Where to Buy Your Domain? 7 Best Domain Name Registrars in 2023

Do you want to purchase a domain name to kickstart your online business or blog in 2023? If yes, here is an exclusive blog post to help you find the cheapest domain registrar to instantly get your domain name and launch your business online. With 100+ domain name registrar companies worldwide, finding one best for your domain name must be a little confusing. By reading the ‘7 Best Domain Name Registrars in the 2023 blog post till the end, you can get clarity over all the confusion.

Before getting started with the list of the best domain name registrars to buy domains for cheap in 2023, I will define a few things in a short glimpse to let you understand some important notes around the topic of domains.

If you are already aware of what I am going to define (basic definitions of domain and related terms), I wish you to jump to the lists directly and there find the best place to get your domain name today.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the unique identity of the online business you run or own. No matter if you want to create an eCommerce store, blogs, business websites, etc..to have a unique identity for your business online, you need to purchase a domain name for your business.

For example, let’s take Facebook, the world’s most popular social media brand. The unique web address of the popular social media site is “https://www.facebook.com/” where ‘Facebook’ is the domain name of the company. Like you can register any domain name of your choice for your online business depending on the availability of the name.

How Does Domain Name Work?

When you type the domain name you want to visit, the internet browser you use sends the requests to the server the domain name has been registered (DNS Server), and the server replies to the request from the cache, and then the website is visible to you on your browser.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

Otherwise called domain name providers, it’s actually a company (The best 7 is what we will go through in this post) in which you can buy domain names. There is a non-profit organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which manages all the domains out there in the world.

Every domain name registrar must be accredited by the ICANN organization in order to sell domain names to their customers.

Moving forward, let’s have a look at some important topics that should help you register your domain names right away.

How to Buy a Domain Name?

The domain buying process is almost the same for all the above-mentioned registrars. If you have finished with the final selection of your domain name registrar, as a first step, you have to check for the availability of the domain name.

You can find the domain name search bar on the registrar’s website homepage or on their exclusive page for domains. Here is the reference image of how it looks.

domain name availability check search bar

In the search bar, you have to input your preferred domain name with the extensions you want to purchase to check the availability. Hit search. If it is available, you are lucky to go ahead. If not, you will be provided with alternative domain name options with different extensions similar to your search same as the image below.

domain name alternate options

If you are satisfied with one of the suggestions, go for it. Otherwise try searching with new names until your own choice of the domain name is available to book.

Once you find the domain name available, ensure to add the domain name to your cart. The domain name will be added to your cart and your cart amount may be generated according to the time frame you choose. The higher timeframe you choose the higher discounts you will get.

Also, check whether the company provides you add-ons like domain privacy, and protection free of cost or is required to pay you extra. If you want the services, go for it, or else uncheck those add-ons and proceed to checkout with only the domain name in the cart.

domain name with addons unchecked

Companies like GoDaddy and NameCheap offer you to apply coupon codes during the checkout process to avail of extra discounts. If you have GoDaddy coupons or other coupon codes with you, you can apply to get extra off. 

Once everything is alright, you can finish the process by completing the payment. After the successful payment, the domain name is all yours and you are ready to host your site and make it live.

Things to Keep in Mind While Deciding your Domain Name

  • Choose the domain name as simply as possible. A simple domain name makes people memorize the name easily.
  • Avoid adding hyphens and numbers to your domain names.
  • Keep your domain names as short as possible. 
  • Possibly add your niche-related terms (keywords) to your domain name.
  • Use phrases or words in your domain names that are easy to pronounce and spell.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Domain Name Registrars

