Top 8 Surfer SEO Alternatives You Should Try in 2023

One of the major SEO tasks such as content optimization cannot be done in 2023 and beyond without the help of online tools. So, in this blog post, I have listed the top 8 Surfer SEO alternatives that you try hands-on if you want an SEO content analyzer other than the Surfer SEO toolkit.

Surfer SEO is a popular SEO toolkit that has content optimization tool features by which one can easily optimize their website content, and blog posts to achieve better rankings.

Whatever tool you use, you should admit that every tool has its own good and bad. In this sense, Surfer SEO also has some drawbacks such as:

  • Keyword Tool at Surfer SEO offers very basic features as you cannot gain benefits in what you will get from tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush
  • Not a beginner-friendly toolkit as Surfer SEO offers a lot of features, but still, beginners might find it difficult to understand and use the tool.
  • Limited queries can be only available in the Surfer SEO basic plan. It is not enough for small websites.

Undoubtedly, there are some great features offered by Surfer SEO. But, these are the three major drawbacks that I personally do not like about Surfer SEO.

If you feel the same, you should look for cheaper alternatives to SurferSEO.

8 Top Surfer SEO Alternatives to Optimize your Content in Better Possible Ways

Running a blog without the help of an SEO content analysis tool will never take you to reach heights. So, it is advisable for you to pick one content optimization tool.

Surfer SEO, as well as the alternatives, listed in the post, are not only for blog owners but also, for those who are totally new to SEO and practicing content writing to start their career in the field, you can get one tool for the best practices.

Use the below list, if you want to pick a popular SEO content analysis tool other than Surfer SEO.



Frase is an AI-based SEO tool, one of the best alternatives to Surfer SEO to create content and optimize it for search engines for better rankings. 

Frase uses analyzer tools that can have the potential to compare your content with your top competitors and deliver you better content than your competitors. It would be a better opportunity for you to create well-performing content than your rivals.

The AI writer Frase is the best choice for content marketing agencies as well as for individuals who feel content writing is a time taking task. 

With the help of the Frase, you can generate an unlimited number of content in just minutes by instructing the AI writer with your simple input.

Frase Best Features

  • Beginner-friendly content editor
  • The FAQ will be generated automatically
  • You will monitor content optimization scores
  • Generate headers in no time with Frase
  • Writes highly converted product descriptions for eCommerce stores

Frase Pricing

Frase has got three different pricing plans in store for you.

  • Solo – $12/mo
  • Basic – $37/mo
  • Team – $97/mo

The above-listed price is for an annual billing contract. Apart, there is a monthly billing period as well that costs a little extra than the yearly billing price.

There is a free 5-day trial as well that only costs $1.



NeuronWriter helps you with all the possible easy methods to create better-ranking content. When you write content for your blog, the first thing you should remember in your mind is the user intent behind the content.

You can deliver good-ranking content only when you understand the user intent better. The NeuronWriter content optimization tool first tries to understand the user intent and then optimize the content accordingly.

The starting process is very simple with NeuronWriter. You are requested to type a single keyword that you would like to rank or create content for as well as you have to choose the search engine and country. 

According to your input, the tool will analyze the competitors and give you the best possible brief including FAQs and sub-topics. The content planning and optimization process is made easier with NeuronWriter.

NeuronWriter Features

  • Google SERP analysis
  • NLP-based recommendations for content
  • Advanced content editor with semantic models
  • Know your content score and competitor while writing content
  • Content manager to manage all your content with ease

NeuronWriter Pricing

While all other Surfer SEO alternatives in the blog post offer only 3 pricing plans, the NeuronWriter provides 5 different plans. The details are as follows.

  • Bronze – $20/mo
  • Silver – $39/mo
  • Platinum – $60/mo
  • Gold – $82/mo
  • Diamond – $102/mo

Depending on the plan you choose, the number of projects and A.I credits vary. 

