8 Best Free Creative Business Name Generator for Companies & Brands

When starting a new brand/business we really want the business to have a unique name that people can recall. After spending tons of hours on unique business name ideas and unique domain names, we wish there was a catchy Business Name Generator tool that could help us find the perfect catchy business name that would make us a hit overnight.

In this article, we would have a look at not just 1, but 7 creative business name suggestion tools for companies and brands.

These blog website name generators are manually tested to ensure that you go to only the best websites that fulfil your requirement.

Before we get started, let’s understand a few things.

What is a domain name?

Imagine a domain name as your home address. If someone wishes to reach you, they can find you by looking up your address and finding you.

Similarly, a domain name is a virtual home address where people all over the globe can find your content.

Some famous top-level domains name are:

  1. Facebook.com
  2. Twitter.com
  3. Reddit.com
  4. HindustanTimes.com
  5. Youtube.com

Having an address doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a home. You could just have a piece of land that you bought.

To have a home, you would need to build a building on that particular piece of land. Similarly, just having a domain name means you have a website.

To have a website/content that others could see, you would need to put all your files in a folder online. This is what is known as hosting.

Therefore, your domain name combined with hosting create your website. When starting a blog, you need to have a domain as well as a hosting plan. A domain name is simply the name given to your website via which people can find you.

Why is a domain name so important for your website?

Domain names are important as it gives your business credibility and also helps others recognize your business. If someone just says Uber, you would know that they are referring to a company that helps you with booking cabs. If someone says “Instagram”, you would know that they are talking about the famous social media app.

Therefore, your brand name differentiates you from your competitors and helps your users identify you and find you.

Having a catchy domain name also shows that you are serious about your business/brand.

8 Best Creative Business Name Generators for Companies, Brands, startups, and Blogs

Now that we know what a domain name is and why a domain name is important for your business, let’s have a look at some business name generator/ creative domain name generator/ best free brand name generator.

1- Turbologo Business Name Generator

Turbologo business name generator

Coming up with a company name can be difficult. To make it easy, use Turbologo’s business name generator.

Your brand feel should be reflected in your company name. It should be memorable and remind employees why they do what you do. Name agencies can charge thousands of dollars to come up with a name that is unique, relevant, and trendy. You’re just starting out and you have different priorities. Instead of paying a naming agency thousands of dollars for your company name, you can get inspired with ideas from our name generator (it’s completely free).

There are 3 steps to generate logo names:

  1. Think of the word that best describes your brand.
  2. Enter it in the name generator box.
  3. Click on the “Generate” button.

The service will then come up with 90 name choices for your company. But you can start over an unlimited number of times until you find the perfect one.

2- Business Name Generator


The domain name of this website is self-explanatory. It is a catchy name generator that helps you generate names for your business.

It is as simple as that!

They do complete justice to their name as they help you come up with great business names. Just enter a few words and click on Generate. Once you have entered your keywords, it will give you a list of names that the tool finds relevant to your search. To make a more specific search, you can even search for your specific industry list (which has more than 50+ industries).

Apart from that, you can even filter names by their:

  1. Character count
  2. One Word / Two Word
  3. Adding keyword before/after in the name
  4. Rhyming or non-rhyming

If you like any name from the list, you can then click to search if the domain is available. Talk about an all-in-one tool! If you like a brand domain name generator, Business Name Generator even helps you purchase the next domain for your business.

Not only do you get the business website of your dreams, but you also have the possibility of getting an additional discount if you purchase your domain from this website.


3- Shopify Business Name Generator Tool

shopify business-name-generator

We all know that Shopify helps small and medium-sized businesses to grow by helping them build websites with ease. They have been very well known to help individuals, startups and big companies build an online store without having to worry about the technical aspect of having a website.

To help more businesses, they have a tool that would help you generate tons of business names and brand name ideas. They proudly call this tool “The 10-second business name generator for a tech company”. Simply enter your keywords and click on “Generate Names” and you would literally get 100s of easy-to-pronounce business names within a few seconds.

After that, it is just a matter of selecting the business name that represents your brand and your vision perfectly. Shopify is a great brand name generator tool as it gives suggestions based on other users’ brand names.

Once you have selected your brand/business name, you can register it directly with Shopify and build your business on it. You can reserve your business and store name to create your E-commerce store directly inside Shopify.


4- Squad Help – Business Name Generator

squadhelp business-name-generator

Squad Help is different from the rest of the websites. Instead of providing any business name, they rely on Artificial Intelligence(AI) to instantly explore business names that are meaningful and resonate with the audience.

Not only that, they approach business name generators from a different perspective. They understand that a business name depends primarily on the Industry instead of keywords. Every industry has certain words/phrases that make it unique. So, instead of asking for your keywords, Squad Help asks for your Industry.

Once you have selected your industry, it asks you to enter keywords that are related to your idea or your business. Unlike other tools, it gives you suggestions because the tool is aware of the industry that you have selected. You can choose 2-3 keywords for your business.

The next step is where the real magic happens. After specifying your industry, AND your keywords, there is something else that Squad Help asks that other tools lack in – “Emotion”. This creative company names generator tool understands that different words invoke different emotions. So, they ask what emotions you want the name to have. You can select options such as:

  1. Joy, Happiness, Pleasure
  2. Anticipation
  3. Love
  4. Trust, Reliability
  5. Luxury
  6. Bold
  7. Grow, rise, soar
  8. Beauty, Glamour
  9. Pure, Organic
  10. Disrupt, Innovative
  11. Intelligence, Smart, Brain
  12. Fitness

and so much more. Just select a few emotions that you like and let it do its thing with its AI.

