10 Best Sponsored Post Platforms Every Blogger Should Join

Affiliate marketing and Adsense are undoubtedly the two top earning methods for bloggers around the world. Apart from these popular two money making methods, Sponsored Content Opportunities are one of the best ways for bloggers to make money online. As a blogger, you can get paid for sponsored posts. If you would be interested in understanding everything about sponsored content opportunities, the blog post is for you, as you are not just going to read only about the concept but also you will get to see the list of 10 best sponsored post platforms that every blogger should join in 2023 to make some extra income from their blogs.

Sponsored Post Platforms are the best way for bloggers to earn massive amounts with no work. Let’s get started with the basic explanations and then I will write down the list of 10 best-sponsored post platforms that you can join and make money.

What is a Sponsored Blog Post?

Let’s assume I have a brand and the name of my brand is ‘X’ and you own a popular blog called ‘Y’ that receives a high amount of traffic and importantly the blog niche is the same as my brand niche.

And, I want to promote some services or products from my brand in the form of a blog post on your blog. Of course, In this case, I may want to contact you to publish my blog post in your blog and upon your approval, I may agree to pay you for publishing my blog post in your blog as per the payment we both discussed.

So, the blog post you publish in your blog by getting paid on behalf of my brand is called a ‘Sponsored Blog Post’.

In 2023, sponsored posts will become the best method of advertising the brand, and thus, the make money method gains more popularity among bloggers.

Due to the gain in popularity, platforms are arising as Sponsored posts networks. The platforms act as an intermediary between the brand and the bloggers where bloggers can join the platform for free to get sponsored content opportunities.

Pros and Cons of Sponsored Blog Posts

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of sponsored blog posts in this section.


  • Bloggers can make money by publishing sponsored content on their blogs whereas brands can reach to many people with sponsored articles on popular blogs.
  • Sponsored blog posts easily convert into sales and so, brands spend so much money to publish their content on high-traffic blogs.
  • When it comes to engagement rates, sponsored blog posts perform better than usual blog posts. Win-Win situation for both the blogger and the brand.
  • Readers put more trust in sponsored blog posts than regular displays or other kinds of advertisements.


The cons are very less or zero disadvantages for bloggers. But, there are some Brands that you read below.

  • ROI is a big question mark for the brands who pay for publishing content on other blogs. No guaranteed success for the brands. Sometimes the post turns into sales and sometimes not.
  • Google does not prefer paid links as a good sign when it comes to SERP ranking. To avoid this, you can add ‘sponsored post’ as a link option while offering linkbacks to the brands who sponsor your blog posts.

How Much Should You Charge for Sponsored Posts?

The answer totally depends on the quality of the blog you own as well as the Website traffic you receive in your blog. A blog with more quality and high traffic, Website domain Authority and Domain ratings can demand good charges from sponsors while it is hard for low-quality blogs to receive sponsored blog post opportunities.

A good quality blog with a decent number of traffic may charge an approximate amount of $100 per post from sponsors. As a blogger, you can charge even high, if you are getting quality Search Engine traffic to your blog.

Factors to Consider Before Accepting Sponsored Posts (For Bloggers)

As the brand is paying you money for publishing sponsored blog posts in your blog, you just cannot simply approve the request from brands. There are some factors that you should look for before getting paid for sponsored posts. Here it is.

  1. Ensure to understand the blog post pitch offered by your sponsor. The pitch must highly fit your blog niche. If not, it won’t benefit you and the brand. Of course, you will get paid, but you may lose your blog authority due to publishing non-relevant blog posts just for the sake of sponsorship.
  2. The brand you promote through sponsored posts must be good and relate to your blog niche. If you are promoting the worst services or products using sponsored posts, your blog audience leaves being your readers. You have to earn money and at the same time, the post must serve well to your audience.
  3. Check whether the final copy of the sponsored post meets the Google guidelines of sponsorship posts like duplicate content, grammatical error contents, copied content, etc. Non-perfect blog posts should not benefit both you and your sponsor in any way.

