Traditional Dress of Bihar [For Men & Women]

Located in the eastern part of India, Bihar is a culturally rich state with different communities living together. It is also called “The Land of Buddha” due to its deep association with the life and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. In addition, multiple festivals are celebrated here, each having its own significance. Each festival attaches itself with specific costumes, displaying the beauty of this pious land of great scholars and warriors. For example, during the Chhath puja, dedicated to the sun god, women can be seen wrapped in colorful sarees. Similarly, men go out in dhotis and kurtas, displaying their traditionalism. This article displays a list of Traditional Dress of Bihar for both men and women.

So, without much delay, let’s get started.

Traditional Dress of Bihar for Men and Women

Traditional Dress of Bihar Male

Dhoti Mirjai

Dhoti Mirjai, commonly known as Kurta Dhoti, is a traditional wear worn by older adults in Bihar. During the festive seasons, young boys and men are seen wearing this attire and performing puja.

This vibrant clothing is available in various colors that match your preferences. Dhoti, made from cotton, gets well with your body, giving you a comfortable feel. Although wearing it might be time-consuming at the initials but with regular practice, you can wear it within a few minutes.

Make sure to wrap the dhoti neatly around your legs to give an Indian vibe. In addition, knot it generously around your waist to avoid the cloth from falling while you walk.

On the other hand, kurtas are long-sleeved shirts that reach your knees. It is easy to wear and is made up of various materials. Presently, you get a variety of readymade kurtas in the market to save you from the hassle of stitching them.

Kurta and Pyjama

Kurta and pajamas hold a prominent position when it comes to the traditional dress of Bihar. Men can be seen roaming around in this attire during any special occasion or festive season. Kurtas are long, loose shirts that reach your knees. Similarly, the pajamas are loose-fitting, plain, simple, and have elastic waistbands. Elders in Bihar usually wear white kurta pajamas as their regular wear.

Talking about the clothing materials, they are mostly made of pure cotton. This allows the air to pass the cloth, providing comfort during summer. Printed kurtas with embroidery or decorative elements are also available for occasions like marriage.


Sherwani is a long-sleeved overcoat worn on occasions such as marriage or special events. For some years, there has been a fashion of giving traditional outfits a trendy look, i.e., modern fusion.

These types of clothing consist of two sets – the upper part that goes up to the knees and the lower, known as pajamas. The front of these sherwanis is a buttoned-up coat-like garment, giving you a formal look.

To enhance the traditional feel, you can opt for colours like red, maroon, gold, etc. In addition, you can equip a matching pagri or turban on your head with a decorative scarf to compliment the sherwani.

Traditional Dress for Women in Bihar


Talking about the traditional dress, the saree holds a special place for women nationwide. The art of wrapping a saree has been passed down from generation to generation. Moreover, opting for the right saree for various occasions is the key to enhancing one’s personality.

During the festive seasons or any marriage occasions, women can be seen flaunting their sarees in bright colors with shiny materials embroidered all over them. Well, during the usual days, they wear a regular saree, usually made of cotton or silk. The broad embroidery on the edges is the main element of this outfit.

Interestingly, Bihar has a rich textile production heritage, including the famous Bhagalpuri silk sarees. Gradually, these sarees have become recognized nationally for their excellent craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics. Hence, for all such reasons, a saree is considered a symbol of purity and grace in the tradition of Bihar.

Ghagra Choli

Ghagra Choli, also known as lehenga choli in many areas, is another traditional dress for women in Bihar. The outfit consists of a choli, i.e., a fitted blouse, and a decorative skirt, i.e., the ghagra. Women prefer a vibrant and bright color during a marriage or festive season to enhance the traditional vibes.

Moreover, while performing Jat-Jatin and Jhijhian, i.e., the traditional folk dances of Bihar, the women choose to wear the ghagra cholis over other attires.

The main reason is the aesthetic outlook, comfort, and ease of movement during dance performances.

Wrapping Up

Thus, those mentioned above are some of the traditional dress of Bihar for both men and women. Women of this region equip their clothing with accessories like bindi, jhumkas, Surma, etc. This enhances their beauty for any occasion. Besides dresses, there are various dishes, festivals, and cultural significance to look out for when you visit this sacred land.

If you’re looking to explore and embrace the beauty of Bihar’s traditional attire, there are various shopping sites that offer a wide range of options. These online platforms provide convenience and accessibility to those who want to purchase authentic traditional dresses from Bihar. With just a few clicks, you can browse through an extensive collection of sarees, lehengas, salwar suits, and more.

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