in your mailbox.

  • Keywords Research

To beat your competitors, you can use the keyword research tool and find what keywords are working fine for your competitors. You may then target the same keywords to achieve top results. 

  • Backlink Analysis

The backlink analysis feature helps you find the list of broken links on your websites. Broken links may cause you SEO issues. So, you can seamlessly find and easily fix broken link issues.

LongTailPro Plans and Pricing

There are three plans such as Annual Starter, Annual Pro, and Annual Agency.

Only an annual billing agreement is currently available with LongTailPro. You will get 4 months of free usage of your plan features when you buy one of the annual plans.

  • Annual Starter – $297 per year
  • Annual Pro – $537 per year
  • Annual Agency – $1177 per year

Unfortunately, LongTailPro does not offer any free trial account. But, you can test the features of one of the best SEMrush alternatives, LongTailPro 8 days account for just $8.


Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform for professionals and beginners. The toolkit has received an award in the Appsumo platform for being the No.1 best-selling SEO tool of all time on Appsumo.


No matter whether you are an individual blogger, In-House SEO Teams, or even a Digital marketing agency, Serspsat offers you great benefits.

With the help of the Serpstat tool, you can analyse the key SEO metrics in real-time. That’s one major reason I decided to add the Serpstat platform to the list of top 10 SEMrush alternatives.

Features of the All-in-One SEO Platform Serpstat

The tool almost offers the same features that you could avail of in the previously listed LongTailPro tool. 

  • Rank Tracker

SERP historical data is part of the Serpstat Rank Tracker feature in which you can go through the reports for rank distribution history for the added domains to your list of projects.

  • Competitors Research

You can analyse all of your competitors with the feature in the Serpstat platform. Also, in the feature, you can monitor the progress of your competitors such as common keywords and missing keywords between you and your competitor domains.

  • Serpstat Backlink Analysis

In just a single click, you can gather the list of backlinks built for your domain over the last two years. The report includes referring domains, referring pages, the number of indexed backlinks, and many more.

  • Insights on Search Questions

It’s actually a feature under the Keyword Research feature. You can input a keyword and get insights on questions related to your search.

Serpstat Plans and Pricing

Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise are the four premium pricing plans offered by the Serpstat SEO tool.

  • Lite – $55 per month
  • Standard – $119 per month
  • Advanced – $239 per month
  • Enterprise – $399 per month

The above-mentioned pricing is for annual billing contracts. There is a monthly billing cycle too that costs you more than the above said price.

If you want to try Serpstat for free, then you can make use of the toolkit 7 days free trial which is only available on both Lite and Standard plans.


One of my favorites in the list of best Semrush alternatives. I feel the awareness about the existence of the SEO tool SiteGuru is very less among bloggers and SEO people. 

The toolkit must be promoted well to gain more customers. It’s damn affordable.


SiteGuru is an easy-to-use SEO tool for websites that offers a lot of user-friendly features. The reporting structure of the tool is easily understandable.

Features of SiteGuru

  • Detailed Reporting

This Website SEO Checker tool does generate the most detailed reporting of the results. You can check the page structures, headings, alt text missing images, no indexing links, Robotx.txt check, and internal linking with the help of SiteGuru.

  • Automated Site Crawls

Same as other SEMrush alternatives, SiteGuru also offers a website audit feature. But, the unique thing about the tool feature is that it crawls your site automatically once a week. The entire report will be emailed to you. 

  • Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions Improvement

Best meta titles and descriptions get a high click-through rate on search results. If your meta needs any improvements, then the tool will suggest you with the improvement ideas and find pages that are missing meta titles and descriptions.

  • Link Google Analytics and Search Console

Straight from the SiteGuru account dashboard, you can connect your Google analytics and search console accounts to monitor your traffic data from the SiteGuru account. 

  • Monitor your SEO Performance

You can easily keep track of your top-performing pages, competitor pages, traffic sources, keywords, and many more important metrics.

SiteGuru Plans and Pricing

The toolkit is offering 20% off on their premium plans when users opt for an annual billing cycle. There is a monthly billing period as well.

