10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss

Are you looking for the best and cheapest alternatives to ClickFunnels? Then you have landed on the right page. Here you will get a clear overview of all the popular Clickfunnels alternatives with their features.

If you are an online entrepreneur or any business owner who works online, you must be aware of Digital Marketing Platform, named ClickFunnel! 

In the e-Commerce and Digital Marketing World, business owners want to sell products or services online. That’s why we require sales funnels to build our business. As we saw online shopping sites, Well structured funnel websites may lead to increase customers’ purchase power. It may lead to increase purchase chances.

But as a business owner, it’s not simple!

It’s not like building a business overnight with ease, but if you have done some research in this field then you have heard about the king of this field, ClickFunnel.

But ClickFunnel has its pros and cons. As per our business and requirements, we have to choose the best business funnel.

As we heard nothing is best in the world of software, that’s why Clickfunnel also doesn’t have the Best Features, Pricing, and many other things like support

That’s why we have combined the 10 Best Alternative Platforms of ClickFunnel in 2022.

Overview of ClickFunnels

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 1

Before moving on to the alternatives we must have a look at what ClickFunnel Offers.

ClickFunnel is a market-leading platform for building and managing online businesses with great outcomes.

ClickFunnel is the software that is created for business owners and web developers to set up landing pages of websites using sales funnel ideas, to have higher chances of purchase from their clients.

You have some products or services to sell online then there is a need of designing the best webpage to make browsers on your site loyal and long-lasting clients that make purchases.

ClickFunnel is easy to use and takes less time to learn how to create a website for their business and converging browsers to clients.

Clickfunnel Provides some basic features to ease your use.

  • Simple Drag and Drop Web Page Editor
  • Quickly build sales funnel
  • Shopping cart with 1 click upsells
  • Email and FB marketing Automation
  • Simple and Organised Dashboard

ClickFunnel has three plans for beginners or small businesses and for higher businesses. But 2 clickfunnels pricing

ClickFunnels : 97$ per Month 

  • 20 Funnels
  • 100 Landing Pages
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • Courses and Training

ClickFunnels platinum : $297 per month

  • Unlimited Sales Funnel
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Visitors per month
  • 9 Customer Domains
  • Support system good than basic plan
  • Additional training and courses free

Two Comma ClubX: $2,497 per month

This plan is not used commonly. But most expensive And all unlimited features are provided in this plan.

Why Should We Look for the ClickFunnels alternatives?

ClickFunnel doesn’t come at low prices, their cheaper plan comes at $97 per month but it’s much more expensive for small businesses or startups to start.

ClickFunnels alternative comes in cheap prices which are a little less expensive than ClickFunnel. The cheaper alternatives of ClickFunnels usually have lower pricing from $19 to $49 per month. But we have to take care of features that alternatives provide at cheap prices.

ClickFunnel has issues with basic plans with customer support. They don’t give priorities to basic plan clients. 

ClickFunnel provides almost all features but we have to choose perfect for our startup or business which completes our requirements. If you think in this way then we don’t need to pay much more for extra unwanted features.

While choosing the ClickFunnels alternative we must be clear in the below points about that sales funnel provider.

  • Easy to use / User Friendly
  • Satisfying our requirements
  • What Integration they offer
  • How many page templates they provide
  • How many sales funnel they provide
  • Customer support system
  • Affordable as compared to ClickFunnel or not?

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives

1. GrooveFunnels

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 2

We are starting with the Free Alternative of ClickFunnel. Yes, it’s free!

GrooveFunnels is a collection of tools in the software that provides opportunities to build sales funnels pages and websites.

This helps you to sell digital and physical products online through websites.

GrooveFunnels is a well-known platform after ClickFunnels for selling products and services online.

Wait, wait, wait… Total Full version of GrooveFunnels is not free! But we have mentioned it free, why?

A powerful affiliate platform and sales platform Groovesell and an advanced landing page and funnel builder GroovePages are absolutely Free. I think in the beginner stages these two features or tools are enough to build powerful sales funnels.