The content optimization tool is a Poland-based company. So, the prices are displayed in Euros on the NeuronWriter official website. I have converted the Euro into USD and mentioned the same. The price may vary from time to time as you all know USD fluctuates.

Page Optimizer Pro– On-Page SEO Checker Tool

page optimizer pro

The SEO on-page toolkit Page Optimizer Pro (POP) was developed and launched by Kyle Roof, one of the top SEO specialists in the world.

The tool is not so popular among many people like Frase or Surfer SEO, still, it does offer some great features.

With the POP toolkit, you can seamlessly produce perfectly optimized pages for Google that rank well and give you sales.

A POP Watchdog tool can notify you whenever changes happen to your competitors. So, you can be alert all the time whenever there is a change in your competitors’ performance and you can change your strategies accordingly.

No matter whether you are a beginner to content writing, the POP toolkit offers you flexible workflows to create content in just a click of a button.

Page Optimizer Pro Features

  • The AI content optimization tool is easy to use
  • You will get on-page SEO tools under all the plans
  • POP works fine in any language and alphabet
  • Monitor reports in real-time

Page Optimizer Pro Pricing

Same as the Frase, the POP content optimization tool also offers three different pricing plans.

  • Basic – $22/mo (You can choose either monthly or yearly billing period)
  • Premium – $33/mo (The price is the same for both monthly and annual billing periods)
  • Unlimited – $44/mo (When you choose the annual plan, you have to pay $429/year)

There is a 7-day free trial associated with the POP tool which you can try to check the POP basic plan features.



Next to Frase, WriterZen is one of the popular SEO toolkits and the best alternative to Surfer SEO that offer next-gen AI-based content optimization features.

Apart from the content optimization tool feature, with the WriterZen, you can create content as well as use the tool for keyword research tasks.

So, when you have WriterZen with you, never bother about getting tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush as WriterZen offers features almost what the two popular tools provide.

You can explore thousands of content ideas and keywords with the help of the WriterZen content discovery feature. 

Content writing is made easier with WriterZen as you have to outline the content and input the keywords you want to target in the content, the tool will create a better content copy.

WriterZen Features

  • Plagiarism checker tool to find the duplicate content
  • No need to spend extra on keyword research tools
  • WriterZen uses A.I language model that is perfected on billions of blog posts
  • GPT3 – powered writing assistant
  • Topic discovery feature to find engaging content and new topic ideas

WriterZen Pricing

  • Basic – $27/mo (50 keywords lookup per day + 5000 writing words per month)
  • Standard – $41/mo (75 keywords lookup per day + 8000 writing words per month)
  • Advanced – $69/mo (150 keywords lookup per day + 15000 writing words per month)

The pricing listed in the above section is for yearly billing. There is a monthly billing with WriterZen as well, but unfortunately, you have to pay 30% extra.

Apart from the pricing, there are add-ons and one-time credit options which you can get if required.

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Dashword – Free Alternative of Surfer SEO


Another best SEO content optimization tool, Dashword a surfer SEO alternative free seamlessly helps you create content briefs in no time and optimize the same that work well on search engines.

Dashword not just offers content briefs and content optimization services, but also there is a unique feature associated with Dashword called content monitoring.

Even after your SEO-optimized content gets published, the content monitoring feature from Dashword toolkit monitors your content and suggests improvements to rank in higher positions. 

When the tool monitors your content, it does collect all the ranking keywords for the particular content and gives you reports.

While you search for the content ideas with the primary keyword of your choice, the Dashword tool does suggest related keywords along with FAQs about the topic. Probably, by adding the FAQs to the blog post, your content will get higher rankings.

Dashword Features

  • The tool follows the better optimization strategy that ranks sure on Google
  • The content brief feature is almost the same as Frase and Surfer SEO
  • You can generate meta descriptions for posts and pages with Dashword
  • The same level of quality for all the content

Dashword Pricing

Generating your first report is free with the Dashword content optimization tool as you can get it without your credit card.

Talking about the premium pricing plans, Dashword offers three different plans. The names and pricing structure are as follows.