There are three paid plans as follows with the monthly price when billed annually.

  • Starter – $23.20 per month
  • Medium – $39.20 per month
  • Agency – $119.20 per month

You can avail of unlimited user accounts on all the SiteGuru premium plans. The company is offering a massive 14-day free trial account for all users. No credit card is required.

SE Ranking

The tool does deliver real-time keyword ranking reports across search engines. One of the best alternatives to Semrush is that almost generates accurate metrics as close as SEMrush.

SE ranking

With SE ranking, you can track your website keywords at the country, region, or even city level to exactly know the positions across the major search engines.

Features of SE Ranking SEO Tool

  • SE Ranking B2B Features

The tool offers many B2B features by which you can act as an agency and offer your clients solid white-label SEO reports.

  • SEO Tools

There are some 10 different tools available in the SE Ranking platform under the SEO tools feature. The tools play an important role in your website traffic improvement. The tool’s names include:

  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Audit
  • SERP Checker
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Backlink Tracking Tool
  • Webpage Monitor
  • Keyword Grouper

You can use each tool for different SEO purposes.

  • Content Marketing Tool

The feature is actually the latest addition to the SE Ranking SEO platform. With the help of the feature, once you are done with the content writing, you can check the brief score for the content. The tools help you identify how SEO-friendly your content is. 

The tool offers you improvement suggestions by which you can make edits to the content and increase the content quality.

SE Ranking Plans and Pricing

There are three premium pricing plans under the SE Ranking platform. The names are Essential, Pro and Business.

You can select the ranking check frequency either as daily, every 3 days, or even weekly. The price may vary from plan to plan according to the frequency period you choose.

Apart from this, you can also choose the billing agreement from five different contract periods such as monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and annual contracts as well.

Here are the pricing details for 3 plans if you prefer an annual billing contract.

  • Essential – $31.20/mo
  • Pro – $71.20/mo
  • Business – $151.20/mo

SE Ranking is offering a 14-day free trial period to test the features of the different SEO tools. No credit card is needed to sign up for the free 14-day trial account.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the vast popular SEO toolkits that have been in the business for more than a decade. The toolset is well-known for its page authority and domain authority check feature. You can check the DA and PA of your domains without even registering for an account. It’s totally free.

moz pro

Most of your manual process will get easier with Moz Pro as the SEO tools platform automates all the workflows and strategies to increase your search engine visibility.

If you are wondering why Moz Pro has been listed as the best alternative to Semrush blog post, here are some features.

Features of the Moz Pro

  • On-Page Optimization

Optimizing your page content for search engines is one practice that you must follow to improve your keyword rankings. The special on-page optimization feature in Moz Pro helps optimize your content in a search engine-friendly manner.

  • Moz Pro Crawl and Audit

Do you know what makes your website perform worse? It’s nothing but common technical SEO issues. To find those issues and get suggestions to fix the common issues, you need to audit your websites. The Moz Pro crawl and audit feature automates the audit work and gives you suggestions to receive high-quality traffic.

  • Link Research

To analyse the entire link profile pointing to your domain, you need Moz Pro’s most effective link research tool. Find link-building opportunities to increase authority and remove broken links to decrease spam scores using the feature.

Moz Pro Plans and Pricing

You can save an extra 20% from regular pricing by paying annually. There are both monthly and annual billing terms.

Standard, Medium, Large and Premium are the four different Moz Pro paid plans.

  • Standard – $79/mo
  • Medium – $143/mo
  • Large – $239/mo
  • Premium – $479/mo

The above-mentioned pricing structure is for an annual billing period which is 20% lesser than monthly billing term pricing.

Moz Pro is offering a huge 30-day free trial account on its Medium Plan.


SpyFu is a top alternative to SEMrush for those searching for a Competitor Keyword Research toolkit platform for SEO, Google Ads, or PPC.

One of the prominent SEMrush alternatives and an exclusive SEO marketing suite in the list gives so many benefits to the users.


Backlink outreach is one effective Spyfu tool feature in which you can outreach like-minded people to ask for quality backlinks.