Why should you choose GrooveFunnels Instead of ClickFunnels

GrooveFunnels Gets over ClickFunnels in 2 points:

  • Free alternative to ClickFunnels
  • Most Important 2 Tools are free for a long time
  • No Credit card required for Free Usage

GrooveFunnels Pricing :

  • GrooveFunnels provides free features nowadays so take advantage of it. After the free offer ends we will update pricing.

2. LeadPages

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 3

If you want specific features only and do not like ClickFunnels All in one marketing solution then LeadPages is for you.

LeadPages is an alternative platform with no heavy features but it provides all required features at the lowest pricing. The features provided by LeadPages can be used to build Conversion, Optimized, and Attractive sales funnels.

Landing pages are the most important factor to attract new customers. If we use LeadPages then there is no need to learn to code for building such pages. You can create beautiful and impressive landing pages with just drag and drop.

LeadPages provides 200 templates for landing pages that are already tested for conversion. You can also buy more from their marketplace with thousands of templates.

For newbies that are not aware of LeadPages, They work with WordPress and Wix-like platforms and also have collaboration with Facebook like a big hitter in social media In email marketing they have MailChimp.

But there is one issue with Leadpages, We can just build Landing Pages, for the entire complex and automated marketing and sales funnel we have to take others to help.

Why Should You Choose LeadPages instead of ClickFunnels?

LeadPages Overcomes ClickFunnels in 3 Points:

  • Affordable as compared to ClickFunnels Pricing.
  • Offers 3 Plans for different users
  • It’s powerful at building landing pages and has a high chance of a conversion.

LeadPages Pricing : 

(All Pricing for Billed Annually)

  • Standard Plan: $25 per month – Offers: 1 Site, function of Landing Page Builder, free Custom Domain, Free Hosting, 40+ Standard Integration
  • Pro Plan: $48 per month – Offers : 3 sites, all features of the previous plan, A/B testing, 10 opt-in text Campaign
  • Advanced Plan: $199 per Month – Offers: Full Set of features from above both plans, 1 to 1 Start call

3. BuilderAll

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 4

BuilderAll is almost similar to ClickFunnel in features and interface but it’s really cheaper than ClickFunnels. That’s why when a question arrives about the cheapest alternative of ClickFunnel, we get BuilderAll’s name.

Erick Salgado is the creator of BuilderAll, which is in one digital marketing solution. This platform is developed for small as well as big businesses to start, grow and take their online business on higher levels. 

As we know all alternatives are providing drag and drop features like ClickFunnels but BuilderAll is one more step ahead. BuilderAll provides Pixel Perfect features. You have to move your text and image block to specific places and your webpage will be ready with perfect pixel design.

BuilderAll also offered thousands of tools from which there is a tool to manage Email Marketing with Automating everything.

BuilderAll working to enhance the user’s online experience. It provides you with the feature to build different versions for many types of devices such as PC, Mobile Phones, and Tablets.

Why to choose BuilderAll instead of ClickFunnel

BuilderAll overcomes ClickFunnels in 4 Points:

  • BuilderAll offers free plan with unlimited subscribers
  • Various features for digital marketing
  • Offers more templates in packs as compared to ClickFunnel.
  • Cheaper than ClickFunnel With all same features

BuilderAll Pricing :

  • The Free Plan: Drag and Drop Feature, CRM Integration Tool, Email Marketing Automation, A/B split testing, full SEO and On-page Optimization
  • Premium Plan: $69.90 per month – Offers: All features of the free plan, 1 on 1 live chat support with a specialist, affiliate marketing support

The Premium Plan of BuilderAll at $69.90 is still cheaper than the $97 ClickFunnels Basic Plan.

4. Kartra

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 5

Kartra is another option in ClickFunnel’s competitor. Online Marketing not only works with Good Converging Sales Funnel, but we also need some other features to improve it. Fortunately, Kartra gives all the integrated tools that we require to build our online business.

Kartra integrated most of the helpful online marketing tools into their software. Like Clickfunnel Kartra is also an all-in-one online marketing solution. We get each and every tool at a single platform to use for our landing pages or web pages. 

