How To Create Payment Forms For [WPForms]

Selling products on WordPress seems like WooCommerce is a single option but it’s not for now! There are so many simpler alternatives available. Don’t want to go for an eCommerce store then integrating the payment form option will be more useful and easier to automate sales.  Let’s introduce one of the best ways to accept payments online, WPForms!  WPForm provides you the opportunity to create Payment Forms and connect a simple form with an attached payment field in just a drag and drop method.

This article will basically discuss the addon of WPForms and how to accept payment through this.

Let’s take an overview of WPForm with its features, pricing, and a step-by-step guide to accept payment through WPForms.

Overview of WPForms

As the name suggests, it’s the perfect solution for form building. WPForms can be used as a simple contact form to Complete the Checkout form. 

Basically, in earlier days, we had to use the WooCommerce Plugin for selling something online, which is a trick for beginners. WPForms has launched their Payment Accepting Plugin with just a drag and drops feature to build and integrate it.

WPForms is trusted by 4,000,000+ professionals who built different forms using WPForms for their online businesses.

The WPForms Free version has been used by beginners to get contact forms for their sites for a long time. They have over 100 templates of forms like Newsletters, User Registration, Survey forms, and Payment forms.

Features of WPForms

There are so many features available in the free version of WPForms but we will take a look at the premium paid version features. Mostly discuss Payment Gateway-related features.

Unlimited Forms- This feature is available in each paid pack from WPForms. They offer six editable form templates, with more features available to the PRO plan users.

Support- Usually paid clients get responses within 5 minutes while Pro and Elite users get support in just a second.

Drag and Drop- This is a basic feature available from the free version also. You have to drag and drop specific boxes and form building takes just a minute rather than hours.

Payment integration Options- You have to choose from payment options, PayPal Standard,, and Stripe. Stripe may be helpful while don’t want to accept payments using cards.

Accept card payment-  Using addon now you can accept credit card payments also.

Pricing of WPForms

There are 4 plans from WPForms starting from approximately $40 to the highest plan of $400 per year. 

Basic and Plus plans from WPForms are not for accepting payments that’s why we will not get more into that.

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There are two main plans from WPForms for Payment Accepting. Pro Plan is the most affordable plan for users but if you want to accept payments with some advanced features then you must have to go for the Elite plan. 

Pro plan costs normally $399 but you will get a discount on it and its price for 1 year will be $199.50. This plan can be used on 5 sites with PayPal and Stripe payment options.

Elite Plan is the Top Plan from WPForms with the highest features costing $599 normally but at discount rates, you can claim it for $299.50 for 1 year. This Plugin can be used on unlimited multiple sites and have extra access to Authorize.Net, WebHooks, and Salesforce features.

Step by Step Guide to Create Payment Forms For [WPForms]

Create the Payment Form

WPForm provides us with the feature of creating a form in just drag and drop technology. After installing the WPForm forms plugin you have to follow some basic steps to Create a Payment Form.

Step 1: In the WPForm menu, you have to select the Add New option. In the Dashboard or in the sidebar you can get that option.

You will be redirected to authorize net form builder. You have to give a name to the new form and choose “Billing / Order Form, ” from a huge number of options.

You can choose the blank form option but after choosing the Billing / Order Form option you will get a head start.

Step 2: The basic structure includes the customer’s name, Email, and address-like fields. There are a couple of payment fields integrated at the bottom. 

In our example, you can choose any item from the list and the respective price will be updated in the Total amount section.

Step 3: Select the Available Item field and you can edit labels and prices of items from there. 

There are 5 payment fields available to drag and drop: a single item, multiple items, checkbox item, dropdown item, and total.

Integrating Payment Process

You have created the form and now you have to integrate the payment process into that.

Step 1: To integrate the payment process in WPForms first make sure you have activated the addon of WPForms. is most useful while accepting credit card payments with advanced protection.

Step 2: Now on your WordPress dashboard go to the settings of WPForms. Then click on the Payment method option.

How To Create Payment Forms For [WPForms] 2

Here you will find all the payment integrating options like Paypal standard, stripe addon, and Click on and configure your account with WPForms.

Step 3: After you click on, you have to click on the checkbox asking to enable

That it. Now you can do some basic customization for your payment form and recheck whether it is working fine or not.


Purchasing WPForms for your website is not a bad decision. This plugin helps you to sell services and products online without making your total website an eCommerce site. This is really easy to use and doesn’t have bad reviews from users. Almost all reviews from the users are positive. 

WPForms customer support is really well to help you with any technical problem. No need to worry about the failure issue of payment as other payment services always have it.

We are 100% sure to recommend you the WPForms Payment gateway to integrate on your site. 

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