Features of the Top SEO Marketing Suite Spyfu

  • PPC Analyzer

If you are one who usually depends on Google Ads traffic, then you must need Spyfu’s PPC analyzer feature. You can analyze your Google ads competitors and the best working keywords to perform better than your rivals. You will be provided with many Google Ads templates to make your campaigns stand out from the crowd.

  • Projects

With the help of the feature, you can create an unlimited number of projects where you can seamlessly organize the keywords and keyword groups to monitor the changes happening.

  • Compare Domains

Actually, the compare domains feature is a part of the SpyFu SEO tools. You can compare one domain with another to monitor what aspects perform better in the domains. You can compare your domain with your competitor’s domain and find how they outrank you and follow the methods more effectively to beat your competitor’s websites.

SpyFu Plans and Pricing

There is an ongoing limited-time offer. You can grab a $33/mo worth plan at $8/mo. It’s an unbelievably huge offer.

SpyFu is currently open for two paid plans named Basic and Pro plan in its Limited Time Offer section.

  • Basic – $8/mo billed annually
  • Pro – $37/mo billed annually

You can claim this lifetime discount offer by starting your free trial via ClickCease. More details about the offer-claiming process can be read on the SpyFu official pricing page.


The best thing about the most user-friendly SEO toolkit Ubersuggest is that it gets upgraded with new features every now and then. As a recent addition to the features list, you can type in the competitor’s domain to get better keyword ideas.


If you are a beginner in the field of SEO or blogging, then the Ubersuggest tool is better than anything for you to understand your website performance. It’s one of the perfect SEMrush alternatives for those who are looking for a more affordable solution.

Features of Ubersuggest

  • SEO Training

No matter whether you are totally new to the tool or even new to SEO, there is a training page available at Ubersuggest by which you can gather so many SEO tutorials as well you will get one-on-one training sessions by experts.

  • Domain Overview

To understand what’s going on in and around the entire domain, you can use the Ubersuggest domain overview feature.

  • Content Ideas

If you are running sort of content ideas every time you are about to create new content, then you can make use of the Content Ideas feature from Ubersuggest as it does get you a lot of content ideas.

  • Keyword Suggestions

If you want to gather more keyword ideas, the Ubersuggest tool does offer you hundreds of keyword suggestions for the seed keyword or term you input. A better tool feature to avail long tail keyword suggestions.

Ubersuggest Plans and Pricing

As I said, the company is offering a very affordable pricing structure. There are three different plans: Individuals, Business, and Agency.

A huge thing about the tool pricing segment is that it offers a lifetime plan which you can use till your whole life. Let me tell you the lifetime price for all three plans.

  • Individual – $120 / LIFETIME
  • Business – $200 / LIFETIME
  • Enterprise / Agency – $400 / LIFETIME

There are even monthly billing cycles available with Ubersuggest. I would recommend the Lifetime buy a perfect choice to save thousands of dollars.

The company is offering a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a 7-day free trial. Remember, the 7-day trial is only applicable for monthly billing users.


Next to SEMrush, Ahrefs is the second top choice for experts to increase search traffic. Ahrefs is one of the finest SEMrush alternatives on the list. There are leading companies like Adobe, Shopify, and Linkedin that use Ahrefs to scale their marketing strategies.

The resources offered via the SEO tools from Ahrefs are just powerful. And so, the platform is worth trying.


The reports generated from the toolset are easy to understand. No matter even if you are a novice, you can monitor the insights easily.

Features of Ahrefs

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs offers Webmaster tools free of cost. With the use of the free tools, webmasters get free limited access to Ahrefs Site Explorer and Site Audit features. For more resources, you need a premium plan. But the limited access is great for beginners.

  • Ahrefs SEO Dashboard

I must talk about it. The Ahrefs SEO dashboard view is damn amazing and beginner-friendly. With just a single view, you can go through every aspect of your domain such as the ratings, organic traffic, keywords, backlinks etc…

ahrefs SEO dashboard view
  • Keywords Explorer

With the Ahrefs powerful tool Keywords Explorer, you can find thousands of winning keywords from the Ahrefs industry-leading database. The toolkit has billions of keywords already added to the database and offers users accurate metrics.