  • Renewal Price – Most domain name registrars offer you an attractive introductory price (for first-year domain registration). But charges are damn high when it comes to renewal. We know there are providers who used to charge 5x higher charges than introductory prices. So, make sure to check the renewal price of the registrar before you proceed with them.
  • Add-On Services Charges – As I mentioned earlier, some companies may charge you extra for add ons products like privacy protection, security, etc. Some offer the same services free of cost. So, choose one that provides you add-on services at no cost.
  • Domain Transfer Policy – Ensure to go through your registrar’s domain transfer policy. In the future, if you want to transfer your domain to other providers, you may be aware of your current registrar domain transfer policy. Some offer domain transfer for free of cost while some are used to collect transfer charges.
  • Easy-to-Use Domain Management – The control panel of your domain name registrar should be easy to use. So that you can manage all your domain-related stuff in one place without complications.
  • Good Customer Support – Proper and instant customer support means no struggles. If the company failed to offer the right support in case of any issues with your domain names, you may lose your brand reputation.
  • Auto Renewals – Always better to choose the domain name registrar that can offer you to enable auto-renewals. Because there are possibilities you may forget to renew your domain on time. Failing to do so costs you a loss of traffic. If auto-renewal means, the system automatically renews your domain if you set up all the payment-related terms in a proper way.

Let’s get straight into the list of domain name registrars

7 Best Domain Name Registrars to Buy Domain Names in 2023

It is always advisable to look for reputed registrars when buying your domain name. You are not only just buying the domain name but also a unique identity for your online brand. So, you must be good at selecting both affordable and reputed domain name providers.


Godaddy domain name registrar

If you are asking for suggestions on the best domain name registrar to 10 people who are already good at the field of web development, 8 out of 10 suggest GoDaddy.

That is the superpower of the domain names provider company GoDaddy, one of the most highly popular and most considered domain name registrars worldwide.

There are approximately 82+ million domain names already sold by GoDaddy and recently crossed 20+ million customer base.

One of the oldest companies in the list of best domain name registrars GoDaddy is very beginner-friendly. In order to buy a domain name, you don’t need to be an internet expert as the purchasing process is very simple.

Domain names apart, the company also offers web hosting accounts, SSL certificates, website builders, and a few other services as well. Despite this, the company is well known for buying domain names.

When it comes to the pricing part, GoDaddy does offer attractive prices to the users. When you buy an a.COM domain name from GoDaddy for 2 years of registration, your first-year price costs you just $0.01. 

The company provides several domain name extensions such as.COM, and .NET,.ORG,.IN,.SHOP and many more. You can choose the extension you want. The prices may vary from extension to extension.

With an easy-to-use interface, you can easily manage your domain names from your GoDaddy account dashboard. On a frequent basis, GoDaddy provides different offers to their new customers. You can get your GoDaddy coupon details on their homepage itself or chat with them to know their current coupons and offers.


namecheap domain name provider

Next to GoDaddy, NameCheap is another popular name in the domain name registration sector. The company has been rated a massive 4.7 out of 5 as well NameCheap has crossed 2M+ customers.

The best thing about the provider is that they are offering an online tool called domain name generator in which you can search for the domain name of your choice, if not available, the tool does generate similar better names. You can choose one alternate ideal domain name of your choice if your preferred name is already registered.

NameCheap offers almost 50+ domain name top-level extensions (TLD) including.COM, .NET etc. The domain name extensions list also includes country-level domain name extensions if your brand is targeting a particular country, you can buy cheap domains with NameCheap according to the country you target.

For example, If your target audience is based only in India, then you can buy a.IN domain name from NameCheap which costs you only around 300 INR for the first year.

NameCheap, one of the best domain sites serving worldwide charges just $5.98 for a . COM domain name for one year period. No matter which part of the world you are in, NameCheap offers 7 different currency options to their customers. You can use your preferred currency while checkout. The company does accept some cryptocurrencies as well.

If you are already registered with some other domain name providers, but are satisfied and want to change your provider. You can easily transfer to NameCheap as the company offers a domain transfer process absolutely free of cost.


free domain name provider bluehost

GoDaddy and NameCheap are well-known names in the market for domain name registering services despite the web hosting, SSL, apps, and add-ons services they provide.

