BOWWE Review: Website Builder Designed for Creatives

If you are serious about offering your website or blog visitors a fruitful viewing experience, then you need to design your website in an amazing way. Gone are those days designing a website requires a hell lot of coding knowledge that can only be done by technical experts. But, after the arrival of the drag and drop website builders concept, the task becomes easier. Now, all you need to do is choose a powerful tool to do that. Currently, BOWWE Website Builder can be your best choice. Are you wondering, how is it possible? Let me explain the whole in the BOWWE review blog post.

Yes, designing a website with the help of BOWWE drag and drop builder does not take more than 10 minutes and no coding knowledge is required as well.

BOWWE Review- What is BOWWE Website Builder?

BOWWE has a long 7 years of experience in the drag and drop website builder industry.

bowwe website builder

Since the launch, the company has successfully delivered 30,000+ websites and landing pages.

According to the official source, 74% of users return to BOWWE with new projects.

At present, the BOWWE offices are located in three different countries such as the USA (Miami), the UK (London), and Poland (Wroclaw).

No matter where you are located, the company is serving its services across the globe as you can avail of the drag-and-drop builder seamlessly in the comfort of your place.

What you can do with BOWWE?

BOWWE Team says of themselves that they’re a next-gen No-Code web builder that lets anyone create an adorable website and gain supreme search ranks in record time. Is this true?

Well, as soon as you go to their website, you can see that BOWWE is actually a web builder that offers so many website designing tools. Using them, you can seamlessly develop SEO-friendly websites without touching any coding stuff.

But not just websites. BOWWE offers much more. There are pre-made templates available by which you can create all:

  • Websites
  • Micro Pages (small websites designed for social media, alternative to linktree)
  • Landing Pages
  • Portfolio
  • Online Cvs
  • and very soon… E-Commerce Stores!

There are ready-to-use templates for every mentioned list. So, possibly, graphic work also became easier with BOWWE.

You just have to pick the template of your choice and make edits as per your wish. You can change text, images, and positioning as well from the templates.

BOWWE Pre-Designed Templates – Choose One of your Choice

For me, the best part about the platform is its pre-designed templates. You can choose the best template of your choice to create your websites.

There are 200+ templates at present available to choose from. The pre-made templates are available under almost all categories. Whether you are creating websites, Micro Pages for social media profiles, portfolios, and CVs, there are ready-to-use templates for everything.

Just go to the link and click websites, ecommerce stores, or landing pages and then choose the category. You will be loaded with pre-made templates according to your selection. Pick one from the template and start working on it with your own choices.

If you are not a person who loves to use pre-made templates, then you can start from scratch by using the drag-and-drop blocks available in the BOWWE builder.

It’s totally up to your choice.

How to Get Started with BOWWE?

I am sharing the easy to follow step by step process on how you can use the BOWWE builder.

Step 1: Head over to the BOWWE homepage. On the top right of the page, you will see ‘Start Right Now. Just click on it.

start right now with bowwe

Step 2: You will be taken to the account creation page. Just fill out your name, email, and password to create your account.

Step 3: You will receive an activation mail. Click on the link in your email to activate your BOWWE account.

verify bowwe account via email

Step 4: Upon successful activation, log in to your BOWWE builder account using the email and password credentials. Refer to the image. That’s how your dashboard looks.

BOWWE Review: Website Builder Designed for Creatives 1

Step 5: Click on ‘Create your First BOWWE Website’. You are requested to select the type of the project whether website, micro page, landing page, and portfolio & CV. Choose one of your choices. I am choosing a website. Give the name of your project and the language of your website from the drop-down. Click Confirm.

choose the type of project

Step 6: Here in the step, you need to choose a template for your website. First, choose the category and then choose your favourite template. I have chosen a category as ‘Sports & Entertainment’ and chose a template from the list.

BOWWE Review: Website Builder Designed for Creatives 2

Step 7: The template will open in an editor tab where you can start your designing tasks and make edits and changes with the help of the available drag and drop tools.

