7 Amazon Affiliate Alternatives That You Might Not Know About

When it comes to signing up for an amazon alternative to make money online in 2023, Amazon is not the only choice as there are some best Amazon affiliate alternatives.

Without any doubt, Amazon Associate Program is the number one choice for many affiliate marketers out there to make a good online income in 2023 out of the affiliate marketing business.

As the Amazon affiliate program has a lot of advantages comparatively with its alternatives, still, you cannot depend on Amazon affiliates all the time as there are some disadvantages too in the program. 

So, If you are thinking, Amazon Affiliate is the only option to make money from affiliate marketing, you are wrong, as there are some top amazon associates affiliate program alternatives.

In this blog post, I have crafted a list of 7 Amazon affiliate alternatives that you might not even know about.

Let’s get started.

7 Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives to Try Out in 2023

Commission Junction – cj affiliate by conversant

commission junction

One of the best alternative to amazon affiliate network Commission Junction is best for bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers who target selling physical products rather than digital products.

The affiliate program company was first started in 1998 and at present used to gain 1B+ customers on a monthly basis.

The signing up process with CJ is really simple as you have to fill up basic details, your payment details as well as your blog traffic details. Upon successful application approval, you can start promoting the physical affiliate products from CJ and earn a good commission for every sale you made from your affiliate links.

There are close to 3000+ advertisers on the Commission Junction platform. So, depending on your blog niche, you can choose brands and products.

Barnes & Noble, GoPro, Verizon, OverStock, and Lowes are some of the big brands that are a part of Commission Junction merchants that try and promote their products. The minimum threshold is $50 to get your payout.



A most popular programs and affiliate network in the world, ShareASale is a best-in-class alternative to Amazon’s associate program to generate revenue from the Affiliate Marketing business model.

mThink voted the ShareASale affiliate program as the best CPS network of 2022. The numbers achieved in the network are just amazing as the company has 21,200+ merchants, and 2,41,000+ publishers and generated 194 million sales only in 2021.

Brands like Etsy, BuzzFeed, deluxe, Reebok, and more are popular merchants associated with the affiliate program network ShareASale.

One of the main reasons why ShareASale tops the list of best Amazon affiliate alternatives is that it offers both physical and digital products for affiliate marketers.

Once your account gets approved, just log in to your ShareASale account and searches with your niche-related keywords. You will get hundreds of products that are related to your niche. You can then promote those products in your niche blog by writing blog posts including your affiliate link to achieve sales and make money.

The affiliate program offers so many custom tools for affiliate marketers including a custom short link tool by which you can create custom affiliate links in the shorter format and take your audiences directly to a product page. Same as the CJ, the ShareASale minimum payout is also $50.

You can possibly earn up to $10 per sale from some particular niche categories.



If you are browsing for the best Affiliate programs other than Amazon, in the lineup of ShareASale and Commission Junction, Impact is also one of the best affiliate marketing programs that offer affiliate marketers the best commission structure.

No matter whether you are a blogger, influencer, Youtuber, affiliate marketer, or website owner, you can get your Impact account, and start promoting the merchants’ products via various platforms, generate sales, and make money.

NuLeaf, Walmart, Lenovo, Adidas, Levis, and many more are the brands that are part of Impact advertisers’ campaigns and list their different products. Depending on the product you choose to promote, the commission structure might vary. But, overall, the affiliate marketing program is giving a reasonable commission structure to the affiliate marketers.

No matter which country you are from, the Impact program supports a few payment methods to send affiliate commissions to platform marketers. International bank transfer is one of the common payment methods in the Impact platform considered by many. The minimum payout threshold starts from $25 and varies according to the payment methods you choose.


etsy affiliate program

Etsy is a popular eCommerce company that sells products under different categories. On the whole, the concept behind Etsy is almost similar to Amazon as anyone can join the Etsy platform as a seller and list their products in the platform. When your product via Etsy gets a sale, the platform charges a commission and releases the remaining payment to the sellers.