BlueHost is known for its reliable and affordable web hosting packages, but many do not know that BlueHost also offers domain name registration services along with web hosting.

WordPress itself recommended company for web hosting services BlueHost has an exclusive page for Domains on their website. From that page, you can buy domain names.

BlueHost dashboard offers you easy domain management services such as transferring your domain, updating your contact information, changing name servers, etc. 

As a part of the domain name registration service, BlueHost offers a unique method called ‘Domain Lock’ in which your domain gets locked after you made a purchase. The domain lock method may prevent your domain from unauthorized transfers which is quite an important security aspect for the domains.

If you have already come across BlueHost web hosting review blog posts, you may know how good the company is when it comes to providing customer support. Likewise, you will get expert support from BlueHost in case you find any issues with the domains you registered.

With BlueHost domain registration service, possible you will get options of up to 17 domain name extensions inclusive of.COM domain names. The.COM domain name from BlueHost company costs you around $13 for the first year.

We found the BlueHost domain pricing costs a little higher compared to GoDaddy and NameCheap.

Probably, you can get a domain name worth $13 from BlueHost free of cost for one year when you purchase a web hosting package from the company starting as low as $3 per month. We would recommend it’s a great idea to buy a domain name for free.


Hostgator for your favorite domain names

Another professional yet reliable web hosting company in the list offers domain registration and domain transfer services as part of their web hosting service.

Every feature from the company HostGator seems almost the same as what we see in the BlueHost. HostGator.COM domain name will cost you $12.95 for the first year of registration. 

With a single dashboard from the HostGator account, you can easily manage all your domain names registered with the company. You need not be an expert or technical guru in the field to manage your domains as the HostGator control panel is already designed for ease of use.

Apart from.COM domain name extension, the well popular shared web hosting provider company also offers 14 other domain name extensions with the price range varying from $0.95 (for . SITE domain) to $15.00 (for . ME domains).

Same as BlueHost, you will get a free domain name also with HostGator when you purchase any shared web hosting or other web hosting plans from the company. The good thing is the company offers a free domain name even on their basic shared hosting plan called Hatchling Plan costs 2.75 USD monthly.

HostGator is undoubtedly the best web hosting service provider to host your blogs and websites. So, if you are just getting started with an online business or blogging and want to purchase a domain name and hosting as well, make HostGator your hosting partner and get your free domain to save $12.95.


domain.com for website domain names

The company Domain.Com has been in the market for almost two decades. Started in early 2000 and has been offering domain name registration services for the long 21 years and counting.

The oldest reputed company Domain.Com is one of the top-notch service providers when it comes to offering customer support. As a unique part of their services, you will have the option to choose more than 300+ domain name extensions with the company. So, almost Domain.Com gets you covered in all country code top-level domains.

Domain names apart, the company does offer website builders and web hosting packages as well as add-on services like SSL, SItelock Security, Microsoft 365, and a few other relevant services.

If your requirement is just to purchase domain names, we recommend you to try Domain.Com as you have to only pay $9.99 for the first year for a . COM domain. The company is not an ideal solution for those who want to purchase a Domain name along with web hosting and other products like SSL, Professional emails, etc. In such a case, you may try either BlueHost or Hostgator in the list.

The company does have an exclusive knowledge base available on its website to read out if users get to know more about their services and gather knowledge about domain names. The knowledge base may be a good learning curve for beginners to understand the domain concepts better.


hostinger domain registration service

Another full-fledged web hosting service provider Hostinger gets into our list of 7 best domain name registrars in 2022 as Hsotigner also does sell domain names to customers at industry affordable costs.

If you are one who feels hassle in purchasing web hosting plans and domain names from different providers, get to Hostinger as you can purchase just a web hosting plan from there and avail your domain name free of cost for one year.