Step 8: After the design works are done, you can publish your work to make it live. BOWWE offers a free domain under the BOWWE brand name and server space for free. If you want to connect your custom domain, you have to upgrade to a premium plan.

On BOWWE’s editor tab, you will have options to create pages and blogs for your website. Also, there are some 30+ drag and drop widgets available to use on your website.

That’s the process and that’s how you use BOWWE to develop websites and other stuff. You can make changes to your website whenever you want just by opening your BOWWE editor.

BOWWE Features and Benefits

Let’s have a look at some amazing features and benefits offered by this No-Code creator.

30+ Drag and Drop Advanced Widgets

While developing my very first website project with the BOWWE, I fell in love with their advanced widgets.

There are 30+ widgets including basic ones like text, headings, images, menu, separator, button, forms, and more, but also a lot of advanced features like the Custom Code widget, which lets you add your own code to the project to connect integration for example. You can use all of it to create your website.

There are some blog and social media widgets as well to make your website with a professional blog section.

Free Domain and Hosting

A blog or website needs domain and hosting. But with BOWWE, you do not need a domain and hosting as the platform itself offers you hosting space and a domain name under the BOWWE brand.

Anyhow, I am not a fan of free domains under other brands. So, it’s better to go with a custom domain. In order to connect your custom domain, you need a premium plan, whose prices are very affordable.

Mobile Responsive Templates

The pre-made templates available in the platform are mobile responsive. Not just for desktops, the website you design with BOWWE fits well for mobile and tablet versions.

bowwe for mobile responsive websites

The best mobile responsive websites are performing better in search results and so BOWWE focuses on all the ready-to-use templates in the best mobile responsive way.

While editing your website with the BOWWE editor, you can see the mobile and tablet views as well to see how it looks on mobile.

Affordable Options for Great SEO

SEO is one of the most important factors that every website must follow to gain organic traffic.

basic SEO options

BOWWE website builder gives options for SEO titles and meta descriptions under the basic SEO tab. With the help of the options available, you can seamlessly give titles and descriptions for each page you create from BOWWE builder.

That’s one of the best features I ever witnessed with the BOWWE builder. When you upgrade to a premium plan, you can avail more advanced, Rocket SEO features.

Beginner Friendly Editor

You do not need to be a pro designer to develop websites with BOWWE. For me, the editor dashboard looks more friendly than any other drag and drop builders out there.

With just a few clicks, you can develop a full-fledged web page on your website and publish in just a click. The functions are easy to use. Also, there is a preview option. Once you are done with the work, you can preview your work real-time, if you feel all good, then you can publish it.

100% Free File Manager

Of course, you need a file manager option to store all your multimedia data such as images, videos, GIFs, and more.

BOWWE offers you a 100% free file manager by which you can upload your images to the file manager and use them wherever you want.

Also, some stock images are there to use for free. You can search for the images and use them on your web pages if it fits your website theme.

Lots of Colors and Typography Styles

The website builder is offering customers a lot of typography options and color combinations as well.

colors and typography

On your editor tab, you will see a style option where you will see the colors and typographies to use it on your website. That’s one of the very cool features.

BOWWE Competitors

In this section, let’s have a quick look at a few of the BOWWE competitors and how the website builder manages to overcome the competitors.

BOWWE vs Wix

As you may have already heard about the popular website builder ‘Wix’. The drag and drop website builder Wix platform offers almost what BOWWE does.

Both are actually offering great services on their own terms. Of course, Wix is older in the market than BOWWE. But, the website builder BOWWE is no way lesser than Wix in terms of features and benefits. Which is a big compliment for them, since Wix is worth $15 billion.

For more details, I recommend you read a comparison of BOWWE vs Wix.

BOWWE vs Webflow

Both are well-known no-code website builders. But, BOWWE compared with WebFlow, the first one is more effective and more affordable than Webflow.