So, in simple terms, Etsy acts as a marketplace platform that connects both sellers and buyers. Even though Etsy sells a wide range of clothes, the platform is well popular for its unique gifts, and handmade and vintage products as well.

If your blog is not a cashback or voucher site, then you are eligible to be part of Etsy’s affiliate program, one of the best Amazon affiliate alternatives to earn a handsome commission for qualified sales. 

The Etsy affiliate program cookie period is a massive 30 days. So, wherever people click your Etsy affiliate link and buy a product from Etsy within 30 days, still it’s calculated as qualified sales and earning a commission. 

People who own blogs in the niche related to the fashion industry can make the best use of the Etsy affiliate program. The signup process is damn simple.

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target affiliate program

Target is the most popular affiliate program in the United States of America, and one of the alternative to amazon’s affiliate program. When you join the Target partner program, just start promoting brands from the platform and achieve sales, possibly you can earn a commission of up to 8%. That’s a decent commission structure for a popular affiliate program.

Target affiliate programs are used to keep on sending newsletters, promotional offers, and deals to its affiliate partners. So, whenever you feel demotivated, with the help of Target’s weekly offers, you can create more content, generate a good amount of sales and earn a decent affiliate revenue/income from your affiliate marketing business.

The signup process with Target’s affiliate program is simple as you can get your account activated in no time with Target. All you need is to create content that inspires your audience, and of course search engines to achieve Google’s top of the results.

The cookie period is just 7 days with Target and unfortunately, the affiliate program network is not suitable for all niches as it is highly open for merchants that are related to home improvements and outdoor living. If you have blogs in such niches, Target is one of the best Amazon affiliate alternatives for you.


rakuten advertising

One of the solid competitors to Amazon and so I decided to add Rakuten to the list of Amazon affiliate alternatives. Rakuten is the oldest affiliate marketing program on the list as the company was first started in 1996 during the time when the affiliate marketing business model was introduced. 

The company was first named Linkshare and in 2005, a Japanese electronic company called Rakuten bought LinkShare and changed its name to Rakuten Advertising.

In recent years, Rakuten has become one of the unavoidable names in the affiliate marketing programs category. Rakuten dashboard is easy to understand even if you are a beginner in the affiliate marketing business, you can simply understand your affiliate sales and their payout details from the Rakuten dashboard.

To find your niche products and brands from the Rakuten affiliate marketing program, simply search with your niche keywords, and you will find a list of available products under your niche to promote on your blog. If you want to be a partner of the Walmart affiliate program, then you should join Walmart via Rakuten as the Walmart affiliate program itself is hosted on the Rakuten platform.

Niche Based Affiliate Programs

The above-listed 6 best amazon affiliate program alternatives offer products and brands to promote in general as you can find different products of your choice and promote them.

But, if you particularly run a blog in micro-niche or even niche based blogs, it’s advisable for you to sign up for niche based affiliate programs.

There are exclusive niche affiliate programs available on the internet to promote products and brands that are only following a particular niche.

For instance, if you own a blog on the Health niche, then probably you could find some affiliate programs that are exclusively open for health-relevant blogs. Physician’s Choice, Smart Nora, and MarketHealth are some of the affiliate programs that are specifically available for health, fitness, and weight-loss blogs.

Likewise, there are niche based affiliate programs for all niches out there. To find affiliate programs in your niche, just go to Google and type the name of your niche along with query affiliate programs.

‘Sports Affiliate Programs’ is what you need to type on Google search to gather a list of affiliate programs that are exclusively for sports niche blogs.


The only reason why people look for Amazon associate alternatives is that Amazon’s commission structure is low and anytime the company may even low down the commission rates. Otherwise, Amazon’s Affiliate program is the best in the world.

So, as I said, do not always rely on one single platform for your affiliate marketing business as it is better to partner with many other affiliate programs to earn a decent amount of income as well as to survive when one program declines or even close its affiliate program.

Keep the list of 7 alternatives to the amazon associates with you and try them one by one and use a few that suits well for your niche. This way you can earn more affiliate commission and survive even when Amazon reduces its affiliate commission structure.

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