Kartra provides an email marketing tool, shopping cart system, sales funnel, as usual, campaign management, web hosting, and so many others. 

Why Should You Choose Kartra Instead of ClickFunnels

Kartra overcomes ClickFunnels in 4 Points:

  • Winner at pricing
  • Offer 4 plans while ClickFunnel Offers only 3
  • All marketing tools available in the basic plan
  • Combines landing pages, payments, sales pages, and others in a single place.

Kartra Pricing:

On Kartra’s official website we can save 20% on all plans at annual billing.

  • Starter Plan: $79 per month – Offers: up to 2.5000 leads, 1 Custom Domain, 15,000 Emails per month
  • Silver Plan: $149 per month – Offers: up to 12.500 leads, 3 custom domains, unlimited emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, and products
  • Gold Plan: $229 per month – Offers: up to 25.000 leads, 5 Custom Domains, Includes all the features of the cheaper plans, Unlimited Help support
  • Platinum Plan: $379 per month – Offers: up to 50.000  leads, 10 custom domains, All features set available

5. Instapage

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 6

Instapage has its own popularity in front of Unbounce and LeadPages. Instapage provides an analytics feature that gives the most lead from both opponents.

Instapage provides A/B testing features which are common in almost all but their analytics feature is impressive. It shows the activity count on each page, each part of the page also.

Analytics always helps to get feedback on which links are getting clicked and which ones are underperforming.

Along with the Impressive Analytics feature they provide conversion analytics, page redirects, and dynamic text replacement also.

InstaPage is more costly than ClickFunnels but its features may overcome it.

Why Should You Choose Instapage Instead of ClickFunnels

Instapage overcomes ClickFunnels in 3 Points:

  • Over detailed analytics
  • Most easiest and pretty impressive landing page builder
  • Subscribers have unlimited A/B testing from the basic plan.

Instapage Pricing :

You can save 25% by purchasing annual plans from InstaPage.

  • Business Plan: $149 per month – Offers: Builder, InstaBlocks, analytics, and integration
  • Enterprise Plan: Pricing is custom – Offers: All core features, protection service’s and advanced features as you choose.

6. GetResponse

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 7

GetResponse is a cross between funnel builder and email marketing tool. It’s advanced and yet cheaper than all other ClickFunnels alternatives. They provide email marketing, marketing automation, landing page builder and sales funnel as usual.

GetResponse gives opportunities to earn more money by step by step building funnels to extra features like selling products and recovering abandoned carts.

I think it’s one of the best and cheapest automatic funnel providers. 

Why Should You Choose GetResponse Instead of ClickFunnels

Instapage GetResponse ClickFunnels in 2 Points:

  • Cheaper than the Clickfunnels platinum plan also.
  • Automation is best

GetResponse Pricing: 

  • Basic: $15 per month – Offers: unlimited landing pages, autoresponder, Email Marketing
  • Plus: $49 per month – Offers: Basic Plan Features, Automation Builder, 5 Sales funnel
  • Professional: $99 per month – Offers: All Features of Plus Plan, Web Push Notifications, Paid Webinars in free
  • Max: Custom Pricing, Transactional Add Ons, Dedicated Support, Account Migration Available

7. OptimizePress

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 8

Optimizepress is the best WordPress sales funnel plugin. OptimizePress doesn’t support any other platform than WordPress. It’s like WordPress Plugin!

OptimizePress provides all features that ClickFunnels provides. You can build Landing Pages, Sales Pages, and Launch Pages with this OptimizePress.

It’s a WordPress plugin that’s why it provides opportunities to bloggers to sell their digital and physical products on their blogs also.

OptimizePress is working optimized on WordPress that’s why you can build high converting landing pages on WordPress.

Why Should You Choose OptimizePress Instead of ClickFunnels

OptimizePress overcomes ClickFunnels in 5 Points:

  • Focus on short loading time (Fast Loading)
  • Cheaper and affordable
  • For WordPress users, it’s extremely powerful
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Offer unlimited pages in every plan

OptimizePress Pricing: 

OptimizePress Only offers annual billing.