Before getting into the list of the 10 best sponsored post platforms, here is an important keynote to remember for bloggers. You own a blog but it doesn’t mean that you can avail sponsored content opportunities easily from brands and earn hundreds of dollars from it. 

To receive sponsored content opportunities, your blog must meet the criteria given by the sponsored platforms, each platform offers different criteria. So during your signup process, ensure to read out the criteria of the platform. Your application will be approved only depending based on the requirements offered by the different platforms.

List of 10 Best Sponsored Post Platforms Every Blogger Should Join

  1. Adsy

Adsy sponsored post network

One of the popular platforms for both buyers and publishers. Buyers can buy blog posts from Adsy whereas publishers can share their blog URLs and avail sponsored post opportunities with Adsy.

Adsy will offer publishers a reliable payout method. After joining the platform as a publisher with your blog URL, you will get all the control over creating content yourself and place it on your publisher account for sponsors to bid. As a publisher to the platform Adsy, you can get upto 100$ per post and you can earn even more if you create high-quality content.

  1. OutreachMantra


Another premium sponsored post network in the list. With OutreachMantra, you can easily monetize your blog by accepting sponsored blog posts. Same as the Adsy, you can either join as an advertiser or publisher to the network. 

As an advertiser, you will be able to buy guest posts from the network and as a publisher, you can add your website, publish content, and get paid. You can add multiple websites and get more orders.

You will get paid every Tuesday on the platform for all your successfully completed orders. The payout methods are very reliable. The sponsored network OutreachMantra provides 24*7 support for publishers, so you can contact the team easily if you have any doubts.

  1. Blog Meets Brand


The name itself explains the nature of the network. As I explained, a sponsored post is where the blog meets the brand. The network Blog Meets Brand plays a key role in creating connections between bloggers, social media influencers, and marketers.

One of the industry-leading influencer marketing companies, Blog Meets Brand already in tie-up with 40,000+ top influencers and promotes the brands through the influencers by paying according to the influencer’s blogs and social media account status.

If you are a blogger or even a social media influencer with some high followers and reach counts for your posts, join as an influencer in the sponsored network Blog Meets Brand and promote brands and get paid.

  1. Valued Voice


The perfect community on the internet where content creators can earn money. The whole process is very simple and free with Valued Voice.

You just have to create your free account by submitting your blogs, Youtube Channels, and Social media pages along with the rates you want to get paid for sponsored opportunities.

The Valued Voice community has thousands of brands, so you will get an alert through your email when some brands want you for sponsored posts. Login to your Valued Voice dashboard to review the opportunity. Just accept if you feel satisfied with the pitch. 

Once you accept, just place the content before the deadline date, that’s it. You will get paid. The payout is very fast as you will get paid for sponsored posts after 72 hours from the order completion time.

  1. Link-able

linkable sponsored post platform

Not just sponsored content opportunities but you can do 20+ digital marketing and SEO-related services on this platform as an author and make some good money. The services include link building, content writing, social media writing, video script writing, etc. If you are good at any one of the above tasks, you can easily be a part of the network as an author and make a decent amount of money for the projects you do through the network.

Link-able networks have a good amount of clients already. So, possibly you will get to work on this platform in no time and make money.

  1. SeedingUp


With SeedingUp, you can monetize blogs and your Youtube Channels, and Social Media Profiles. Once you have added your channels and blogs, the SeedingUp will go through different criteria like your blog reach, daily traffic, and no.of. Posts already published etc.

According to the reports, your price will be offered.

SeedingUp is a good solution for Youtubers, with your Youtube Channel, you can be an influencer and market the SeedingUp client brand videos on your channel and get paid. Also, if you own social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a good follower base, you are well enough to make a regular income.

  1. SheMedia


SheMedia is actually a kind of partnered network which means the platform partnered with too many networks which helps bloggers and influencers to easily avail sponsored content opportunities from different SheMedia partners.