As I talked about one of the best things about BOWWE ‘Pre-Made Templates’, Web flow does not offer such template modules in its dashboard.

To work with Webflow, you need to go through so many tutorials but with BOWWE, you can start yourself without referring to any tutorials. Still, BOWWE offers a tutorial page on its website where you will find out how to work with the platform.

All this makes BOWWE a great alternative to Webflow in my eyes

BOWWE vs WordPress

WordPress does not need an explanation as it is one of the vastly popular platforms for developers to create websites and blogs.

WordPress is actually not a website builder, it’s a content management system. But, BOWWE can be both as it can act as a website builder as well as CMS. So, the question is: Will Free Website Builder Beat Popular CMS?

You can use WordPress as a platform to create websites, when it comes to designing and developing, you need to install website builder plugins to your WordPress dashboard.

With BOWWE, you can use drag-and-drop widgets as well as create your blog and run it smoothly. In fact, it takes less than an hour to set up a blog in BOWWE.

BOWWE Pricing Plans

The BOWWE’s pricing structure might vary depending on the benefits you choose. As said, BOWWE is not just a website builder, apart you can use the platform for creating landing pages, portfolios,s and CVs.

Let’s take a look at BOWWE pricing plans.

Plans for Websites and Landing Pages

  • Standard – The plan costs just $10 per month when billed annually. You can use your own domain in the standard plan itself.
  • Advanced – The advanced BOWWE plan costs $16 per month by which you can avail of more features than the standard plan.
  • Professional – The best plan for agencies that costs $30 per month for a yearly billing contract.

All three plans are available to pay on a monthly basis, but the cost may vary. There is an ongoing offer, when you buy the above-said plans for a 3 years period, you can possibly save upto some $723 on your billing.

Plans for Micro Page

  • Free – You can use the plan free forever with some restrictions. You do not need to pay anything for the Micro Page free plan. Luckily, with the free plan, you can create an unlimited number of texts, buttons, headers, images and a lot more.
  • Premium – The plan costs $5 per month, billed annually. You will get professional SEO settings with the premium plan.
  • Business – The best micro page builder plan. You can accept payments from this plan and you can create pages without BOWWE branding. The plan costs $7 per month on your annual agreement.

Plans for CV Builder

There are just two plans. One is a free plan in which you can create only one resume and there is a paid plan named ‘Premium’ that costs $9 per month, billed annually. In the premium plan, you can build an unlimited number of resumes.

You can use the platform to create CVs for clients as there is a huge demand for CV developers.

Plans for E-commerce

At present, there are no plans. BOWWE is working hard to launch the eCommerce plans. I will update the same on this space in the future. Keep watching.

Free Trial

After reading the pricing section, you may have a question like does BOWWE offers a free trial?

Yes, BOWWE does offer a 10-day free trial to test all the features. To avail of the free trial account, fortunately, you do not need a credit card.

You just sign up with your email id and get your hands on BOWWE’s free trial account. Use it for 10 days, and upgrade your plan if you are satisfied with the features offered by BOWWE.

BOWWEE offers massive 30-day money back guarantee. It’s risk-free and has a question-asked guarantee.

So, after your purchase, if you are not satisfied with the benefits, you can request money back within 30 days of your receipt.

Final Verdict

To write the BOWWE review article, I have tried the BOWWE website builder myself and found some interesting features and benefits there.

I loved the pre-designed website templates concept in BOWWE as you can launch your websites and blogs online in no time.

Even the editor features such as blogs, pages, advanced widgets, SEO, layouts, and styles, which I admired a lot.

BOWWE pricing structure is even affordable as you can get the website/landing page plan for just $10 a month.

The company is offering a 10-day risk-free trial account. So, try the trial account yourself and understand whether BOWWE is a great option for designing your websites and then upgrade your plan.

There is no wrong in trying. I am sure, after all, you will love BOWWE.

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