  • Essential Plan: $99 per year – Offers: 1 site, unlimited pages, leads and traffic, 250 plus templates, email support, and no split testing
  • Business Plan: $149 per year – Offers: 5 sites, all essential plans features, optimize urgency feature
  • Suite Plan: $199 per year – Offers: 20 Sites, Full Features with optimized funnels, checkouts, leads, and split testing

8. 10 Minute Funnel

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 9

As mentioned in the title, build your funnel in just 10 minutes! It will be worse if we don’t mention 10 Minutes Funnel in the Alternatives list of ClickFunnels.

10 Minutes Funnel offers fast creation of landing and other pages, launching of them and conversion starts in just 10 minutes. We can do all of these things in just 10 minutes.

In order to compare with ClickFunnel, 10 Minute Funnel has features of code-free drag and drop, mobile responsive page building in every part of the funnel.

It’s a newbie in this segment that’s why not tested much more by anyone in large segments.

Why Should You Choose 10 Minute Funnel Instead of ClickFunnels

10 Minute Funnel overcomes ClickFunnels in 4 Points:

  • Auto mobile responsive pages
  • Attractive design UI for all pages
  • Speed and Security ensured
  • 2 plans with restricted features

10 Minute Funnels Pricing :

You can save 10% by paying annually.

  • Standard Plan: $67 per Month – Offers: Build up to 20 Funnels for 20000 visitors monthly handling, 100 pages
  • Premium Plan: $167 per month – Offers: Unlimited visitors, funnels, pages, and Custom Domains

9. Thrive themes

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 10

It’s not software like ClickFunnel, Thrive Themes is a WordPress plugin like OptimizePress.

OptimizePress is a little bit costly, that’s why we have taken Thrive Themes as one more alternative to ClickFunnels. OptimizePress and Thrive Themes have fundamental differences but the end product is the same.

In Thrive themes we have to buy hosting, but as per cost with hosting it’s cheaper than ClickFunnel.

Why Should You Choose Thrive Themes Instead of ClickFunnels

Thrive Themes overcomes ClickFunnels in 4 Points:

  • Cheaper than ClickFunnels.
  • Host pages on self-hosting and can have all pages as it is also after membership gets canceled.
  • Membership starts at the very lowest cost.
  • Thrive themes has a monthly plan which overcomes OptimizePress.

Thrive Themes Pricing:

  • Thrive Member: $19 per month – Offers: Get Unlimited Licenses and access to all plugins and themes.
  • 1st Option : $67 per Month – Offers: 1 Licenses
  • 2nd Option : $97 per Month – Offers: 5 Licenses
  • 3rd Option : $147 per Month – Offers: 5 Licenses

10. Unbounce

10 Best and Cheaper ClickFunnels Alternatives you Should Not Miss 11

What do customers or browsers see online first? Exactly, it’s the landing page! Unbounce is another landing page builder in our listing. This aims to enhance web performance.

Unbounce is an editor tool to build beautiful web pages. This enhances the experience of the user and helps to get more conversions. The created pages are optimized for SEO also.

Unbounce offers testing tools and analytics tools also.

Why Should You Choose Unbounce Instead of ClickFunnels

Unbounce overcomes ClickFunnels in 3 Points:

  • Pricing compares with ClickFunnels.
  • Specialized in Landing Pages.
  • All plans include unlimited landing pages, unlimited popups, sticky bars.

Unbounce Pricing:

  • Launch Plan: $80 per month – Offers: Up to 500 Conversions, 20000 Visitors, 1 Domain Supported
  • Optimize Plan: $120 per month – Offers: up to 1000 conversions, 30000 visitors, 3 Domains Supported
  • Accelerate Plan: $200 per month – Offers: up to 2000 conversions, 40000 visitors, 7 Domain
  • Scale Plan: $300 per month – Offers: up to 3000 conversions, 50000 visitors, 15 Domains


As we have seen the alternatives of ClickFunnels, every individual has their special features and overcomes on ClickFunnels.

Most popular is not always a Perfect Choice. Choose the one who completes your business requirements. I hope you got a clear overview of all the best and cheapest alternatives of ClickFunnels.

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