  • Hobby – $39/mo
  • Startup – $99/mo
  • Business – $249/mo

When you choose an annual billing cycle, you will get an instant 20% OFF.



MarketMuse is almost similar to Frase in terms of features. And so, many termed Frase as one of the top MarketMuse alternatives.

MarketMuse is an AI-based content planning and content optimization tool by which you can easily create outlines for your blog post and optimize the content in better possible ways for better performance.

There is a research feature in the software dashboard, the feature gives you LSI keyword ideas for the keyword term you input.

MarketMuse Features

  • The tool does display all the FAQs which are relevant to your target keywords
  • The content score will be displayed to the user to know the quality of the content

Displaying content score is a feature that you will also get in Surfer SEO, so marketmuse is one of the best alternatives to Surfer SEO.

MarketMuse Pricing

  • Free – $0/mo (No credit card required)
  • Standard – $7200/year
  • Premium – $12000/year

Compared with other Surfer SEO alternatives, MarketMuse costs heavier. But, luckily, there is a free plan as well.

At present, there are 12,000+ writers who use for their different writing purposes. Reportedly, most of the writers are from the SEO field.

With AI assistance, the outranking SEO content analyzer tool helps you create better content copies that will definitely outrank your competitors.

There is also a rank-tracking feature associated with which helps you track your content keyword ranks for improvement. Features

  • AI wizard that similarly works like content-creating tools such as Jarvis, Rytr, etc.
  • While writing content with, you will get an SEO guide on a sidebar
  • There is a step-by-step instruction for beginners to generate content Pricing

  • Solo – $79/mo (One domain + Optimize up to 10 articles)
  • Pro – $149/mo (Multiple domains + Optimize up to 20 articles)
  • Premium – $219/mo (Multiple domains + Optimize up to 30 articles)

There is an annual billing cycle in which you will get up to a 30% discount.



One of the best alternatives to Surfer SEO, Contentpace is previously known as Postpace. A content writing research platform that helps you research, brief, optimize and publish better-performing content.

The Contentpace follows AI and Workflow automation technologies. With the help of Contentpace, you can do all the activities such as content outlining, planning, writing, and publishing from one single dashboard.

There is a content Workspace available in the contentpace in which you can ask your content creator team and ask them to collaborate and work on the single dashboard altogether.

Contentpace Features

  • Content calendar to organize content tasks
  • You can audit and further optimize already published contents
  • Completely analyze your competitor
  • Manage all the workflows from a single dashboard

Contentpace Pricing

There are two billing agreements such as monthly and yearly. Fortunately, you will get a 2-month free of usage when you opt-in for an annual plan.

Here are the three contentpace SEO content optimization tool pricing plans.

  • Essential – $27/mo
  • Team – $57/mo
  • Agency – $97/mo

The prices mentioned are billed monthly. For extra savings, try annual billing.


Even though there are so many Surfer SEO alternatives out there, I found the 8 in the list that offers up-to-the-mark features.

Out of the eight, if you are just starting out and looking for an affordable SEO content optimization tool, I recommend either Frase or Page Optimizer Pro.

Most of the Surfer SEO alternatives in the list offer a free trial account without the need for a credit card. So, try those toolkits for free first and decide what works best and is suitable.

Which is an affordable alternative to Surfer SEO?

Overall, I would say Page Optimizer Pro is an affordable alternative to Surfer SEO as their highest plan even costs only $44/mo by which you can avail an unlimited number of usages. And, If you see plan vice, go for the Frase Solo plan that only costs $12/mo.

Do any Surfer SEO alternatives in the list offer a free account?

MarketMuse is offering a free account to all the users that costs you nothing. With a MarketMuse free account, you can avail of 15 queries per month with up to 10 projects. Optimize, Research, Compete, Questions, and Connect is the application features that you can use for free of cost.
If you are satisfied with your free account and want to unlock more features, upgrade to MarketMuse paid plans. If not, try the Frase, one of the finest MarketMuse alternatives.

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