How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

Have you ever wondered that the work which needs several hours to complete is completed automatically with just a click, then how easier will life be.

In this article, I will share with you such a tool that will definitely make life easier if you are a Digital Marketer or Blogger. Here you will get a detailed guide on how to integrate WPForms with Zapier, and how it will be useful for you.

If you want to move a step towards automation and save your time then make sure you read the whole article.

How To Automate Your Work With WPForms and Zapier

WPForms (Overview)

WPForms is the ultimate drag and drop form builder for WordPress users that have more than 4 million active installations. It is one of the most popular form builders recommended by professionals and experts.

The user interface of this form builder is very smooth and beginner-friendly.

With the help of this plugin, you can create a form of any category like a newsletter subscription form, payment form, survey form, contact form, and many more. WPForms is available in both the free version and paid version.

The Wpforms paid version is available in four plans, so you can choose any plan according to your needs.

Features of WPForms:

  • It is a form builder that has over 100 built-in templates.
  • No limitation, i.e, you can create an unlimited number of forms with this plugin.
  • Supports huge varieties of form creation.
  • It is 100% responsive that works smoothly on mobiles, PCs, and tablets.
  • One unique feature of this form builder is that it has smart conditional logic.
  • It instantly sends notifications of leads so that you can quickly respond to them.
  • Allows you to embed your form in any posts, footer, and sidebars.
  • It protects spam with its smart captcha and spam protection features.
  • With this, you can accept payments and donations.

Plans and Pricing of WPForms:

The premium version of WPForms comes under four plans. So let’s see their prices one by one…

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier 1

1. Basic Plan (One Website)

In this plan, you can add one website at $39.50 per year.

2. Plus Plan (Three Websites)

In the plus plan, you can add up to three sites at $99.50 per year.

3. Pro Plan (Five Websites)

If you purchase this plan you can use it on five websites at a price of $199.50 per year. 

4. Elite Plan (Unlimited Websites)

This plan allows you to use WPForms on unlimited sites at $299.50 per year.

Zapier (Overview)

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier 2

Zapier is an online tool that helps us to keep our works in automation. It is one of the most useful tools that make the life of digital marketers easier. It is very easy to set up and it supports over 3000 useful apps. You can connect your favorite app with Zapier and make your works faster.

Let me explain to you what Zapier exactly does with an example. Suppose you receive hundreds of emails with attachments which you have to save in dropbox. It will take lots of time to do this activity manually. But Zapier can automatically do it for you which will definitely save your time.

Features Of Zapier:

  • It is very easy to integrate and highly secure.
  • Supports 3000+ useful apps.
  • Zapier has 99.9% uptime.
  • It has pre-ready templates and zaps. Also allows you to customize your own Zaps.

Plans and Pricing of Zapier:

Zapier comes under five plans. Among the five plans, one is free and the other four are paid.

1. Free Plan

The free plan allows 100 tasks per month. It includes 5 Zaps and 15 minutes update time.

2. Starter Plan

This plan starts at $19.99 per month. It allows 750 tasks per month with 20 Zaps and 15 minutes update times.

3. Professional Plan

The Professional plan starts at $49 per month. It allows 2000 tasks per month with UNLIMITED Zaps and 2 minutes update time.

4. Team Plan

It comes at $299 per month for 50,000 tasks per month. It has unlimited Zaps and 1 minute update time.

5. Company Plan

The Company plan is the most expansive plan of Zapier that comes at $599 per month for 100,000 tasks per month. It has unlimited zaps and 1 minute update time.

How to make life easier with WPForms and Zapier

Here you will get a detailed guide on how to integrate WPForms with Zapier and make your life easier. Let us see how to do it step by step, make sure you follow all the steps.

Step 1: Install and Activate the WPForms plugin

For installing WPForms, you first need to log in to your WordPress dashboard. Now hover to the ‘Plugins’ option and then click one ‘Add New’. Then search for WPForms, you will see a form builder plugin.

Now install that plugin and activate it. After installing the plugin, put your license key and verify it.

Step 2: Activate Zapier addon

Once you successfully installed and set up WPForms, now you have to activate the Zapier addon on WPForms.

Remember Zapier addon is not available in the free version of WPForms. So you must have the premium version of WPForms. To activate the Zapier addon follow the steps given below.

Choose WPForms >> Settings >> Integrate

After you click on the integrate tab, you will see all the available addons. Here you have to select the Zapier addon and you will find your API key.

Step 3: Create a Zap in Zapier

A Zap is basically the name given to the integration you create in Zapier. That is you have to configure the app to which you want to connect in Zapier.

But to do that you need an account in Zapier if you don’t have an account you can create it for free.

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier 3

Once you successfully signup and login into your Zapier account it is very easy to create a Zap. If you can’t create a Zap read this detailed article by WPForms.


WPForms itself is a very popular WordPress form builder but if you integrate WPForms and Zapier, this will definitely help to grow your online business.

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