You can be a part of your publisher program and make a good income. Parenting, Food, Wellness, and Entertainment are the majorly focussed topics among publishers in the SheMedia-sponsored post platform.

One of the popular companies in the list that has earned authorized Google Certified Publishing Partner Status, which means your works in the network are safe and you will get payment from the network without any hassle.

Apart from sponsored post platforms, SheMedia also acts as an advertising network in which you can apply for ad monetization methods and make money from your blog with SheMedia advertisements.

  1. TapInfluence


A great platform for bloggers and Instagram influencers as well. It’s free to join. Most of the brands in the TapInfluence network are from industries such as Lifestyle, Food, Beauty, and Fashion. So, if your Instagram account is based on any one of these above-said industries, you can now join with TapInfluence and start promoting the brands on your Instagram account and earn money as an influencer.

There is no bidding kind of rates as you can join for free, share your account details and instantly check your estimated monthly earning potential.

To get paid for sponsored blog posts through TapInfluence, just connect your blog and let the advertisers ask you for promotions. Review the post pitch wisely and approve it.

  1. Acorn


The great thing about the Acorn sponsored post network is it is open to all levels of bloggers and influencers. At present, most of the platforms are open for only bloggers with higher potential, but with Acorn, even smaller lever bloggers can be a part of the network and make money by accepting sponsored blog posts.

The network works with top brands like Jonhson & Johnson, Kraft, Barilla, and many other brands. So the open rate for sponsored posts is high here and so, the network is good for all levels of bloggers and influencers.

One of the scalable sponsored post networks in the list not just connects authors and brands but also offers metrics from the post results to the clients.

  1. RealClever


The influencer marketing agency RealClever uses the most advanced tools to deliver the best influence marketing program to brands and influencers.

If you feel you are clever enough to promote different brands using your social media or blogging influence, the RealClever network is what you all need to be a part of to earn money.

One of the oldest networks on the list as RealClever was founded in 2009 and has been serving 13+ years to many brands and is beneficial for so many influencers.

Signup for your RealClever influencer account today and try their sponsored content program. You will be amazed to work with the platform, as the dashboard offered by the company is user-friendly.

That’s the end of the list of 10 best sponsored post platforms every blogger and social media influencer should join to make extra income. There are even other sponsored websites available, but we have covered the best-in-class networks.


If your blog traffic is good and already making some good dollars through only Adsense or Affiliate Marketing, why don’t you give a try to another source of income from your blog? If so, go for sponsored post platforms and register your blog, receive some sponsored deals and get the money from sponsors via the networks.

Try anyone out of the above 10 or even sign up for a few networks, check what works best for your blog, and stick with those sponsored post networks to make extra income.

Share the Post. If not you, definitely it might help someone else who is having a blog with good potential to be a part of the above said sponsored post networks.

Where Can I Get Sponsored Posts?

If your blog performs well, you will receive emails from brands to publish their content on your blog and you will get paid as per your blog performance. Apart, there are exclusive platforms in which you can join as a publisher and look for sponsored blog post opportunities. Above listed 10 platforms are currently the best to get sponsored posts for bloggers.

What is Meant by Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored posts are promotional blog posts or articles about the sponsor brands or services that will be published on different blogs upon the agreement in terms of payments and post guidelines between the blogs and brands.

How Do I Get a Sponsored Post on my Website?

Make use of the sponsored post networks listed above in the post and register for your account there. Most of the networks are free to join. Once joined, ensure to connect your blogs and social media accounts to the network. If your blog performance report and niche meet some brand requirements, you will get sponsored content opportunities.

Are Sponsored Posts Effective?

For bloggers and influencers, making money through sponsored blog posts is undoubtedly an effective method. There are possibilities that you can even get 100$ or more per post. But, to make the sponsored post opportunity effective, your blog performance matters a lot in terms of the number of published posts and traffic.

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