Apart, there are even more features such as Site Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker, and Content Explorer which you can use from the Ahrefs platform.

Ahrefs Plans and Pricing

Ahrefs pricing structure is almost similar to SEMrush. So, if you are a beginner and running on a budget, try the Ahrefs Webmaster tools for free with limited access.

Ahrefs offers four different paid plans such as Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise with 2 different billing periods, monthly and annually.

If you pay your bill on annual terms, you will get 2 months free which means pay for 10 months and avail 12 months of usage.

  • Lite – $83/mo billed yearly
  • Standard – $166/mo billed yearly
  • Advanced – $333/mo billed yearly
  • Enterprise – $833/mo billed yearly

Unfortunately, there is no free trial account offered by Ahrefs. Instead, you can try the lifetime free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools account.


The SEO backlink checker and Link Building Toolset Majestic deserve all the credits to be one of the best SEMrush alternatives. I found the Majestic features seem to be highly inspiring as the SEO toolkit platform is offering a lot of different features under the Link Tools options.


There is a help section on the website where you can read many tutorials that talk about the importance of SEO as well as how Majestic tool features help you grow.

Features of Majestic SEO Toolset

  • Majestic Site Explorer

You can explore everything on the website using the Majestic Site Explorer tools. There are so many benefits you can avail yourself of as the feature generates an entire website summary, new and lost backlinks reports, pages, topic ideas, and related sites as well.

  • Keywords Generator

Entering just a seed keyword, the tool from Majestic can generate a lot of related keyword ideas. The keywords will be generated along with both search volume and keyword difficulty metrics. The toolset is using AI-based NLP algorithms to offer the best winning keywords.

  • Bulk Backlink Checker

There is a paste URL feature by which you can gather a backlink profile for up to 400 URLs. You can get a list of bulk backlinks with referring domains. If you are in the SEO field and want to check the backlink profiles of websites in bulk, then the Majestic Bulk Backlink checker is the best toolset option.

Majestic Plans and Pricing

Same as most of the SEMrush alternatives in the list, Majestic also offers two billing cycles such as yearly and monthly.

  • Lite – $41.6/mo billed yearly
  • Pro – $83.33/mo billed yearly
  • API – $333.33/mo billed yearly

It seems there is no free trial account offered by Majestic. But, a 7-day money-back guarantee is given to the users.


Even if the SEMrush is number #1 SEO tool platform in the world, it does not mean the toolkit suits perfect for everyone. 

Beginners may not afford SEMrush or even experts may look for something more effective than SEMrush, because of the possible scenarios, I have listed the top 10 SEMrush alternatives and competitors.

Every alternative to SEMrush listed in the blog post is actually worth the try as most of the companies offer a free trial account.

So, to know yourself what can be the best SEMrush alternative, you can try to activate the free trial account and easily decide what SEMrush alternative in the list is a better choice.


Which is the Most Affordable Semrush Alternative?

SpyFu is the most affordable SEMrush alternative as the SpyFu plan starts from $8 per month when billed annually. In terms of features, SpyFu offers some good features to grow the marketing strategies for newbies.

Why is Semrush Better than the top 10 SEMrush alternatives?

If you ask me for one solid reason, I would say Semrush is better than any SEO platform because it offers the most accurate insights and the metrics will quickly get updated from time to time with SEMrush.

Does SEMrush offer a Free Trial?

Yes, SEMrush offers a 7-day free trial account. You can avail of the trial before you purchase the premium plan to explore the tool features.

What are the SEMrush pricing plans?

SEMrush offers three different pricing structures. The names are Pro, Guru, and Business. Pro is a basic plan that costs $119.95 per month. Guru costs $229.95 per month whereas to use the Business plan, you have to pay $449.95 per month.

Ahrefs or SEMrush: Which One is the Best?

The metrics and Insights generated from the SEMrush database are more accurate than Ahrefs. Talking about the pricing, SEMrush charges a little higher than Ahrefs. Still, I would say comparatively, SEMrush is best.

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