Hostinger offers a unique domain checker tool to check your domain name availability instantly before you start your buying process. Without purchasing a hosting plan from hostinger, still you can purchase a cheap domain name from Hostinger. For a . COM domain for one year with Hostinger DNS servers, you need to pay $9.99.

If you are planning to purchase hosting plans from Hostinger, then you never need to bother about your domain name purchase process. You will get a free domain name with most of Hostinger’s web hosting plans. Even their basic shared single hosting plan costing 1.39 USD per month offers you a free domain.

Hostinger plays a key role in setting up your dream domain name into a well-designed blog or online store as it offers WordPress in just a click as well Hostinger’s very own Zyro’s website builder comes in easy-to-use drag and drop blocks to build your website with no coding knowledge required. 

If not interested in drag and drop, you can use the website builder starter templates to make your domain live in no time.

We would strongly recommend Hostinger as one perfect choice on the list to start your blog in 2023 at affordable rates.


dreamhost domain registration

A straightforward domain pricing costs just $7.99 for the first year of.COM domain name registration. DreamHost is another company in the list that offers both web hosting and domain name registration services.

Domain Privacy is one thing that everyone wants to make sure their data used are safe while registering the domains. While many companies charge for hiding domain privacy, DreamHost offers free private registration of a lifetime for your domains registered with them. Yes, the company offers WHOIS domain privacy at no cost.

Remember, the free private registration period is for a lifetime as whenever you renew your domain name, the WHOIS domain privacy also gets renewed automatically at no cost.

The company DreamHost provides a simple domain management panel along with every account that can probably ease your managing domains. This kind of process includes updating nameservers, editing DNS records, and setting domain forwarding. In case you find any difficulties with managing your domain-related tasks, you can use the 24/7 live chat support to get the issues cleared.

DreamHost is not only just a domain registration service provider but also one of the popular web hosting companies worldwide that offers all kinds of web hosting solutions at the best rates. 

With the DreamHost shared web hosting ‘Shared Starter’ plan you can avail of a free domain name for one year without paying anything extra for domain names.


That’s the end of the list of best domain name registrars in 2023 and now we hope that you got clarity over choosing the best company among the above listed seven domain name provider companies. 

We believe that after reading the entire post, you are now in the position to easily choose the domain name registrar to buy your domain name.

If you are still confused about which one to choose, we can recommend the three best of the above seven. Go for Hosinger if you want to purchase both web hosting plans and domain names. Especially, try the Hostinger Premium shared hosting plan in which you can host unlimited websites with all the features. If only to buy domain names, try either GoDaddy or NameCheap. Both are good on their own terms and the support and pricing are exceptional.

Hope you enjoyed reading this useful blog post. If so, feel free to share the same on your social media accounts to let the article reach a maximum of your friends.

Which One is Cheapest Among the 7 Registrars?

If you want to register just a domain name, try NameCheap as you can get your.COM domain with NameCheap as low as $6. They do frequently give offers via NameCheap coupons to the customers which you can see on their homepage. NameCheap renewal charges and transfer fees are also quite reasonable.

How to get GoDaddy Coupons?

Once you have added your preferred domain name to your cart, ensure to chat with them using their 24/7 live chatbox which is available on their website. The chart support team are real humans and not bots. So, request them for GoDaddy coupons. They will provide according to your cart value for sure. This way you can get GoDaddy working coupons to save extra.

How to get a Domain Name at Free of Cost?

When you are into an online business, you should first be clear that nothing comes for free. Still, you can get a free domain as a promotional or introductory kind of offer. With popular web hosting companies in the above list like BlueHost, Hostinger, HostGator, and DreamHost, you can avail of your domain name for one year free of cost.

Is it Possible to Purchase a Domain Name on a Lifetime Basis?

No. You cannot purchase your domain name for a lifetime period. You can purchase for a maximum period of upto 10 years and after that, you have to renew according to your choice. You can save your money when you choose a higher timeframe for your domain name.

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