How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks by WP Mail SMTP

Everyone who is doing affiliate marketing or running their own business through WordPress and wooCommerce then they always want to get a report about their email marketing. And it’s not possible without using any plugin or external resource. Email marketing and strategies can be successful only when you can track the analysis of open rates and link clicks of emails. There are many easier tools available in the market which help you in solving the same problems but which one is most reliable and accurate among them? WP Mail SMTP is the latest and most reliable tool for track email open rates and link clicks appropriately. 

In this article, we are going to discuss How to track email open rates and link clicks by using WP mail SMTP. WP Mail SMTP released its latest version as WP Mail SMTP 2.9 a few days ago. We will guide you on the same latest version.

What is WP Mail SMTP?

While sending mails through WordPress this WP Mail SMTP tool helps you to reconfigure the SMTP provider at that time. This tool helps mostly in resolving the usual problems faced at the time of sending emails from WordPress. 

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks by WP Mail SMTP 1

WP Mail SMTP tool helps in all activities related to emails on the WordPress site. If you are using a contact form on your site and you are unable to receive emails on time then WP Mail SMTP will help you to keep track of all emails that are sent from contact forms. Usually, no one can give you track of such contact form mails. 

While running your online business we always face issues about undelivered mails and those mails we can’t track easily. So WP Mail SMTP has a feature of tracking the status of mail which can help you to check delivered and undelivered mails logs. Tracking emails based on some date and time sorting can be easily done with the help of this tool.

Setup of WordPress Email Logs with WP Mails SMTP Plugin

If you want to analyze your emails and keep their report then you have to set up the WordPress email logs with the WP Mail SMTP plugin. This can be done using just simple steps-

Step 1- In the WordPress dashboard, you will get the WP Mail SMTP option after installing the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Step 2- Click on the “Email Logs” Option in the WP Mail SMTP option. 

Step 3- Click on “Enable Log”.

Step 4- After enabling this option you will get the “Log email Content” button.

Step 5- Just enable the Log Email Content option to store email content logs. Usually, the Email log doesn’t store email content so we have to enable this option.

How to Track Email Open Rates and Link Clicks?

If you want to use this feature from WP Mail SMTP then you have to purchase the pro version (paid) of WP Mail SMTP. When you are in the digital marketing field then your sent emails through email marketing are delivered or not is the main issue but after that, you have to analyze the customer’s behavior on your emails. This can help you to improve your business or to change the irrelevant customer list that you got.

How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks by WP Mail SMTP 2

If you have enabled email logs and email content logs then in the Dashboards WP Mail SMTP menu you will get all details about sent emails. You will get a list of details like subject, from details to details, and email is opened or not and clicked or not. Simply you can click on any email subject to check more details like mail’s created date and time, the status of delivery, Mailer used while sending the email, attachments and opened and Clicked status.

You can easily track whether the receiver has opened your mail or not and if he or she clicked on any link from your email then you will get Clicked status as Yes. Sales conversion rate can be decided by the number of products sold. Email marketing conversion rate is based on the track of email open rates and link clicks. 

Rather than Tracking Open rates and Link Clicks you can also get more features from WP Mail SMTP as follow,

Resend Mails / Bulk Resend Mails

If some email is stuck due to technical reasons then you can check its delivery status and at last, you have the option to resend the email in just 2 clicks. After clicking on resend it will send a Heads Up message towards you that you want to resend mail? 

If you click on yes then it will resend the same message to the same user. On the email logs page, you will get a list of emails and by selecting them and choosing the option of resending available in the top drop-down, you can send bulk emails at a time.

Save Attachments

Saving attachments sent to users can be done in easy steps by just clicking on the subject of mail-in email logs followed by clicking on the attachment name available in the attachment section. 

Export email

No other plugin gives you such a feature that WP Mail SMTP provides you. You can export your email in .EML format. Earlier this plugin provides. CSV and. XLSX formats to export your emails but now in the latest update they provided .EML format.

This also works in bulk format export.


There are lots of free and paid tools or plugins in the market that can provide you the tracking details of your emails but we can’t judge whether their reports are true or not. 

WP Mail SMTP is the best tool used for email delivery in WordPress and Woocommerce. As per reports, this plugin is used by more than 2 Billion sites all over the globe. It’s a paid tool but whenever you want to take your business to a high level then you can invest some little amount to get a huge return.

According to its feature and use, we recommend WP Mail SMTP to purchase and use for email delivery and tracking.