Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website

Want to become more interactive with your audience then Poll and Surveys are the best way to do it. Every Blogger, Digital Marketers, and Small business owner wants to take feedback from the audience by putting polls on their WordPress site. It’s really easy to integrate WordPress polls into your site by using WPForms latest plugin. 

Let us get aware of the use WPForms latest addon of Surveys and Polls for WordPress.

Why Choose WPForms For Creating Polls?

Polls and survey forms, both are the same. There is a Survey and Polls add-on provided from WPForms in Pro plan to integrate polls in the webpage. 

While creating polls, major requirements are attractive design, easy to collect appropriate information, and easy access to analyze feedback or opinions. 

All above are provided through WPForms with just drag and drop and click and view systems. 

WPForms Pro’s over Other Form Builders:

  • There are plenty of predesigned Polls Templates to start with one click.
  • Simple Drag and Drop web design.
  • Raring, Likert scale, and multiple choices like extra smart features
  • Easy to embed in the post, sidebar as well as footers.
  • Analyzed survey reports with infographics

If you want to use any other service provider than WPForms then you have to buy each service from separate providers or it may cost higher than the WPForms Pro plan.

Creating Online WordPress Polls into Your Site

Activating Surveys and Polls Addon-

First of all, you need to install WPForms Plugin. 

For WPForms Survey and Polls addon, You have to purchase the Pro Plan from WPForms Website. 

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 1

Visit the “Setting” Tab from the WPForms menu to enter a license key. This License key is provided after purchasing the Pro Plan from the WPForms site.

After verification, click on the “Addons” Option from WPForms Menu.

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 2

There is an add-on named “Surveys and Polls Addon”. You have to install it and after installation, click to activate it.

It’s time to create an online poll with WPForms.

Creating your first Online Poll-

  1. Click on Add new tab from the WPForms menu to start building your first form. Now you are at the drag and drop interface.
Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 3
  1. Provide a title for the form and choose the option of “Poll Form Template“. Premade poll form will be loaded in front of you.
Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 4
  1. You can hover and click on fields to arrange, add or remove them with just drag and drop.
  2. You have options for fields such as Dropdown, Checkboxes, Multiple Choice, Text Field, Radio Buttons, Rating Fields, Likert Scale field, Matrix Questions, etc.
  3. You can make the polls form easily with drag and drop. Click on Save to create a form.

Important settings of WPForms Online Polls-

While creating a poll, you will get an option of setting in the left sidebar. From this option, you can enable or disable polls and manage important settings of polls.

There is an option to enable or disable poll results, if you keep it as it is then, it will show the poll result to users. By unchecking this option you can make sure that users can’t see poll results.

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 5

In the confirmation tab from Settings, you can show customized messages to users or can redirect them to any URL. 

After each modification in the setting, the user must click on the save button to store changes.

How to add Polls to Websites?

You can add online polls to the Webpage, Post, Sidebar, or footer. There are different ways to add to different positions.

Embed Option-

Before saving the form you will get an option of </> to embed near the save button.

You will get a shortcode for your Online Polls. Just copy that code and paste them to pages, posts, or in the text widget.

Your form will be inserted easily without any problem.

Add Form Button-

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 6

While you are creating a Page or Post, you can get the Add Form button in the editor option. 

Insert form pop-up will raise and from the survey forms list you have to choose one option (name of your form). 

Click on the Add Form button to add the poll successfully.

WPForms Widget-

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 7

By this method, you can add the Online Poll or any form to widget areas.

Just go to Appearance followed by Widgets option. You can see the WPForms widget option. 

Just select the appropriate form from the list of forms and choose the preferred location of the widget.

Click on the Save button to save the widget’s settings.

View Survey Form Reports

For viewing the reports of the survey form, visit the All Forms tab from WPForms.

You need to hover the cursor over the required survey form and you will get the Survey Results option below its name.

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 8

You will get the question-wise survey results.

On the top side, there is an option to switch between a bar chart, pie chart, line chart, etc. Infographics.

Next to the infographics tab, You can export the survey results in JPEG, PDF, or print format.

Display Poll Results in WordPress

The simplest way is to keep setting options as it is to show results to users. These means don’t change the options from enabling or disable poll results and Keep them as default.

In another way, you can display poll results on WordPress with infographics. For this thing, you required a form id and field id. By this method, you can display the result of a single question in graphs and charts.

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 9

In WPForms >> All Forms, you can find the form name and shortcode of that particular form. Here you can get the form Id in double-quotes.

Ultimate WordPress Polls For Your Website 10

Clicking on the edit option in that form,  let’s choose a particular field that you want to display on WordPress. You will get the field id in the left column. (ID #1)

Here is one shortcode to integrate that result to the page, post, or text widget. 

[wpforms_poll form_id=”Form ID“field_id=”Field ID“label=”true”counts=”true”]

You have to replace bold fields with your form id and field id. 


Connecting and knowing the audience’s mind is really not easy to work. WPForms provides a great and easiest opportunity to connect with the audience. 

WPForms Pro plan is affordable for medium-level creators and helps not only for creating Polls and Surveys, but you can also create payment gateway, contact forms, and much more form-related services. 

Creating Online Polls through WPForms is really easy, fast, and has chances of high engagement due to attractiveness.

We hope that this article is helpful to create and add online polls to your WordPress sites.