Once Squad Help is done searching for business names, you will see a huge list of brand names, along with other things that no other tool offers. You will not only see the brand name, but you will also see the domain name, along with a Logo of the website.

When you purchase the perfect domain from their site, you get a Complimentary logo design service. What more do you want from a business name generator website?

TRY Squad Help

5- Namify – Free Business Name Generator Tool


Namify is kind of the website that you go to if you have no idea where to begin.

You can get started with your keywords if you have any, to begin with. If not, you can scroll down on their website to see a list of 25+ creative startup name ideas. These are a curated list of names that they have built to help startups get a name for their latest and greatest idea.

If you are not satisfied even with those names, you can scroll down a little further to their “Other Brand name Idea Generators”. In this section, you can find:

  1. Blog name Ideas
  2. Store name Ideas
  3. Tech Company name Ideas
  4. Brand name generator
  5. Clothing business name ideas generator
  6. Shop name Ideas
  7. Business name suggestions
  8. Company name Suggestions

Namify offers business name suggestions that are truly meaningful instead of just a concoction of keywords.

Think of Namify as the best domain name generator tool as it has a great potential to do just that. If a domain name is available for your business, you will get the option to register your domain also. On top of that, you will get a complimentary logo that represents your brand.

TRY Namify

6- Namelix – Free AI-Powered Naming Tool


Namelix’s tagline is clear: “Generate a short, brandable business name using artificial intelligence”.

Namelix implements AI technology to help one generate truly brandable business names. For startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses, naming their brand/business seems to have very limited options. Short domain names are expensive, and long domain names having multiple words don’t inspire confidence.

Therefore, since 2020, startups are choosing to have short branded names that are unique and memorable. Some brands having unique names include:

  1. Trulia
  2. Vimeo
  3. Instagram
  4. Lyft
  5. Zynga
  6. Airbnb
  7. Spotify

When it comes to creating a brand name, Namelix ai based business name generator is unique as it doesn’t just combine random dictionary words to make longer names. Instead, it generates short, brandable names that represent your business and its Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

The best part about the Namelix blog name generator is that it learns from your preferences. It has an algorithm that will understand your preferences and give you better recommendations over time.

It has a simple process to help you find the perfect business name. Just enter your keywords and then select the length of the brand that you want. Next, you will be asked to select HOW you want to create your words.

It means you get to select the style of the name. The options are:

  1. Brandable Name
  2. Multiple Words
  3. Foreign Words
  4. Compound Words
  5. Misspellings
  6. Real Words
  7. Rhyming Words
  8. Person Names

After doing that, you will get a list of names according to the inputs that you have given. Using their other tool “Brandmark.io”, they also generate logos for those brand names using Artificial Intelligence. You can start liking the names that you like and it will start learning from your preferences to suggest better names in the future.

Visit Namelix Website

7- Freshbooks Business Name Generator


You might argue that Freshbooks is an accounting software to help you balance your books, client relationships, and your business.

How will it help you generate business name ideas for your upcoming business? Well, they also have the most simple business name generator by industry in the market. All you have to do is just look at your screen and follow what Freshbooks asks you to do.

Firstly, you will be asked to click on a Big green button that says – “Let’s Get Started”. Trust me, it’s very hard to miss that button. After you get started, you will be asked to select your industry among 4 possible options:

  1. Creatives & Marketing
  2. Legal Services and Business Consulting
  3. Trades & Home Services
  4. Information Technology

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Just select the industry that suits your business idea. After that, just enter the one word that you definitely want to include in your brand name.

It can be any simple word that represents your brand. After you enter that, you will have to click another big green button that says – “Make Me a Name”. On clicking that, you will get a list of names.

You might be wondering how many options we get from Freshbooks. Well, since we can see that it is a very simple website to follow, you will get 3 or 4 top names that it finds best for you.

You will most likely find a name that you like and will another click, you will be able to Get Started with your business on Freshbooks

TRY Freshbooks

8- Namemesh – Domain Name Generator for Blog


If you know the most important keyword that you want to add to your business and just want to get your creative juices flowing, this is the website for you. Sometimes all we need to do is have a little perspective shift and try out a bunch of different combinations to find the perfect brand name.

NameMesh Startup Company Name Generator Free literally has THE SIMPLEST interface among all other tools in the list.

It just has a text area where you enter the 2-3 keywords that you want to see in your business name. Next, you click on the button that says “Generate” and it fetches you a list of new company name suggestions free that include your important keyword.

You will get a list of 20+ brand names that are simple, precise, and have a sense of uniqueness in them. If you are confident that you want to include a specific keyword for your Freelance business, this is the only website that will help you become creative with business names.

Visit Website


Having a good company name is crucial to generating brand awareness, leads, and new business.

Sometimes all you require is to see things from a different perspective and all you need is to let someone else help you with catchy business names.

Hopefully, your problems would be solved by one of the 7 Business Name generator websites that we have shared in this post. If you find a catchy business name that you want to share with the world, drop a comment below!

How do I come up with a catchy business name?

There is no limit to how creative you can be with your business name. Sometimes, all it takes is having a shift of perspective to come up with a catchy business name. Using the tools mentioned in the article, you can unleash the creativity inside you to come up with a catchy business name.

What should I name my business generator?

Deciding what to name your business is a hard task and to make it catchy as well as memorable, is a lot more difficult. There are a plethora of business name generators in the market and just a Google search would return a lot of options for you. However, we have hand-picked and listed the top 7 best creative business name generators along with features that make each one unique.

How do I name my brand?

We understand that sometimes all you want is to get the perfect name for your brand, but have no idea where to even begin. To help you with this, we have shortlisted some of the best business name generators on the Internet. You can choose the tool that you like based on the amount of time you have, simplicity, uniqueness, no. of ideas, and so much more.

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